Bathroom Fun - intro photo


Paula Shy gets all soapy in the bathtub for us.

It is tradition around here to deeply inspect the female anatomy. We take a classic girl-in-the-bathtub sequence and we add a speculum to the fun. Paula has great skin, and her legs and ass look great when they get soaped up. She is quite experienced working in a confined space, and she is able to pull of several poses. She fills the speculum and her pussy with water. Paula pushes and pulls on the device, giving you a great showing of her fotzen. She is able to balance herself above the tub with her hands and feet. She also turns over, and shows us her pussy from behind.

The corresponding photo gallery can be found here: BATHROOM FUN - November 13, 2018.

NOVEMBER 12, 2018

LENGTH: 14:57



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MEMBER-11355 1424 DAYS AGO

Absolutely unbelievable! I never thought a girl can do this many poses while speculum is inside her pussy, wide open. Paula took it to another level. This is insane. Her cervix can be seen so clearly. I'd say this is the BEST speculum video on so far. Please keep coming more speculum videos.

I wish there was (straight) standing pose while speculum opening her pussy. Add standing and piledriver pose to future speculum videos please.


I'm glad the speculum fans are happy, and I support you accommodating them, but just want to put in a word for us non-speculum fans so you don't start to think most of your customers want speculum videos all the time.

And if anyone does NOT need a speculum to show us her entire inner-vag - including cervix - it's Paula!

MEMBER-11392 1424 DAYS AGO

I totally agree with you no to the speculum with blood

MEMBER-11392 1424 DAYS AGO

why you never show the clit of each model show close-up ????

MEMBER-11273 1424 DAYS AGO

I don't understand what "non-speculums" fans are doing on PJ Girls .... Since 2013 PJ Girls has given us probably the best videos in this style and you're talking about "non-speculum" ? This site is definitely not a site for ordinary sex, if you want boring and vanilla sex please just go away from here : there's so many fishes in the sea..

This video is just PERFECT !! Thank you

MEMBER-10180 1424 DAYS AGO

So good speculum scene!

MEMBER-10180 1424 DAYS AGO

BTW, there is no blood here. It's just one of the normal types of a cervix. Cervix has two zones: endocervical and ectocervical. One of them is red, another is pink. Zone between them (transformation zone) can be invisible (it is inside of the cervical canal then) or visible (as in Paula's case).
See more info with examples of 3 types of a cervix here:


Love how she works the speculum in and out and around! It produces some truly delicious vagina views!


Again we go through "the great speculum debate". This seems to happen every time a new speculum video gets uploaded. If you dont like this type of content, move on and wait for the next video to be uploaded. I remember there was a point in the past that us speculum lovers were getting maybe 1 or 2 speculum videos per month but we werent on all the other types of video complaining that the content was crap.

Move on. Not everything is for you. Accept it.

MEMBER-11246 1424 DAYS AGO

Speculum content fan reporting for duty ;)
This is a great video, erotic and fun. The model's personality and smile is a huge bonus.


I agree with DEEPDOWN. Almost everything in the world aligins with normal distribution(Gaussian distribution). That means majority exsists but also there are minolities. Discussion done!! :0

MEMBER-11060 1424 DAYS AGO

I just skip the speculum shoots, and this site still has the best ratio of content I like vs content I don't.

MEMBER-11387 1424 DAYS AGO

good video


@Cureattack - uh, go away? This is a pussy gaping site ("The Masters of Gaping") with some speculum (medical fetish) and occasional peeing. It is not a speculum site. Please re-read my post. It is the only one on this post that is critical of speculum videos at all, and says (I'll repeat it here) "I'm glad the speculum fans are happy, and I support you accommodating them. "

So who is being intolerant and should go away?

MEMBER-11355 1424 DAYS AGO

I have a question for "non-speculum fans". Is there any other site which does this (same as this video) kind of contents? Can our non speculum fans name atleast 2 sites where I can find this type of contents, please? So I can get an account there and watch what I enjoy.

