Winter Haircut - intro photo


You might need some garden shears for this one. Valentina Ross makes her return with the bushiest pussy we have seen in a long while.

Valentina is also one of the oldest models on the site, listed at 34 years of age. So, if bushy milf pussy is your thing, than this will be a rare treat. For one reason or another, the natural look is one that we do not see much of these days. Most girls keep their privates trimmed, some completely shaven.

Hairy vagina aside, Valentina is here to put on a show. She gets herself comfortable, and her bottom half naked. This clip is all about gaping vagina views. There are many closeup shots of her clit as well, half buried in fur as it might be. She gets herself gaping with a few good frontal shots, before getting turned over on to her front.

相应的美图资源如下: WINTER HAIRCUT - 2017年11月25日.


时长: 25:32



扩张 美足 阴道扩张 高跟鞋 有毛的 美穴 巨大的 美穴 深色皮肤 成年 熟女 明星 丰满的 厚重



MEMBER-8732 477天前

I love her! More please! She is such a hot milf.. So tall and gorgeous!

MEMBER-719 476天前

LOVED the wet, clit closeups. It's not gaping, but it's a lovely first course!

MEMBER-5958 476天前

Yes, I love the close-ups of her big juicy clit as well.

MEMBER-8874 474天前

Great woman, love some hair now and then, but she has by no means a huge pussy. PJGirls are exaggerating much again in the Tags. Most of the models are pretty tight to be honest .

But, yeah ...great clit! ;)

MEMBER-8761 471天前

She is too old for my liking

MEMBER-8290 470天前

I'm one of those who loves to completely shaved pussy. So,it isn't a big surprise I didn't like this video. I don't like she too old and the content itself was okay. But I cannot help it that the hair is disgusting to me.

MEMBER-9203 441天前

More mature hairy rats please - many more !!!

MEMBER-8334 419天前

Loved the close ups of her caressing her clit, wish it had gone on much longer, would LOVE to see her have a genuine close up clitoral orgasm, or any other model.

MEMBER-11825 72天前

I know hot milfs over 40 are out there, hard to find in CZ but I know they are out there. Eva Johnson is 33 though , she's from Romania but lives in Britain and clearly getting the accent down now. Would love to see her swing by. Not sure this site would be ready for over 50 yet and I'm not ready for over 60 :P just can't fix it by then. 50 , early 50's maybe But very hard to pull it off. Can't pull a Jane Seymour out of the hat.

MEMBER-5958 45天前

I dont know if there should be an age limit. But the site is called pjGIRLS for a reason, I think. On the other hand any lady that is brave enough to have her Fotzenloch filmed in every detail by Jiri is welcome.




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