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ヴィデオ: GINA

Welcome to the PJG family Gina - the latest gorgeous milf model to grace our screens. Gina introduces herself to us by pulling down the top of her red dress and playing with her erect nipples cresting small, but perfectly formed milf boobs. Leaning back, Gina removes her shoes and then opens her legs - and her pussy - wide for our viewing pleasure. Gina's pussy is pretty as a picture and very flexible... just the type of girl we like! Pulling her lips wide apart, she shows us her rippled walls in clear focus - with her urethra also opening for good measure. The full screen view of her wide open pussy is just gorgeous (10.20), showing every tiny detail of the inside of this lovely lady's cunt! As Gina turns around, she shows us how firm and perfectly rounded her ass is, with further pussy gapes for good measure. From this position, Gina flexes her walls to let her pussy canal open completely. There's no view of the deeper recesses of her cunt yet, but something tells me it won't be long....

同じショットの画像ギャラリーはここにあります: GINA - 2022年8月9日.


長さ: 14:04



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MEMBER-20834 418日前

Wonderful!! LOVE LOVE LOVE the ass up doggy style gaping.

MEMBER-19929 418日前

Great, Jiri. Nice poses, very nice pussy, and I love how Gina engages the viewer--that adds so much. Thank you!

MEMBER-14183 418日前

Hot MILF! But what is she hiding in her cunt? We need an even closer inspection of her hole.

Heiße Mutti! Aber was versteckt sie denn in ihrer Möse? Wir brauchen eine genauere Untersuchung ihres Lochs.

MEMBER-20414 417日前

Was sieht mein entzücktes Auge? - GINA MONELLI ! ❤❤❤
Ich harre der Dinge die da noch kommen mögen!! Thanks Gina & Jiri
What does my delighted eye see? - GINA MONELLI ! ❤❤❤
I'm waiting for things to come!! Thanks Gina & Jiri

MEMBER-19658 416日前

nice vaginal canal, nice urethra, and really nice sounds!

MEMBER-19217 404日前

Ohhhh....Gina! I want a Dinner date with Gina!

MEMBER-20651 403日前

Gorgeous MILF-vagina, and what a beautiful pee-hole! I hope we get to see Gina pissing!!@

MEMBER-21868 345日前

Gina needs to open her pussy on stairway shoot.
Amazing how she gape her pussy open.




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