Inside Sweet Candy - intro photo


Well folks, we wanted a closer look at Candy's beautiful pussy... and so here it is... IN SPADES!!! Sweeter than honey Candy is naked from the first second of this video, with a clear speculum holding her pussy wide apart. We gaze upwards past the view into her womb (yep it's hard to get past this, but just managed) to see her lovely firm breasts and beautiful, sweet face. Candy squeezes her boobs for us and plays with her pert nipples. As Jiri zooms in, Candy's cervix and internal pussy walls fill our screen - all in perfect focus. These views truly are stunning! If the view itself wasn't enough, Candy first begins to massage her clit and then grabs the Hitachi wand to up the tempo. How can you describe the pleasure of watching an utterly beautiful girl bringing herself to a cunt clasping orgasm whilst being able to gaze at her walls as they approach their crescendo... and then... just keep on going. Candy just keeps bringing herself to orgasm after orgasm... her pussy juice welling up between her lips as her walls crush inside. After the main waves subside, she carries on stroking her pussy with genuine after shocks still coursing through her sweet body making her pussy quiver. AND THEN, RINSE AND REPEAT... THIS TIME IN MACRO!!! We zoom in to watch Candy bring herself to orgasm again, once more, cunt spread wide open. As the pleasure once more intensifies, Candy's cervix pulses upwards and her walls squeeze in and out in sympathy. Candy's cervix takes on a life of its own, almost panting as she once more reaches her climax. Thank you Jiri and Candy for a simply stunning video. Incredible!!!

相应的美图资源如下: INSIDE SWEET CANDY - 2022年8月13日.


时长: 17:23



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MEMBER-19885 52天前

Just wonderful. More of this model please! Special toys, prolapse, anything. Thanks

MEMBER-20763 52天前

Unbelievable! That is one horny woman, never seen a pussy contract and pulsate like this. Her cervix was jumping around like it was going to come all the way out of her pussy and hit you in the face. Please give us another scene showing more views of her (Fully Naked) body, maybe in the bath tub using the metal gizmo gape cage, haven't seen it in a while. Wonderful job on this one!!

MEMBER-20414 51天前

Ein absolutes hammer Video! Diese extrem intensive Pussy-Aktivität, - welch ein Ausdruck der sexuellen Lust, - überwältigend diese Einblicke! ❤❤❤ Thanks Sweet Candy & Jiri für dieses Meisterwerk der weiblichen Sexualität! ❤❤❤
@ OPENWIDE - Metal-Gizmo ist eine super Idee! :-)))
An absolute hammer video! This extremely intense pussy activity - what an expression of sexual pleasure - overwhelming these insights! ❤❤❤ Thanks Sweet Candy & Jiri for this masterpiece of female sexuality! ❤❤❤
@ OPENWIDE - Metal Gizmo is a great idea! :-)))

MEMBER-19658 50天前

she's faking, but i don't mind. beautiful cervix.

MEMBER-18682 50天前

Very nice!

MEMBER-684 48天前

Have to agree with the other comments. This is definitely a masterpiece. Great effort from Jiri and Candy.

MEMBER-4698 48天前

Fantastic! Thank you.

MEMBER-21208 40天前

Contractions like a godess.. It was an absolute nutbuster and ends in tons of sperm on my table..... Sweet candy is now my absolute favorite




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