Diana Under The Dam - intro photo


Diana is a surprising model. One the one hand, she doesn;t really look like a porn actress. She kind of looks like a girl that you would see working in an office or something like that. One the other hand, her pussy is ridiculous and so appropriate to be shot on our site. In some shots, it looks like an alien or something as it forces its way outwards towards the screen. She is really good at holding it open and providing some mind bending pussy gaping content. Here we are, back at our new spot, the dam. It is a nice quiet spot, and the weather is still good enough to shoot outdoors. If you can take your eyes off her, you might notice the scenery and the blue sky above. Diana is a redhead and you all know how much we like red heads around here. She does all kinds of gaping in the video, from standing positions, bent over ones, and the best of all comes when she is leaning back. With her legs open and the view straight between her legs unimpeded, she gets her hands involved in spreading the hole as wide as it will go. Then, she clenches down on those muscles and the pussy somehow spreads outwards even more. It almost folds inside out and looks like something from an alien movie. You won't find pussy content like this anywhere else, I must say.

相应的美图资源如下: DIANA UNDER THE DAM - 2020年10月3日.


时长: 11:56



扩张 阴道扩张 无毛的 美穴 巨大的 美穴 熟女 红发 苗条



MEMBER-16408 247天前

One of my favorite women on this site.

MEMBER-15979 247天前

Really amazing. Instant favourite

MEMBER-15647 247天前

Big girl with a big wide cunt.

MEMBER-16323 247天前

Diana is all cunt, and serves up her meat so beautifully.

Jiri, you are a lucky man, to have such a woman spreading her cunt standing right over you. But you've earned it, with amazing shoots like this one!

MEMBER-13648 247天前

Nothing could be finer than Diana's huge vagina, any where or any place but especially in my face!

MEMBER-16109 247天前

love Diana's pussy spread

she spreads so wide so hot and sexy

MEMBER-14183 246天前

That is a cunt show! Thanks to Diana for holding your amazing Fotzenloch wide open for the whole clip so we can truly admire that wunderful cunt.

Was für eine Mösenshow! Danke Diana, dass du dein geiles Fotzenloch so schön weit aufreißt und wir deine wundervolle Scheide ausgiebig bewundern dürfen.

MEMBER-15193 246天前

Yup, Been waiting on the vid since the photos came out. Good Work!

MEMBER-15815 245天前

WOW Wath a pussy! Thanks Diana, thanks PJ for this excellent video! Diana is without a doubt a new Pussy-Queen; i hope we will see many more videos like this!
So eine ausgereifte pussy ist einfach herrlich!
Hey Clitlicker: Ich schließe mich deiner Meinung an!

MEMBER-12153 245天前

Really cannot ask for any wider gapes which are excellent, but I would like to see Diana and many of the other models with huge omankos, use their inner muscles to open the hole for some deep tunnel views all the way down to the cervix.

MEMBER-14183 244天前

Openwide that would be awesome! But there are not that many bucket cunts out there, I think.

Openwide, das wäre geil! Aber ich denke so viele Megamösen gibt es da draußen gar nicht.

MEMBER-12338 243天前

All cunt all the time. I love it!

MEMBER-6770 241天前

Absolutely AMAZING!! Diana is certainly a favorite!! Thanks!




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