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Don't you love those videos where there's no messing around? Straight in with a view of a beautiful girl's quim prised wide open with a clear speculum. Such is the Aug 4th offering from PJG.

We face Small's beautiful creamy bum with her pussy spread wide. From the very beginning you can clearly see her rosy cervix nestled at the back of her pink cave. In case you missed it, Jiri kindly zooms in for us providing a lovely clear view not only of Small's cervix but also the ripples on her walls.

Our little girl now turns over to pull down her top and begin a little nipple play. Fear not oh pussy lovers, the speculum remains inserted throughout and we can continue to gaze adoringly at her exposed cervix. Small now begins to leisurely stroke her clit, whilst still caressing her lovely rounded boobs. This obviously doesn't do it for her however, so she picks up our pulse vibrator - first applying it to her soft nipples (which clearly become decidedly harder) and then pressing it against her clitoris. This obviously does the job, as Small almost immediately begins to moan with delight.

Watching a pretty girl bring herself to orgasm is for sure one of Sir Vic's favourite things and we get to watch this both from an outside view and also close up in macro (9 mins on). The views inside Small's pussy at this stage are superb, the ripples of her walls and her cervix all being shown in clear detail.

Taylor may be Small, but for Sir Vic, her appeal is certainly very large.

相应的美图资源如下: INSIDE LITTLE BLONDE - 2017年8月3日.


时长: 11:32



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MEMBER-7482 1791天前

Awesome Cervix Shots from about 9 minutes in ... !!!

MEMBER-8081 1791天前

Hopefully we will be able to see some exterior parts also.

MEMBER-8019 1791天前

Damned, this is one of those videos which I hate more as I can say (and also the girl is not my type).

ADMIN 1789天前

Guys, please take part in our contest, we wanted to bring you something new so we hope you'll have fun ;-)

MEMBER-8055 1789天前

Being respectful of all the different opinions, I love this kind of videos, where the full body of the beautiful model is kept in the video frame, including the speculum. For me the less close ups, the better. Great job!

MEMBER-684 1789天前

I also love the speculum scenes, especially when you see the girl have an orgasm they are the reason I'm here. Unfortunately they are getting to few and far between.

MEMBER-2978 1785天前

I agree with PAULSKIN. In my perception, there are currently less speculum scenes and also less scenes with girls who have an orgasm.

ADMIN 1785天前

I think we're one of the few sites where girls don't fake orgasms ;-) So a video with orgasm will be published when the girl has one. I don't think we can have any influence on that. Most girls fake orgasms but we want to see only real ones and those are quite rare.

Bear also in mind that:
- speculum is usually a very unpleasant tool for the girls
- our members seem to protest against dildos or vibrators because they block the view.

MEMBER-8877 1680天前

Do you have any pictures of girls who are menstruating?

ADMIN 1677天前

Videos with menstruation are forbidden by the payment gate.

MEMBER-7112 1575天前


MEMBER-7839 1188天前

Jag tycker verkligen om hennes röd-rosa-skimrande livmoderhals! En verklig orgasm är det bästa vi kan få - WOW!

MEMBER-16109 614天前

wow what an orgasm




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