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The PJ community welcomes a new model who I know will have a lot to add. The pussy gaping is pretty tame in this one, and we know we can get more out of this sweet young lady. For what it is worth, she has a nice body and a nice pussy. She does all of the usual pussy gaping stunts, with her ass up in the air, and from the front as well.

The corresponding photo gallery can be found here: LARA FOX - August 27, 2019.

AUGUST 21, 2019

LENGTH: 12:59



feet gaping pussy stretching trimmed pussy brunette



MEMBER-13193 1797 DAYS AGO

A new model - respect - but I've seen better movies at this site.
Recently I have prolonged my membership in the expectation for new "Under-the-bridge"-movies - I hope for more ASAP.

MEMBER-12930 1797 DAYS AGO

She has a nice meaty cunt, I like that. But it really wasn't that well displayed. I liked the way she played with her pussy lips, but there could have been a little more spreading and less foot play. And I agree, an under the bridge scene with Lara would be fantastic!


More cervix, please.


I have a question about the love for the 'Under the Bridge' videos. I ask this with the greatest respect, and I hate to question anything Jiri does, because nobody on the planet is doing what he does with the dedication he has. I must be so frustrating for him to see all the little criticisms of each video. This is not easy to do, believe it or not, and the one that totally gets you off is going to be relatively few and far between. Believe me. If a video leaves me feeling 'eh' - it's not because Jiri isn't trying! It's because the combination of the model, her mood, and a million other things have to come together just right for a video to really shine!

Now to my bridge question: I want to see models in a situation where I would want to comfortably be with them to explore their bodies... a bed, couch, something comfortable. The one place on the entire planet I would NOT want to spend such time with a beautiful nude woman would be under a bridge. I think urine, used needles, garbage, dirt... it's the least appealing place I can think of. (A morgue? Sewage treatment plant?) I'm genuinely curious; to all the 'under the bridge' lovers - and there are obviously many - why?

MEMBER-10400 1796 DAYS AGO

I think this may be my first comment though I have been a member here for many months. Firstly, let me appreciate your work, for it is that which brought us all here and makes us stay.
My question is about the bonus section - has it been forgotten? The advantage to being a longtime member has been reduced. If this section is inactive, it makes financial sense to buy membership for a month at at time after a gap of some months...
Please do reply - I write this because your bonuses have always been really good!

MEMBER-12982 1796 DAYS AGO

Jiri, what a beautiful little gem of a lady you found with Lara Fox. I mean, just look at her hair! She is awesome, beautiful, she exudes a kind of romanticism that very much appeals to me. Her cunt is just perfect, and I really appreciate seeing a trimmed cunt after so many balds.Thank you for finding her!
There was critique again, that her holes were not displayed well. I cannot second that. Yes, she seems a little inexperienced, but man, I see in her posing and in her face that she got the genes of a very talented spreader and gaper. She knows how to show off. I am sure of that. I love her doggy pose and especially her last pose, providing such an intimate view of her cunt, nipples and facial expressions. She is such a darling. My only critique with this one is that the video seems to end where it gets interesting! She got a little worked up, started to get a little breathy and moany - and then it stops.. Awwww I would definitely not mind seeing more of her!
@Belleboy: I feel the same. If a video doesn't appeal to me, it is never Jiri's fault. The model's mood, her voice, her eyes, her demeanour, her clothing, her posing abilities, whatever... there are thousands of little things that can spoil it for me. In all those years I have been an admirer of his art I have never felt a lack in his enthusiasm. Or his vision. He tries to satisfy so many requests and kinks. Talking kinks, it is amazing how many layers and sub-kinks people have. Some want to go all frontal, some doggy. Some like the spreading only, some deep gapes. Some need cervix to find it really satisfying, some indulge in ripples and folds of vaginal walls. The list is probably endless, as combinations between said kinks are possible, too.
I found that, over time, the more I opened up to any of those kinks, the more I loved every new scene. As for now, I find a strange fascination with the way a model goes about her obvious task in her scene. She signed the contract to show off her cunt in many ways. I like that fact. She knows exactly why and what she is there for. I love how each scene unfolds, is she getting into it? is she trying to please the viewer? Maybe she is experienced, one can sometimes feel that within the first seconds - and you I know I am in for a real treat. Some actually seem bored and distant, maybe even pissed off a little. I really like when girl-girl scenes show that older/experienced woman spreads and gapes the young/shy model dynamics. It is that slight, gentle fdom/fsub relationship that makes those scenes so appealing. For example, this dynamic is absolutely adorable in Lexi+Marilyn's gg scene. Just my two cents.
The Under-The-Bridge stuff is not my favorite setting, because to the environment noise spoils my aural experience. The contrast between the soft, vulnerable and beautiful body of a woman, and the dirty environment, the hard concrete etc. has some appeal, too. There is something about a woman exposing herself completely in such an environment. Not my fav, but legit.

