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With the photo gallery of this video being released first, the anticipation of seeing a video of our newest lovely milf Alisia NAKED was tantalising indeed. It was however worth the wait! Wearing a pretty black floral dress and perched on the stairs, Alisia reveals her lovely body in delicious stages. Firstly pulling her top down to show her full nipples and gorgeous breasts, she pulls on her pink buds until they are stiff and ready to be drawn between appreciating lips. Elegance is the word here as we see that Alisia has pretty black lace panties beneath her skirt which she strokes identifying the joys beneath. Turning away from us, she pulls down the zipper to her dress allowing it to be pulled over her head whilst we gaze upon her now naked form, centred by her fabulous milf ass. Alisia leans forwards showing this asset perfectly, whilst also pulling her pussy lips apart. The view from this angle is great - but just improves as Alisia sits down to open up even wider, whilst letting us also enjoy her breasts and pretty face in the same shot. Alisia's pussy is worth great study - with a tongue left from her hymen, a very clear urethra and glistening rippled walls all in perfect focus. We might have seen every part of this lovely lady here, but we still want more, more more!

相应的美图资源如下: ALISIA - 2022年11月26日.


时长: 17:01



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MEMBER-18234 54天前

Alisia is beautiful and has a great face and smile and physique.. I like how enthusiastic she is. Alisia is a good looking woman. Amazing girl. Thank you Alisia and Jiri.

MEMBER-18819 54天前

Great looking cunt lady. Shakes it around. Pulls her lips. She knows how to spread her porn. This great looking porn lady knows how to satisfy a real voyeur. Thank you for the pornography.

MEMBER-20414 54天前

@GALLUS123 : I agree - and her pussy is a feast for the eyes !! :-))) Thank you Alisia and Jiri. ❤❤❤

MEMBER-4899 54天前

Perfect pussy presentation. I've been with pjgirls for years because of videos like this. Thank you Alisia, thank you Jiri.

MEMBER-22128 52天前

Her vagina is more lush than a choice cut of chateaubriand....and probably tastes better too.

MEMBER-6770 52天前

OUTSTANDING!!! Alisia is amazingly beautiful and a new favorite! Thanks for the totally nude posing.

MEMBER-22264 40天前

Hot model! Really the type you want to hear talking filthy too.




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