Viki Karavan - intro photo


Cute and curvy - that's our Viki. She begins her 2nd video by massaging the soft pillows of her breasts before unclipping her all in one to reveal her pretty pussy. I suspect Viki's character might mimic her pussy... sweet and innocent looking on the outside, but full of joyous surprises within. The view between her full and creamy thighs to her neat pussy... with her beautiful boobs and pretty face cresting the picture is fab-u-lous. Viki stretches her pussy lips wide apart for us to let us see how moist and rich are the delights that wait for us within. The depth of view is improved as Viki begins to insert our blue paddles into her vagina. Only once she presses beyond her inner lips does this video reach its crescendo though. Using the paddles as a dildo, Viki presses deep into her pussy. The full body view of this, with Viki's gorgeous boobs and pretty face still gracing the picture, is superb. Once we move to macro however it gets to a whole new dimension. The ripples of Viki's walls are just yummy...and as she continues to fuck the spreader, her cream welling up from within just makes it all the more delicious. Can't wait for the speculum!

相应的美图资源如下: VIKI KARAVAN - 2022年1月13日.


时长: 15:30



美足 扩张 阴道扩张 特殊玩具 无毛的 美穴 紧致的 美穴 年轻 深色皮肤 丰满的 厚重



MEMBER-19678 126天前

Echt super von dir Viki! Es geht doch nichts über den Einsatz von "Spezialwerkzeugen"!
Die Nahaufnahmen sind extraklasse, - ein Genuss für das Auge!❤❤❤ Thanks Viki; thanks Jiri
Really great of you Viki! There is nothing like the use of "special tools"!
The close-ups are extra class - a treat for the eye! ❤❤❤ Thanks Viki; thanks Jiri

MEMBER-12703 124天前

I prefer more skinny models, but the wet closeups here are the best ive ever seen! its screenfilling inner pussymeat. and thats the reason for beeing a member of this site. please more. more speculum, more cervix, more spreader, more pussycam, more unfolded vaginal walls in detailed closeups... <3 thanx!

MEMBER-12153 124天前

Masturbating with the spreaders was very hot, but the spreaders do not spread wide enough. Any chance you guys can find a larger pair that will allow for a wider spread?

MEMBER-20002 123天前

Die schönsten Fotzen sind die mit viel Innenleben. Und Viki hat ein besonders prachtvolles Exemplar mit heißem, feuchten Fickfleisch, das einen Schwanz so richtig schön stimulieren kann ;)!

MEMBER-8185 116天前

I would love to explore those inner depths!

MEMBER-20623 31天前

I love these girls - young and NOT skinny (not fat either) just healthy looking.




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