For non speculum fans, you might want to check out ITC, ALSScan, ALSAngels, FTV specifically. Those are (mainly) solo sites without much speculum contents. I really don't understand why people try to change the way this site used to be.

Please go to this link and carefully check and understand what this site is used to provide from the beginning. From what I understand, this site mainly show girls' pussies wide open and gaped. Tagline is "Master of gaping".

I'm not a "pussy spreading" fan at all. Spreading pussies with fingers type contents are not for me at all. But I haven't even pressed dislike button on such contents, not even once! I don't even comment on such content, by complaining that I don't like blah blah. I just pretend I did not see them and wait for speculum, pussy gaping, pussycam or similar contents. I've seen great reduction of speculum contents lately, comparing to earlier times.

My opinion is that, Jiri and Martin should keep content base of the site as it used to be in earlier times. Experimenting is very good. But please don't forget what type of contents this site used to provide for fans since the beginning.

Again, please name if there's any other website which provide similar content as this video. No medical stuff like gapemypussy, gynox or anything. Just this same type of content. ITC used to, but not anymore.


As I said there are unlike members and like members. Why are unlike members staying still? It's easy, the PJGirls are so good at omanko gaping including speculum use:)

MEMBER-10180 1424 DAYS AGO

Close-up view of the cervix is truly amazing, it's probably the best video on the site. Please keep up doing good work!


It seems that Cureattack misunderstood Belleboy's comment and subsequently sparked the whole gyno debate here again. GAPING PUSSIES, LESBIAN FISTING and GYNO TOYS are the core pillars of PJGirls. If somesone ought to complain, it's the fisting crowd but after the discovery of Lexi's special fisting abilities, they will for sure be taken care of going forward.

SPECULUM raises some good questions.
1. What happen to "special toys" and all the great experimentation that came with them? There are only six videos tagged with "special toys" so far this year! Only 6 special toys videos!

If this is indicative of the frequency going forward, I suggest shooting "Whole Arsenal" type videos monthly. Otherwise you might only get to see your favourite toy perhaps once a year! If you're lucky, that is ;-)

2. Another mystery SPECULUM raises is that with the great amount of speculum content here, why not try to appeal to more the "gyno exam fetish"?

How? Dress Lexi up in a sexy nurse uniform a let her perform a PJGirls style gyno exam of another girl. Throw in some special toys for good measure too.

Fun fact - The two top rated bonus videos this year are:
#2 Lesbian GYNO EXAM

Lesbian peeing and lesbian gyno are perhaps not so controversial after all. Perhaps "popular" and "in demand" are more fitting.


I would just like to point out that there have NOT been any intentional changes in content type. Jiri always tries to find the perfect mix of gaping (main goal of this site), speculum (because of better visibility of the inside of the pussy), occasional fisting (that proved to be very popular recently), occasional toys and (very) rare peeing. If any of you guys think there's been a change I can assure you it's purely a coincidence and we don't plan to change anything. (It's not a good idea to compare current videos to those on page 1 - at that time we had three customers, a huge debt, a very cheap camcorder and very little idea what to film).

Jiri has headaches of the continous discussions regarding content and he certainly doesn't calculate the ratio of scenes every day ("there were just three speculum videos so far, I must throw in one more and perhaps one peeing video but then three more gaping videos must follow to satisfy others"...). It doesn't work that way. Guys, you know we always listen to GENERAL suggestions but please bear in mind this is not a "video on demand" site. Jiri tries to film the best combination of videos (in his opinion) and the customers either like it and stay or don't like it and leave. It's that simple. If 10 people think there should be more speculum videos and 10 other people think there should be less of them, the result is ZERO and basically such comments are ignored. After all it's always the unhappy minority that speaks against particular videos. 95% of our (happy) customers don't post any comments at all.

