Florane Russell - intro photo


Florane Russell is one smoking hot chick. She has the blond hair, the big boobs, and the hot bod. I can't wait to see her undress, and peel open.

She has these amazing jean shorts and red heels at the beginning of this video. Before they even come off, she lets us see her pussy. What a gem! Florane really likes to tease and to show off her assets. She takes you on a tour of her body, showing you her nipples, and feeling them up. She shows you her feet too. My personal fav is when she turns over, and wobbles her ass around a bit. Eventually though, the action goes right where we want it to: right up her vagina. She shoves her fingers in there, and lets us know how wet she is.

The action gets really good once her tits come out for good. She gets leaning back on the top of the couch, puts her hands behind her ass, and stretches her cooch open. The views puts her pussy right in the middle of the action, with her tits and ass (and face) on display. We take some time to let this all soak in. For the duration of this shot, Florane fingers herself a bit, and moves her hands around to find some other optimal gapes. She reaches around the front of her body with one hand, and gets a little more open. The camera works its way around the action, going in and out. She gets some really sexy views when she moves both of her hands to her front side. Her pussy gets more and more open, as she has to do less reaching. Eventually, she plants her ass back on the couch, and gapes her pussy optimally. I mean really, it comes right open. We leave it here for a while, to admire her overall beauty. Her tits are gorgeous, and so is the rest of her. Her pussy takes the show though, as she is more than capable of getting some really good looks inside it.

Finally, near the end of the video, Florane turns over, and spreads her pussy with her ass up in the air.


时长: 23:53



美足 扩张 阴道扩张 无毛的 美穴 金发尤物 丰满的



MEMBER-9201 380天前

Very sexy chick! (Shame about the lazy eye). Very hot 4 fingers gaping in the end.

More 4+ fingers gaping, please!

MEMBER-8874 380天前

I absolutely love that she squints. I always had something for girls who squint with one eye. Makes them unique. So is Florane: unique. Lovely Girl. A shame about those fake Boobs...

MEMBER-5958 380天前

Silberblick, gemachte Titten...
Egal, die Mädels sollen ja auch die Schamlippen spreizen und ihre Möse in die Kamera halten. Und das macht Florane. Hübscher Kitzler und ein großes Pissloch!

ADMIN 380天前

Yes, shame about the fake tits (I absolutely don't understand why women do that) but apart from that this girl is hot! We are proud to have such chicks here in this country :-)

MEMBER-7112 379天前

Hey, guys, please don't get so hot about fake tits. Think about the looks of woman. They want to be beautiful every time. Then they makeup their faces every morning before they meet other persons. Those faces are fake, aren't they? But most of men accept them or even like them. Face makeup has no function and fake tits neither. But I think both are beautiful. (Isn't no-makeup against the manner?) But anyway those are the matter of individual taste(includes tattoos).(DISCUSSION END)

MEMBER-8517 379天前

Very nice debut for Florane. She definitely causes an instant boner, and would probably cause a lot of premature ejaculations. Very few would probably last more than two minutes inside of her, unless they had some serious, serious mind control. She's gorgeous and I'm looking forward to her next video. I can tell by her Black Dildo picture gallery that she will be doing a lot more rear gaping, face down and ass up. The perfect sperm target.

MEMBER-6098 377天前

Please have a bonus video of her !

MEMBER-9203 374天前

Wonderful close-ups at 11:40 and 12:20 but much too short - in future please focus your camera some minutes longer at those wonderful open cunt and give up filming feets !

MEMBER-9201 372天前

I agree, Cuntspecht. I have a feeling that about 1/3 in extreme close up would be the optimal amount in a scene. Or maybe we are just insatiable when it comes to extreme pussy close ups ;-)

MEMBER-11404 65天前

Thank you for the shots of her soles! Feet and pussy is a beautiful combination.




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