Afternoon spreading - intro photo


Rene starts by introducing herself in her charming Czech accent. She's wearing a filmy pink negligee which she quickly parts open, revealing perky little tits and a shaved pussy with a prominent erect clit and naturally open vagina. And she spends the rest of this video showing us just how relaxed and open a young girl can get. She pulls on her labia majora, but even when she's just sitting there, you can see her cunt opening up when she just spreads her legs. When she squats, she opens up even wider, but when she is squatting and pulls her pussy open... that's when you get to see a wide open cunt, just the way you want it! Using fingers and thumbs, she displays her wet and wide-open vaginal canal to great effect. And it is fantastic the way she keeps gaping, even after she stops stretching herself open. But if you thought her hole was big, just wait until she turns around for the rear show–her cunt-hole gets even bigger!


时长: 14:37



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MEMBER-4352 1821天前

Mamma mia! Now SHE knows how to tease! Great!

MEMBER-2314 1818天前

I agree, Rene does a perfect teasing scene - Her little talking is really sexy and the views are phenomenal (thanks to the videographer). I would absolutely love to see more like this.

MEMBER-4063 1795天前

Pussy showing at its best!

MEMBER-4842 1765天前

What a sexy women. Best of the best.

MEMBER-6286 1557天前

So pretty and works so hard to display her vagina.

MEMBER-5958 946天前

Such a friendly cutie. And then she let's us have a good look at her cunt.

So eine freundliche Süße. Und dann dürfen wir auch noch schon lange ihr Fötzchen betrachten.

MEMBER-17162 28天前

I really appreciate when the girls talk a little. If it is in broken English doesn't matter at all. And if so a girl can present herself in her native language as well. The total silence makes many scenes so unnatural. Silent girls rarely exist in the real world as we all know. ;)




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