If I may make a sugestion, Jiri. I would love to see a scene, girl-girl preferred, but not a must, with the gaped model wearing a pantyhose, which could be ripped in those places we want to see. Double my appreciation for having her in a full, formal office outfit with skirt and blouse. Heels and blouse stay on, but she can also pop out her tits if they are nice, I don't mind. Charli Red being my top choice.. but not having any model preferences, really. Have fun, guys, you are just the best!!

MEMBER-12930 1796 DAYS AGO

Personally, I like the under the bridge scenes because every time, no matter the model, they seem to display their pussy perfectly. I think it has mostly to do with the angles, but I'm also a fan because of the fact that the scene is shot outside, it creates a certain level of exposure that is unmatched with any other video on here.

Plus with the natural lighting, and the fact that they're partly clothed is all a huge turn on for me. Porn is all subjective, but i for one have been a returning member for months because of the solo girl, pussy spreading scenes, and the under the bridge scenes have fit that perfectly.


I also would love to see a model posing with full formal office outfit, skirt and blouse but no panties, gaping her cunt on the desktop. Scarlett did pose like a hot secretary a long time ago. Bring back some raunchy time to offices.

Ich würde auch gerne ein Modell im Business Outfit sehen. Rock und Bluse, aber ohne Höschen und die Fotze gespreizt auf dem Schreibtisch. Scarlett hat vor langer Zeit mal so posiert. Bringt heiße Zeiten in's Büro.

MEMBER-12532 1796 DAYS AGO

Good discussion... I like Lara. She is a good addition to the site.

I think that Tapeworm53 and I have similar tastes. I also like it when the woman is partly clothed, maybe with just her tits and cunt on display. I also prefer seeing the woman spread wide rather than gape, but I realise that we all have different tastes.

For me, the 'under the bridge' scenes work not because of the location, but because of the angles that they are shot the women are able to spread themselves open for the camera and there's no toys or gadgets to spoil the view of the wide open cunt.

Like Silentmode and Clitlicker, I would also love to see more videos shot in an office setting, with the woman unbuttoning her blouse and playing with her tits before opening her legs, pulling her panties to one side and spreading her pink paradise wide open for the camera. Then 15 or 20 minutes of her spreading from the front, the side and from behind.

I liked the office setting in Scarlett's 'Bashful Secretary' video - the spreading was superb.


LOLASINGH - we apologize for the lack of videos in the bonus section. There are basically two or three main reasons:
1. the pussycam got broken in February - we have a new one (the same model) since July but Jiri hasn't met any model suitable for it (most of the recent models have been very tight). The pussycam RAW files were often in the bonus section.
2. total lack of Jiri's time (that's why also some updates are delayed by one day) - sadly PJGirls doesn't earn us enough for a living, we both have two jobs. But all the videos are always online by the end of the week :-)
3. total unreliability of the models who almost never arrive to the scheduled shooting so we're always behind our schedule and no videos are shot in advance. Basically what you see online is often what was shot on that day.

It's a mixture of all three factors. We're not avoiding the responsibility, Jiri is responsible for delivering the promised content and it is his fault but please understand the reasons. Jiri will do his best to upload as many bonus videos in the second half of the year as possible. The overall situation should get better already within two or three weeks.

MEMBER-11060 1795 DAYS AGO

ADMIN, it sucks to hear that you guys aren't getting rich from this site. Those assholes at FTV and IntheCrack are swimming in money and I don't even like their stuff anymore, this is the only site that satisfies my need to look at women gaping. I do shoots like these a few times a year with friends and models, but they let me do the gaping or I wouldn't need those shoots at all, considering what a great job you all do. I wish this site had a "side room" where people like me could post their own videos of models gaping but I understand the potential problems that could develop in such a situation. I hope business improves, you people deserve it. This is the only porn site I really love.

MEMBER-10400 1795 DAYS AGO

Admin, thank you for your reply. It's cool - I understand. Thank you again for your great work.


GLURKSTER - it's true, those sites are extremely rich and we haven't found out why. Our content is often better, our website is better, the girls are often the same... I think it's history that makes the difference. We're still relatively new while those sites have been online for literally decades and everybody knows them. Our site is just buried among hundreds of similar sites (even though we know that our content is better :-).

