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ヴィデオ: ANETA

This video clip is for the true connoisseur of clam; the pure maestro of girly meat!

The very cute and very young (19 years old) Aneta is back for a second video. This time, she has no one to help her spread the jam. As you will soon find out though, she is more than capable of doing this by herself!

As the video starts, Aneta is sitting sideways on a couch, dressed in a white top with a black bra and panties. She is very slow and deliberate as she teases you with her lovely eyes. Her skin is very smooth and sexy. She starts to feel down her legs, and draws your attention to her feet. As the camera shifts over, Aneta takes you through a tour of her toes, and around to the bottom of her feet.

After this, Aneta begins to peel her clothes off. Starting with her bra, she introduces you to her tits. The cameraman takes the time to zoom in and take in her nipples. She clearly enjoys herself as she fondles her breasts, and squeezes her nipples.

After about five minutes of this, Aneta postures up, and gets ready for to put on a show! Her panties come up, and so do her legs. For the first time in the clip, her vagina lips are on display. She does not get into any serious spreading at this point, but just plays with her lips, opening them only slightly. You might take notice of her ass and anus here. Her ass is very nice and round, and her anus is quite pretty and tidy.

Without waiting any longer, Aneta turns over and climbs up with her knees planted into the arms of the couch. The camera swoops down underneath this goddess as she pulls her pussy lips apart. Aneta has the perfect form for this pose with her legs out, her ass up, and her hands pulling at her lips from behind. Her undercarriage is remarkable and it all compliments her pink hole very nicely. She manipulates her bald omanko with her fingers, pulling the outer lips over her pussy directly outwards. Though not a deep gape, Aneta reveals her delicious PJ tongue.

It is at this point that the actions gets even hotter. Aneta turns over, and briefly shakes her boobs around. She does the splits over the arms of the couch, leaving her bubbly bum hanging in the air. You will forget about the rest of this precious young lady at this point. Her vagina is evidently very long, and very big. As she peels herself open, you might want to turn your speakers up at this point. The noisy sounds turn into a symphony as she digs in and out, deeper and deeper into her womb. There is so much meat and so much juice in there, that you will want to spend an eternity lost in there, slipping and sliding. The contours of her cave are so mesmerizing, with various patterns of ridges and small bumps. You will not help but wonder what you cock would feel like in there. You would wonder what your face would feel like.

She goes through so many gapes with her hands that you will be impressed at how many sexy ways one girl's pussy can look. For the true lover of vagina, this might be one of the richest experiences you ever have!

同じショットの画像ギャラリーはここにあります: ANETA - 2017年9月16日.


長さ: 18:00



陰唇開き おっ広げおまんこ パイパン オマンコ ティーン ブルーネット



MEMBER-7112 1419日前

We can enjoy several close ups of gaped omanko. They are so good that we can inspect the detail of omanko wall surfaces which Aneta moves so efficiently to show how the feature of them can be changed. The surface looks like some herring roe or little cluster of pink shinny grapes moving around. And we can notice pretty PJtongue. Next time, insert the metal gizmo and stir it to see how it works.

MEMBER-8406 1419日前

"The surface looks like some herring roe or little cluster of pink shinny grapes moving around." - LOL - NOT what a woman wants to hear when her pussy is described. I think she is gorgeous and I thank her for showing us her beautiful body!

MEMBER-7112 1419日前

FARTMAN69, don't you think that you want to see woman who shows her big mess omanko inside which is hard to imagine form her beautiful face. I like that kind of woman.

MEMBER-8406 1419日前

She has a gorgeus pussy.. was just looking at her overhead gape spread and was dreaming about how amazing it would be to lick, tongue and creampie that pussy.It would be bliss. Her pussy is beautiful and amazing - just gorgeous in every way.

MEMBER-6098 1419日前

I love the sound that her pussy make !!!

MEMBER-6128 1419日前

Really good views, sexy model and awesome posing! Such a shame she's so silent.. Well, her pussy does make some nice sounds, though :)

MEMBER-2125 1417日前

Aneta is great - I love the way she really works to stretch her vagina wide open for us. Just so innocent and carefree (and so nasty at the same time :-)

But I have to really compliment the photographer! The lighting is gorgeous, and I think is one of the best videos so far. The detail and highlights on Aneta's cunt is fantastic! It is like being there in person!

MEMBER-6098 1413日前

I legit want her to stay in PJgirls forever !!

MEMBER-8595 1391日前

being honest, this is the video that make me wanted to be part of pjgirls!!
Thanks guys!! that part on the sofa was absolutely spectacular.

MEMBER-9245 1215日前

such a pretty face and smile

MEMBER-11355 981日前

7:35 to 9:05 need this same pose with speculum opening models' pussies. Please.

MEMBER-11436 977日前

More pussy sounds please!

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