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Some new models are introduced to us gently, with a pretty dress being demurely removed as they descend the staircase. Not Viks! She enters our screens naked as the day she was born with her pussy splayed wide open by a clear speculum and her juicy cervix smiling at us from the depths. Simply fab-u-lous!!! Viks starts by rubbing her clit (I suspect she started this a while, before the video given the pussy juice inside!). The close up inside view of her glistening walls and the bottom of her cunt basted in cream is just sublime. As she continues to rub her clit, her walls pulse with the pleasurable sensations she creates. The focus is brilliant - at times her cervix filling the screen with no loss of clarity. Like most ladies, Viks decides she wants more... and starts to apply a vibrator to her aching clit. As the sensations become more intense, her walls contract more tightly until, at around 7.30 she brings herself to a delicious orgasm. What a privilege it is is to be able to watch a beautiful girl such as Viks bring herself to the pinnacle of pleasure - and not just watch, but to gaze into her depths as it happens. As if this isn't enough however, the view is repeated in macro detail so that you can see the effect on her walls and cervix in glorious close up. The video ends with some lovely held open stretches.


时长: 13:21



子宫 自慰 跳蛋 阴道收缩 真实高潮 妇科检查 无毛的 美穴 湿润的 美穴 深色皮肤



MEMBER-20414 698天前

Once again: Hello Viks ❤ welcome to PJ! :-)))
Was für eine grandiose Speculum show, ❤ - nach meiner Ansicht einer der Besten bisher - und das mit einem neuen Model! Meine Hochachtung Viks für dies erotische Highlight, wundervoll! ❤❤❤ Thanks Viks & Jiri
What a terrific speculum show ❤ - in my opinion one of the best so far - and that with a new model! My respect Viks for this erotic highlight, wonderful! ❤❤❤ Thanks Viks & Jiri

MEMBER-20274 698天前

Finally!!!! I was going to cancel yesterday. At least 50 percent of people here like these videos. What about Mia and Samantha? Would be amazing to have them in and these are so few and far between now it’s just not worth it anymore. Seeing another video with someone with 30 videos already is just boring. But thank you Jiri. I hope this is the return to what things have been in the past.

MEMBER-20763 698天前

Nice looking new model, Viks pussy looks so inviting while the speculum holds it open.

Also agree with JSONDAWG12, would surely love to see more of Mia, especially masturbating with the speculum.

MEMBER-17284 698天前

The reality is the site will not please everyone all the time, no matter what. That being said, I think just about everyone agrees mixing it up is a good thing. New models mixed in with the popular models (plural) of the past.

MEMBER-20859 698天前

I have something very important to say: mmmmmmmmmm

MEMBER-21219 697天前

This woman is beautiful, and to see the the nectar and milk of her womb in such crisp 4k is a blessing, I only ask that speculum uploads be more frequent.

MEMBER-21145 697天前

I personally do not like speculum videos. But some people do. There are plenty of videos I do like. Would not do for us all to like the same thing.

MEMBER-20283 697天前

I also don’t care too much for speculums, but I can deal with it. But I definitely don’t care for other gizmos that block too much of the rest of the pussy. But I think this site does a very good job in sticking with gaping pussy. I hope no one tries to convince any other changes that has nothing to do with gaping pussy. Any other fetishes that has nothing to do with gaping pussy probably should look elsewhere for that particular fetish.

MEMBER-18234 696天前

Viks is a very hot looking girl. Very good Jiri. Thank you and many more sets please.

MEMBER-15717 695天前

@ CUNTGAPE,if you don’t like speculum videos, just skip it,but don’t ask the site to cancel these kind of videos because there are people like, and they pay the membership fee for this,only 2 or 3 speculum videos per month, is that too much? Please learn how to respect others ok?

MEMBER-22354 530天前

Let me taste your yummy juicy pussy baby, Viks was great in this video




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