We are still considering entering the world of VR but it's a big investment so we'll have to think about it properly and make a decision somewhen in the autumn.

MEMBER-12532 1794 DAYS AGO

@ADMIN - It may be that those other sites put more effort into marketing, with affiliate programs to drive traffic to the sites.

I prefer the content here on PJG and hope that you manage to make the site more successful.


Occasionally I have found some PJ-worthy scenes in 180 3D VR at (a pay site I won't mention by name here). It is a stunning experience on my Oculus Go. It got me to thinking that if Jiri started shooting VR, all (well most) of our pussy dreams would come true!

There should be enough fans of of this site's content to provide you guys a living. Maybe you need a dedicated affiliate marketing person to help drive traffic? I wish you great success, whatever means you choose to get there!


PAUL_001 - yes but all the other sites just want us to drive traffic to them, not vice versa. We don't want to make extra bucks by promoting somebody else's work. We need somebody else to promote our work :-) Most affiliate sites aren't very good, many of them just try to fool Google and steal some traffic that would naturally end up on our site anyway. But we're always open to suggestions when it comes to marketing. We're not good at it :-) We have already tried almost everything with zero success. The only thing that *occasionally* works is - discounted membership fee.

We had a marketing guy from Prague who was also a graphic designer and helped us with some banners and stuff but he got a better job somewhere else and doesn't have any time anymore :)

Belleboy - we'll see. I can't promise anything regarding VR, Jiri just mentioned it as one of the options but it's a big investment (I think something around $10,000?) and very few people have VR devices at home. So it's not clear whether he'd get his investment back at all. But he promised to think about it. We may be too late, the VR market has been probably already taken by sites that were faster.

MEMBER-12532 1794 DAYS AGO

Suggestion: Use social media to help drive traffic / membership. Your Twitter page hasn't been updated since 2018. Every time you upload a new video, post on Twitter with a link to the model, which may encourage her 'fans' to join.

MEMBER-12532 1794 DAYS AGO

'5 SEO Tricks to Increase Porn Site Traffic'


ADMIN - Jiri has too little time to film bonus content. GLURKSTER has gaping videos he wishes to get published. Perhaps the "bonus section" could also be a "side section" for other people's unpublished content?


First thanks to Silentmode for your post, you get the point very well.
Second thanks to Admin for your explanations and insights. Its interesting to get those infos from you und hear about the problems.
I did mention that i prefer other cam angles, but I dont wanted to crititze the work you do. Like Silentmode wrote it, everybody has own wishes and preferations. I just wanted to give my point of view and I dont know if it is too much for one or two normal viewing angles per video.
I like your site very much and have no need to change.


PAUL_001 - we had a guy who maintained Twitter but that's the one who left :-) I could do that but having just built a house and having health issues in the family sort of gives other things a higher priority... I wish Facebook accepted porn content but that's not gonna happen, even Tumblr has banned porn content some months ago.

The SEO rules are respected by our site, I'm convinced it's technically one of the best sites in porn business - everything is mobile friendly (responsive design), we did a complete study of keywords related to gaping before we redesigned the site, all the images have alt, hrefs have a title, size of images is optimized etc. etc.

By far the best solution for having success is cross selling (by other sites) or having traffic from other (related) sites. But as I said before, other sites we had contacted have just interest in us driving traffic to them, not vice versa. We even contacted professional marketing companies but all of them admitted not having any experiences with porn content. Adult sites are specific because most search engines refuse to promote this kind of content. (Google displays it among search results but you cannot purchase ads).

Glurkster is welcome to send us his videos but we'd publish only good content. We could hire an additional cameraman to film some more videos but Jiri prefers to have full control over the content, basically he doesn't trust anybody :-D

Anyway, thanks very much for your support, guys. We appreciate it. Sometimes we get angry when we see one or two stupid comment but then I see the other 95% of comments that are supportive and we really appreciate them.

MEMBER-12532 1793 DAYS AGO

Thank you for your reply Admin. You and Jiri have built a good site and I'm sure success will come over time if you keep doing what you're doing.

MEMBER-11953 1792 DAYS AGO

Lots of discussion on side issues. Let me bring it back to basics: Lara is all woman, she has a delicious meaty cunt with clit and peehole on show and I love the trimmed look - more like a real woman and less like a pornstar.

I also love the video, this is just the sort of cunt display I like to see. Spread wide but not too wide. Please keep up the good work and show us lots more of Lara.

MEMBER-15036 1563 DAYS AGO

Pj girls are the best website for us, I really enjoy what you offer, well done Laua and PJ staff













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