There have been less videos with toys recently but bear in mind each video with a toy receives tons of annoying "THE TOY IS BLOCKING THE VIEW" comments that Jiri probably wants to avoid. Also we tested some new toys that proved to be very ineffective. Either the toy blocks the view OR is uncomfortable for the girl OR doesn't spread the pussy wide enough. Always something fails (usually two of three factors). Lots of people think they know the theory very well but I'd really recommend you to test your toys or speculum with your wife or girlfriend. Grab a camera, persuade your girlfriend and try to film. Only then you will understand why all this is so complicated - or painful - or you end up with a video with little to zero visibility of the inside of the vagina.

The only MINOR changes I've suggested recently were more fisting videos (I mean something like one per month instead of one per six months) and a couple more peeing videos (again, I mean one per two months or something). NO MAJOR CHANGES AT ALL.

Also you may not have noticed it but in many of the 2018 videos Jiri tries to film multiple types of scenes. A bit of gaping, a bit of speculum, a bit of gyno etc.... he wants all of you to enjoy every single video. To me that is a big step forward.


Very sensible minor changes that you have proposed, ADMIN.

In particular FISTING has proved very popular here lately with Lexi in the role as fister. If Jiri manages to push out two fisting videos a month, and occasionally throw in some self fisting, then PJGirls would suddenly become relevant for the fisting crowd too. I bet that getting the fisting crowd onboard could make a great difference for PJGirls financially. A goal for 2019?

A comment on special toys. "Special toys" have historically averaged 30 videos a year. This year only 6 updates so far. Granted, the decline has been gradual but now it's almost gone :-( Experimentation is part of PJGirls soul. Gyno haters will rejoice but I hope videos with multiple "special toys" will become the norm going forward.


Thanks for your comments, Martin. I sure hope I didn't spark anything. I have been (and continue to be) very supportive of the mix. We all have in mind what our 'perfect' mix of scenes would be, and they will never be the same. As far as I'm concerned, Jiri has the mix about as right as it can be. (including a slight uptick in fisting videos.)

@Speculum - it cracks me up that you are trying to point non-speculum fans to ALS, FTV, etc. They TOO have speculum vids, so you can go there. Plus there are plenty of med fetish sites out there. For me, my fascination with pussy is linked to an erotic love of the female form, and not to taboo, non-sexual situations such as medical exams and waste elimination. I'm not against that, if that is what you are into, but don't try to change this into a speculum site because that's what YOU are into. I'm happy for you that nobody does speculum better than Jiri. I hope he keeps doing it for your sake and others who like it. But when I see loud minorities trying to take over the narrative, I feel compelled to remind the group that some of us love the kind of super-explicit, up close pussy PLAY videos that can really only be found here. We can all be happy about the mix. Jiri should stay away from this thread and just keep doing what he's doing.

MEMBER-11355 1423 DAYS AGO


I'm already a member there on most of those sites. I only watch ALSRocket photosets and videos only. Rest are not for me. By the ratio they have speculum (gyno) and non gyno contents, they are far more better for non-speculum fans I believe. Here at pjgirls, they've been doing very unique and very special type of videos and photosets from the beginning. It is sad that if this site change to something els than this was in previous 4 to 5 years. I strongly hope it won't happen.

Please point out better sites for speculum and gyno genre fans other than als, ftv. FTV has like 1 speculum/pussy gaping scene once in a bluemoon. ALS has something around 2 - 4 scenes per month. Not even 1% close to PJGirls level pussy gaping/speculum scenes. And I am not into medical fetish.

I really don't care about other videos. I don't even want to change anything this site does. I totally enjoy what PJGirls give me. If it is a speculum, pussycam, pussy gaping content, then I download and comment. Rest, I just ignore and move on. Not even a comment on those.

Finally, agree with your last few words. "Jiri should stay away from this thread and just keep doing what he's doing".

Sorry if any of my comments hurt anyone's feelings. I just wanted to say this video is great and I look forward for more of these type of videos.


I love this beautiful sexy babe! What a woman.


