Inside Florane - intro photo


Florane Russell is about to turn the dial up as far as it will go. Lets she her treat her self to a higher power!

She is so unbelievably horny to start out this video. She begins wearing a red dress, and almost immediately gets to work fingering herself. She soon gets to trying out the first of two speculums in this scene. She inserts the device, and fucks herself with it, while using her other hand over her clit. Florane gets very passionate here, and puts on a good show while getting herself in the mood for the next bit. She gets a far more revealing speculum out, and inserts it. This is where the vibrator comes in. After some preliminary clit rubbing, she gets the vibrator to where it needs to be. The view here is dynamite, ladies and gentlemen. While some girls do not get a full viewing inside their pussies with this type of speculum, Florane gets one of the best views out of it. Her cervix is in sight, and she gets to making that omanko cum.

Not satisfied with the lower frequency of the device, she turns it all the way up. This would be too much power for most girls to handle, but Florane Russell is clearly not most girls. Over and over again, she reaches the point of too much pleasure, and she reaches the point of climax. I can't honestly say how many real orgasms are here, there are potentially a lot. Just turn up the volume on your pc and hear her moan out in pure ecstacy as her clit takes all it can handle!

相应的美图资源如下: INSIDE FLORANE - 2018年1月20日.


时长: 14:57



子宫 妇科检查 自慰 玩具 跳蛋 真实高潮 无毛的 美穴 金发尤物 丰满的



MEMBER-8421 526天前

Nice to see a cute and untattoed solo girl!

MEMBER-6191 526天前

OMG i must say again another amazing video and that is why this site is the best. Florane is so graceful and comforting she is like the orgasm of heaven. Her juicy cervix was wonderful and the vibrator just was hot (in all the other ones as well). Bravo

MEMBER-9201 526天前

Very sexy pose of a very sexy girl. (screenshot #3).

Love it when the girl keeps the speculum in motion. Fantastic angled close ups! Florane has got such beautiful vagina ripples.

Bravo for using two gyno toys because two toys are always better than one :)

I only wish that the speculum extractions had been in extreme close up. Lengthy speculum extractions in close up are just so f**king hot :)

MEMBER-7112 526天前

Everybody loves this video and I also do. Very good lineup of holes with metal speculum. Omanko hole, peehole and cervix top hole and the ripples. Also puddle of love juice seeped out. And the side way clear speculum created inside spectacles. This video is perfect. このヴィデオいいね。女の穴が並んだ、オマンコ、尿道、子宮口それとオマンコのシワシワ、マン汁、そして横クスコで膣がぐちゃぐちゃ、最高だね。

MEMBER-5958 525天前

With a pee hole that prominent the speculum type is the perfect choice. No part does block the view. Thx Florane, your cunt is wonderful!

MEMBER-9307 525天前

Sweet video!

MEMBER-684 525天前

Wow, another great PJ Girls video.

MEMBER-8266 524天前

hard to confirm any contractions

MEMBER-2125 513天前

I'm not sure how this can be comfortable for Florane, and in a rare show of insensitivity, I DON'T CARE! To see her cervix, distended peehole and clitoris in such beautifully illuminated detail... WOW! I just love looking at her stretched open cunt being self-stimulated.

The clear plastic speculum is a wonderful appetizer, the metal one allows such a wanton display of... openness. Fantastic video!

MEMBER-6019 435天前

OMG fantastic




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