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I wonder if there is a double meaning to the title of this video. Let us pretend there isn't one, and focus on what we see and know here. Yasmin is in her 40s, and will definitely appeal to some people. She is busty and has a willingness to do porn despite her age. She pulls off a nice slutty business look, as if she can't decide whether to go to the office or to the brothel. She decides on the latter, and ends up on our famous staircase. Yasmin is a thick gal with a huge pussy. Yep, I would say that her omanko has seen a lot of traffic over the years, perhaps comparable to the I90. All of the flow in and out (and in, and out) has cause her canal to have a wide berth. Speaking of birth, I am sure a lot of that was going on as well. Our milf or gilf goes through a nice little pussy gaping routine for our eyes and for the eyes of our progeny. She does it all with relative ease as her pussy gapes without much effort.

同じショットの画像ギャラリーはここにあります: SUPER CUNT - 2021年3月4日.


長さ: 13:39



陰唇開き ハイヒール パンスト おっ広げおまんこ パイパン オマンコ デカ オマンコ 熟女 ブルーネット デカパイ



MEMBER-17415 80日前

I LOVE IT! I love older women like her. Soooo naughty.

MEMBER-12338 80日前

Thank you for mixing it up and putting an older woman on the site! High-mileage holes are fantastic, too!

MEMBER-17357 80日前

Very tasty display of mature cunt meat!

MEMBER-15647 80日前

Wonderful to see a new MILF. I love them. They have bigger cunts which they gape wider. Usually popped a couple of babies out by the time they get to 40. Any woman under 40 not a MILF to me. Can we have more of Yasmin. I would like to see her completely naked in another video that would be a real turn on.

MEMBER-12784 80日前

We need to see her getting fisted.

MEMBER-17290 80日前

It is great to see her and her lovely high mileage hole. It looks very appealing and I like seeing her ripples and folds. It looks a real tasty Kunda.
More please. I want to see in to Jasmin and see her depth of rippled cavern. I love watching her and her super cunt.
I just can't get enough of this mature hole. I just love seeing the rippled walls and it's proud architecture.
I bet that canal has seen some fierce action and a few births. I adore this Kunda so much.
I hope for more. Thank you Jiri and Jasmin.

MEMBER-17330 79日前

I am so happy to see the pussy of a new model, I want to see more of her pussy, please show the corresponding pictures set

MEMBER-14183 79日前

A new lady that poses for us vulva wide open is always a pleasure! No matter what age. A cunt is a cunt.
I bet she would look awesome with s big speculum in the hole too!

Eine neue Dame die mit weit gespreizten Schamlippen posiert ist immer eine Freude! Alter spielt keine Rolle, Fotze ist Fotze.
Ich wette sie würde mit einem großen Spekulum im Fotzenloch auch eine gute Figur machen.

MEMBER-15815 79日前

WOW - Eine richtige Frau - und was für eine!! Ich bin absolut begeistert !! Da ich "Milf-Fan" bin, ist das für mich eine absolute Augenweide!
Hallo "YASMIN" - herzlich willkommen bei PJ ! Du bist ne klasse Frau! Vielen Dank für deine tolle und gelungene Show zum Einstand!
Ich hoffe, du bleibst bei PJ sehr lange zu Gast! Du darfst Stolz sein, - deine Pussy ist eine herrliche Preziose!
Es wird mir immer eine ganz besondere Freude sein, deine Reize auf dieser Seite genießen zu dürfen!

Auch wenn ich ich mich wiederhole, Giacomo Casanova sagte immer, - und DER musste es ja wissen: "Was sind die unreifen Knospen des Frühlings, gegen die reifen Früchte des Sommers!"

Hey PJ und Admin, meine Gratulation - mit "YASMIN" ist euch ein absoluter Glücksgriff gelungen!

Hey PJ and Admin, my congratulations - with "YASMIN" you have achieved an absolute stroke of luck!

MEMBER-17473 79日前

I hope this was just a warm up. I see great potential for this model on this site

MEMBER-16764 79日前

Love a mature woman. Pretty face, beautiful smile, nice tits, and best of all....BEAUTIFUL CUNT! That cunt is in need of a good licking and fucking. Get Yasmin back here for some more great cunt spreading!

MEMBER-16279 79日前

I can't get warm with this woman well in the 40s who looks actually even older despite beeing in a good shape and the video beeing masterfully shot. But I know, you can bring the oldest and ugliest heavy-weight woman and there would still be people here calling her "the best model on site". Anyway, I can't really complain after all these hotties recently, so this are just my two cents after all those super-euphoric comments.

MEMBER-4899 78日前

I'm a fan of frontal shots exactly in the way that Yasmin does. She also has one of the hottest pussies. So this video is perfect for me. Thanks Yasmin. Thanks Jiri.

MEMBER-15042 78日前

With all those superb recent models, like Abigail, Lilly Bella, Nessie Blue, Anete Jordan, Katarina Rina, (and Sharlotte even if I am not a tattoo fan), I can't complain that there also appears someone I am not at all keen on. This was a disappointment, but only a minor one because of the high quality sets with those ladies mentioned above. And Elena Vega's recent sets are winners as well.

MEMBER-17451 78日前

We would like to see some pussy pump, well done it can be good.
The main thing is the result and this subject is poorly done in other sites. Other Czech sites treated it like czech vr with Nicole Love etc ...
Not interesting in Vr.

MEMBER-15815 78日前

Mit der Sexualität ist es wie mit dem Essen, - die Geschmacksvielfalt ist enorm, - und über Geschmack kann man bekanntlich nicht streiten!
Mag sein, dass Yasmin älter ist als angegeben,- hab ich auch schon gedacht, - dennoch hat sie die "Rasse der reifen Erotik"!
Ihre "Schatzkammer" ist für mich eine Offenbahrung! Sie hat eine sehr markante und ausgeprägte vordere Scheidenwand, die ihren "Liebesschlund", - gerade noch so,- verschließt und trotz ihrer Reife, sind die "rugae vaginalis" noch deutlich zu erkennen, was den Anblick ihres Lust-Tores noch verschärft !
Ich würde was darum geben, wenn ich ihre herrlich ausgeprägte Scheidenwand-Wülste, sehr ausgiebig verwöhnen dürfte!
Was wäre das für ein Genuss!! :-))

MEMBER-17439 77日前

We need to see her getting fisted or taking a big dildo.

MEMBER-17357 77日前

Mmm, yes--fist her up to the elbow!

MEMBER-8185 74日前

I love older women spreading their experienced pussy holes wide open. They have so much beautiful details inside. More please!

MEMBER-16831 62日前

Love her - please more videos of Yasmin. Also loving the Secretary outfit.

MEMBER-17949 31日前

A masterpiece of pussy-performing !!!
I'm still waiting for the corresponding movie to her picset "Quite large" 11.03.2021

MEMBER-15647 24日前

That is a cunt that needs to have plenty of spunk shot into it preferably mine.

MEMBER-18101 4日前

What a CUNT on this sexy woman! She stretch it absoluty perfect and expose all delicious meaty bits inside her GORGEOUS VAGINA.

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