I don't undertstand how one can be so focussed on medical tools but not into medical fetish on the other hand. I also don't get what the point is if you only see the very inside of a woman. You wouldn't even know how she looks, whether she is sexy or ugly or very old. Well I guess some people here might figure out the age as they have quite some gyno-knownledge.

To me a wide open pussy is the ultimate "fuck me" invitation, that's what it makes nasty aside from the general interesst in the female body that most men have. I don't need to stick my whole head into her though. This site says Masters of Gaping, and that's no understatement. ALS does great photos but the videos are in terms of gaping just crap. The view is mostly blocked and if briefly not the cam is moving all arround. The odds are better in photoshoot videos but then the guy is talking all the time and the bright flashes don't make it any better. That's also what I like here very much, the man behind the cam tries to be as invisible and not existing as possible and there's also no stupid music in the clips. ITC definitly does or did speculum videos, I still see speculum masturbation video of this hottie Rachel from I think 2006 in front of my mind's eye, even though so much time has passed and I'm a not spec fan. There are also very brief gaping scenes like 577-2 with Tiffany Thompson. But in general nowhere else you can rely on a good gaping scenes, even though both mentioned sites have very pretty girls. Though I guess not every woman is fine with such gaping-style and they are not restricted to just the Czech republic.

Furthermore I also usually ignore video types I don't like, like peeing or speculum instead of downvoting. As long as there is enough stuff I do like, I'm fine with it.


Just a reminder - it would be great if you guys didn't use the comments section to promote other websites :-) Please avoid mentioning them. I'm sure they don't promote our website either :-)


Not this discussion again...
We all love to look at women that spread legs wide, spread pussy wide, gape the Fotzenloch wide. And I am always amazed what beautiful women do pose that way for Jiri and his camera. And if the woman allows some even more graphic pictures of her hole being gaped by a speculum or any other tool that's fantastic. Please keep on delivering a hot cunt day by day. Be it a nice tight young girl or a very loose woman. I don't care as long as she poses like a PJGirl should pose.

MEMBER-11825 1368 DAYS AGO

well what I'd like to see is for fun, and technically stretching another hole. A female does not need to have urine in her bladder for either a sounding rod or a plastic snake. It is though still stretching a hole. I'm not suggesting anything ultra extreme like using a sounding tool thru the cervix. Unless you don't want kids. However Paula's bio should be tweaked. if these are new photos. If they aren't okay but 19 yrs old and born in 1993 doesn't quite add up by a mile. Unless I am having a bad day I rarely get rude with the admin , email them on possible errors sure... But having been on the receiving end of BS feedback on selling a $1 pc game where I sent and sold it at a loss ... I cut alot of people slack and PJ is no different. They've bent over backwards so far that they themselves should be doing bridges (wonder what a pussy cam looks like while doing one though. (not a back bend. But bridges. ) I don't understand the urine fetish. I have a heartbeat fetish, particularly when it's pounding fast while she's excited :) But having been a member on and off with the other speculum site since 1998, would seem natural I end up back here

MEMBER-11825 1368 DAYS AGO

Just a reminder - it would be great if you guys didn't use the comments section to promote other websites :-) Please avoid mentioning them. I'm sure they don't promote our website either :-)====== Actually interestingly some of them do. Just don't make a habit of it. You could just go A** S*** and we'd get it. oh and I tend to support the Czech Republic as we have a museum just south of here, and yall make great (real ) film. Alot of my 120 film comes from CZ or CR, I just get get radiating green glow balls from there :P (Tritium ) and I can't say if thats safe to be putting those in kitties either. I generally don't double post unless it's by accident but I saw that comment and I'd only mention AS because it came first. another site starting with Z has no issues neither does one with H. and the H one hey if he can afford a 151mp camera from Phase One I don't think he cares if someone mentions another site. But again I don't make a habit of it. I've only had one single site that I'd get warnings from for mentioning other sites. Only 1 site... thats based near or around Russia and their customer service is a nightmare now anyway (it was DA, it's WO* and some other name now hence why the customer service is horrid. It keeps getting bought out.. I won't be joining them again.













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