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One of our most beloved models has another gaping performance for our viewing pleasure. She is getting some nice time under the sun in, and getting the sun all the way to those secretive spots. I always wondered why so many of our models have no tan lines on them and instead are a consistent ball of bronzed hotness. I am happy to see for myself why Chrissy Fox has a nice tanned crotch. I'm not sure if you can tan the inside of the pussy, or whether or not that is a healthy thing to do, but nonetheless I have to enjoy her effort here. Chrissy Fox is a red headed goddess with great curves. She shoves her ass in our face here in case you haven't seen it before. The very best gaping in this one comes near the end when she gets set up frontally and just stretches her tight pussy all the way out. Yes she is pretty tight, but you will hardly notice with her experienced gaping skills. Keep rocking our world you timeless beauty!

相应的美图资源如下: OUTDOOR - 2020年6月27日.


时长: 18:10



美足 扩张 阴道扩张 无毛的 美穴 红发



MEMBER-12338 16天前

I love how at 1:35, just when Jiri has zoomed in a bit and Chrissy starts to stretch her cunt wide with labia pulls, there is the sound of a motor revving up to high speed... Just like her delicious pink gapes revved me up :-)

Chrissy may be "tight" by some definitions, but her labia pulls fix that easily enough! And just look at 2:10 how she emphasized her clitoral hood! Magnificent!

MEMBER-6770 16天前

Chrissy Fox is always fantastic!! Thanks!!

MEMBER-15675 16天前

Chrissy beautiful woman as always, the most important aspects are present : with an exhilarating look she looks at the camera so at me: horny, beautiful bare feet, open pussy ,only unfortunately not a beautiful sight on the round shapes of her ass ,so please next time UNDER THE BRIDGE SCENES,1= WITH EYE CONTACT 2=BARE FEET

MEMBER-15675 16天前

DECEMBER 14, 2018
LENGTH: 15:27
SANDY SUN ……why never more: ,again glorious pussy through a glass floor. Scenes?, this scene is perfectly made , very exciting !!

beautiful woman with a sexy horny smile
: 1=with an exhilarating look she looks at the camera so at me, , 2=open pussy spread(not too exaggerated just like a gynecologist with all that bloody wild meat inside, just beautiful enough)
, 3=beautiful sight on the round shapes of her ass ,
4=only unfortunately not a beautiful bare feet.

beautiful bare feet.
glorious pussy through a glass floor. Scenes?, maybe with delicious chrissy in it? please

MEMBER-7259 16天前

That's one of these instant-like-before-download clips... ;)

MEMBER-15473 15天前

Amazing Chrissy. Thank you so much Jiri and the team. Chrissy is absolutely superb. I love it when the models wear more and then unpeel to expose their flower. I notice a number of small insects during the set. They were probably admiring Chrissy spread eagled and her pretty pretty pink flower on show. I love Chrissys eagerness and her rippled folds. I definitely want to see her back. I love her x




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