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It's not been long since she has arrived on our site, and she is already making a splash. In her second video here, she goes where many a PJ girl before here have gone. That's right, these lucky stairs get to play the part of a porn scene once again. While she was able to pull of some really nice wide gapes in her first outing, she goes for a lighter spreading style in this one. Tabitha first gives you a bunch of frontal gaping with her pussy nice and open in the middle of the screen. It is worth mentioning that she has a great PJ Tongue which sticks out while she holds her hole open. Tabitha eventually undresses and just leaves her heels on. She has lots of tattoos and a really nice face with a stunning set of eyes. I can't help but feel like she is a really naughty girl, and her porno name doesn't do her any favors in this regard. She closes out by turning over and giving you the view up her ass. She has a nice caboose and overall is a standout model when it comes to bending over.

相应的美图资源如下: TABITHA - 2020年8月13日.


时长: 12:09



扩张 阴道扩张 无毛的 美穴 深色皮肤



MEMBER-15443 71天前

Love her spreads at the end. I'm personally always in love with ass-up pussy spreads and gapes from behind. She has a particularly nice ass-up pussy gape. So enticing and beautiful.

MEMBER-15473 71天前

Tabitha has such a beautiful stunning face and eyes. She is a tremendous looking girl. Love the little dress and shoes. Many more videos please. Thanks Jiri.

MEMBER-15792 70天前

I love model posing barefoot. No shoes at all. She is beautiful and has a great body.

MEMBER-14628 70天前

Agreed--beautiful, sexy, great pussy and good gaping skills. Looking forward to more!

MEMBER-15669 70天前

Excellent location. Huge lover of "stairs & underthebridge" scenes. Love members different likes & opinions. Personally I love it when the models have their sexy shoes on. So hot and the spreading and into the camera gaze is a nut buster everytime. Keep it coming Juri.

MEMBER-14383 69天前

Tabitha is definitely a great new model. I love the way she moans and moves her hips as if she is actually having sex. I hope to see plenty more of Tabitha gaping her beautiful pussy from the front and definitely from behind, ass up. I would love to see a great POV ass up gaping from behind, straight on camera angle and showing her complete body.

MEMBER-7259 69天前

She got quite a nasty tattoo on her belly, in Germany that might get her in some trouble. ;-)

ADMIN 68天前

Yeah, we know. She can't get undressed in Germany and Austria ;-) Jiri will talk to her about it.

I must say that any type of extremism is definitely NOT supported by us and it doesn't matter if it's nazism, communism or the "modern" riots in the States. This site is apolitical and I'm curious myself how this young lady will explain her stupid tattoo. Let's just ignore her stupidity and focus on her beautiful... eyes :-)

MEMBER-7259 68天前

I actually don't see what's wrong to stand by your ideals, homeland or even just your partner. It's just that this one is a forbidden symbol in Germany because of "history", so I only wanted to give a heads-up in case she ever wants to visit Germany. At least she doesn't have a certain old symbol of luck tattooed on her forehead yet. ;-)
Btw. It would be nice if she would't be completely shaved next time.

MEMBER-15835 67天前

In fact, we should focus on her beautiful eyes, or on her stunningly small tits with those seductively erect nipples, as beautiful as her legs and as horny as her cunt, that she knows how to spread so well, the sweet bitch!

MEMBER-16141 53天前

I don't find anything reprehensible about her tattoo "Meine Ehre heißt Treue" - only the gothic letters remind on bad times. But my view is focused only on her wide open heavenly cunt ♀️ ????




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