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A giant black dildo and a big stretchy pussy, who will win. I think the only answer is that everyone wins. Billie Star gets to please herself with a large throbbing object, and we get to watch. It is also worth mentioning that the act of taking the large dildo really helps to expand her hole. As a result, we get easier and more wide looks up her hole. Billie Star has been with us before, and has never disappointed. She has a great milfy look with some great curves. Her ability to gape the omanko is certainly up there with the rest. It must be a nice feeling for her to fuck her pussy like that and then to show us all what it caused. Maybe its just me, but it is so hot when a model fucks herself and gets really moist, and then gapes her freshly fucked hole for all to see. Gotta love her enthusiasm for porn too!

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MEMBER-12930 15天前

Hell yes! The stills look stunning. Very excited for the dowload to finish so i can skip around and rewatch the best parts over and over!! :) my dick thanks you!

MEMBER-15473 15天前

Thank you Billie. What beautiful breasts and nipples Billie posesses. Billie has a beautiful flower and petals. I love her approval and the sounds her pussy makes as she spreads. Thank you Jiri.
Please more pussy. X

MEMBER-7112 15天前

Hi, PJGuys. My subscription ends this month. I was a heavy PJG watcher and I commented over 600 times. But let me tell my story.
Couple of years ago, I got prostate cancer and I deleted it by operation. After the operation, I lost the ability of erection. But the sexual interests were still kept and I enjoyed PJG as before. But the following observation for the after operation, my doctor selected to periodical injection of a kind of female hormone. One of the side effects of this female hormone injection is lost of sexual interest and unfortunately I got it. I feel the human body is very obedient. But I also feel that it’s really pity to lose one of my favorites. The injection continues several years. And after the injection complete, I believe I can come back to PJG!! You guys who still have the prostate are really happy situation, keep it!! And enjoy PJGirls!!!!!

ADMIN 15天前

EagerBeaver, we sincerely hope you will recover and return back one day. Good luck!

MEMBER-15815 1天前

great, only great




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