Proper Gaping - intro photo


Akira is pretty in pink as she kneels on the bed for us. Peeling down the top of her dress, she lets us enjoy her firm, natural breasts as she squeezes and caresses them, making her nipples stand taught to attention. as she raises her skirt, your eyes are pulled to her beautiful pussy - lips already parted in anticipation. Akira inserts the blue paddles of the Gynex to open her cunt wide - showing a well of pussy juice within - bridging the gap between her upper and lower walls. Gynex removed, Akira presses her fingers inside to open herself even wider. The macro view at 12 mins is just yummy... every detail of the entrance to Akira's cunt being in perfect clear focus and her delicious pussy coating everything - including her fingers. Akira ends the video turning onto her knees to show us her gorgeous bum, with her pussy once more held wide open for your viewing pleasure.

相应的美图资源如下: PROPER GAPING - 2022年9月15日.


时长: 16:10



扩张 美足 阴道扩张 特殊玩具 无毛的 美穴 巨大的 美穴 红发



MEMBER-20414 78天前

Hey Mädel, das hast du aber gut gemacht! ❤❤❤ Und was sieht mein begeistertes Auge, - ein Sextoy im Pussy-Stetching-Einsatz! - WOW - Das hat mittlerweile Seltenheitswert; das ist PJ wie ich es mag! :-))) Thanks Akira & Jiri
Hey girl, you did well! ❤❤❤ And what does my enthusiastic eye see - a sex toy used in pussy-stretching! - WOW - This has become a rarity; this is PJ how I like it! :-))) Thanks Akira & Jiri

MEMBER-21423 78天前

Perfect job! I ike the spreadingtools for gaping. :D

MEMBER-20763 77天前

Finally back to some proper PJgirls style gaping, this is the first time Akira has done wide deep gapes, using 2 and 3 fingers from each hand to pull the inner and outer lips wide apart. Her pussy is perfect for it, hope this continues. Thanks

MEMBER-20651 67天前

What a wonderful video! I love the use of the View-More to stretch Akira's cunt, and then it's removed so she uses her fingers to display the mouth-watering results of that gentle stretching. That's a really great use of the tools.

MEMBER-21464 45天前

My goodness. The goo strings stretching and sticking to her fingers was magical.

MEMBER-19929 40天前

Akira is my favorite model by far of the women you've been finding lately. Her pussy is amazing and she knows how to display it. I hope she'll be back in the very near future. Thanks much!




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