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Nicol begins by demurely lounging in her pretty blue lingerie, her perfect breasts and rich areolae pressing through the gossamer fabric to tease us. Prolonged teasing is not really the PJG style however, so soon all barriers to appreciate Nicol's naughty bits are removed. Having removed the barriers, Nicol opens the gates - first giving us a delicious rear spread view of her perfect pink pussy, then sitting back to delve deep within stretching her gooey folds. By 9 mins we are ready to take a closer look inside - and what a wonderful close look Jiri gives us, her vaginal entrance filling the entirety of the screen. Zooming back out, we're reminded that Nicol is as beautiful outside as she is in - for a lovely full body finale.

同じショットの画像ギャラリーはここにあります: WIDE GAPES - 2021年9月21日.


長さ: 15:01



陰唇開き おっ広げおまんこ パイパン オマンコ デカ オマンコ そそる女 ブルーネット デカパイ



MEMBER-18692 82日前

WOW this is exaktly why I am a member. Thanks for this superior show of a delicious meaty pussy widestretch and gaping. This girl deliver and deliver minute after minute. Marvelous fleshy exposed vagina as we all want to enjoy.

MEMBER-18388 82日前

Definite jerking off material right here.

MEMBER-18787 82日前

She is beautiful. Such an incredible pussy also. Great stuff

MEMBER-19042 82日前

Super, super und nochmal super!
Hallo "Wild Nicol" ! Es freut mich außerordentlich, dass du dich für PJ entschieden hast! ❤ Herzlich willkommen bei PJ ❤! Dein Einstand für PJ ist ja fast nicht mehr zu toppen Mädel! :-) UND - endlich mal wieder ein Model, welches ein richtiges Pussy-Spreading zustande bringt und auch seine Finger benützt, um ihre herrliche Lustgrotte voll zur Geltung zu bringen!! ❤❤❤ Ich bin begeistert, absolut hervorragend!
Noch was in eigener Sache: Ich habe meinen Namen geändert: "Bellatrix" ist nun "MilfLover" das entspricht genau meiner Vorliebe - nicht umsonst wie aktuell zu sehen ist! :-) :-)
Great, great and great again!
Hello "Wild Nicol"! I'm delighted that you chose PJ! ❤ Welcome to PJ ❤! Your debut for PJ is almost unbeatable, girl! :-) AND - finally a model again, who brings about a real pussy-spreading and also uses his fingers to bring out her wonderful pleasure grotto to the full! ❤❤❤ I am thrilled, absolutely outstanding!
One more thing on my own account: I have changed my name: "Bellatrix" is now "MilfLover" that corresponds exactly to my preference - not for nothing as can be seen currently! :-) :-)

MEMBER-12153 82日前

Wild Nicol is a perfect fit for PJgirls and is in the same class as some of the superstars such as Tiny Tina and Silvie Deluxe. She has a perfect pussy for gaping and doesnt mind stretching it open wide for us.

This video is excellent with one exception, there was way too much lube used on her pussy, to the point where her pussy was saturated with it, which distorts the inside views and makes the pussy look water logged. Next time I would like to see her use less or no lube and get her pussy excited to the point where it makes its own juices.

MEMBER-18625 82日前

Wow. that was an amazing update. thank you. we are looking forward to much more. you are definitely the masters of gaping.

MEMBER-18572 81日前

Great set, looking forward the pics also.
Cannot wait to see what else will bring this babe.

MEMBER-18803 81日前

One of the prettiest girl on here...

MEMBER-13554 79日前

eye contact missing for most part of the video. thumbs down. sorry.

MEMBER-17545 79日前

add here to the PJ tongue category

MEMBER-19062 77日前

Beautiful, sexy, awesome pussy--gee, I can't find anything to complain about

MEMBER-8185 74日前

Wow, what a hot gorgeous woman! I love her body and her beautiful deep pink pussy. More please!

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