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Angel brings her bubbly personality back with some solo pussy spreading action.

She loves to use her voice to tease you. Most girls on this site love to tease with their actions, but Angel Wicky loves to be verbal. She talks you through her actions. She loves her huge boobs and jiggles them around. She stantds over you, and talks to about her pussy as she plays with it. She tells you about her gorgeous ass, as it pops out from under her dress. Eventually, her bottom half stays unclothed. Her ass gets more and more bent over until her knees are pressed in to the couch, and her ass is right up in the air. She loves teasing you with her ass, and wobbles it around. She then starts to spread her pussy with her ass up. She gets it gaping right open, and has it shut and open itself, creating a clapping sound. The light pussy hair she has is well trimmed, and the whole region around her pussy and ass is remarkably smooth. She moves to her side, and gets some good sideways pussy spreading going.

"And how about this?" She says as she gives the full frontal pussy spread. She invites you to come right up and put it in, as she opens her legs, and spread her pussy. She gets her feet up on the couch, and has her legs open, and a big smile on her face. The camera looks straight up her body, pussy in the front, legs to the side, and tits and face in the background. It doesn't get any more scenic than this. She continues to laugh and talk about her vagina. She gets really set as she starts squeezing her pussy muscles. In the last part, she rests her ass down, and gets a really deep gape going. She loves it almost as much as we do, and puts a really good show on from beginning to end. Encore anyone?

相应的美图资源如下: ANGEL WICKY - 2018年1月16日.


时长: 21:07



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MEMBER-8517 1004天前

WOW! That was fast! Another super gaping video right before I could recover from the previous one. Thanks PJ Girls!!!

MEMBER-9201 1004天前

Her 4 finger spreads give such lovely views down the "pink tunnel" and deep inside the "pink balloon"! Nice commentary by Miss Wicky.

MEMBER-9349 1004天前

For girls with piercing, it will be better to have video with and WITHOUT piercing. Thanks

MEMBER-5523 1004天前

Agree with GapeLover. Great scene!

MEMBER-9025 1004天前

Fantastic video! It's 10 times hornier when the girl speaks directly to us so please include these more often.

MEMBER-9146 1004天前

Absolutely agree that the video is even hotter when she speaks and teases us! Great video.

MEMBER-2900 1003天前

Angel Wicky is absolutely your best. Sexy. Interactive. Vagina rich.

MEMBER-8517 1001天前

I also like when she is talking sexy. Sexy and dirty talk really makes a video a very pleasurable interactive experience. I would love to see some updated videos of Brittany Bardot gaping solo. Will she be coming back in the near future? I really hope so. I enjoyed her Fitness Lady video. She did some very nice gaping poses in that one.

MEMBER-9417 999天前

Absolutely amazing performance from this extremely beautiful and sexy girl, great job from the guy with the camera as well.
It doesn`t get much better than this. Stunning!

MEMBER-9531 983天前

Absolutely stunning. Great when the girl talks as she gapes her cunt. It makes you feel she is gaping just for you. More talkies please.

MEMBER-9973 765天前

I remember her with some stuff when she first started. Sucks she got a boob job but she knows how to spread the pink and tease with it.

MEMBER-14146 309天前

wonderful, only wonderful!!

MEMBER-14571 243天前

I like the talking videos. When the girls talks dirty as she spreads her cunt it is as if she is gaping her cunt just for you personally. Only gripe she kept talking about the pussy. Wish she had said CUNT. That would be even more of a turn on. A pussy is a furry thing although some cunts do have fur.

MEMBER-14754 220天前

So eine super geile Muschi...
Danke ... 0)))

MEMBER-15647 43天前

Can we have more scenes of dirty talking cunt gapers. Especially when the cunt gaper is as stunning as Angel Wicky with such a stunning cunt to gape. Only down turn she said pussy instead of cunt. This site is about cunts. Let the girls talk about their cunt and not their pussy.




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