Lovely Bum - intro photo


Nobody could possibly dispute the validity of the title of this video - Lovita does indeed have a very lovely bum!

Wearing a tight fitting red dress, Lovita demurely reclines on the sofa smiling at us innocently with her "butter wouldn't melt in my mouth" eyes. Sliding her skirt along her hips however she once more proves that looks can be deceptive as she reveals her perfectly rounded ass cheeks for our viewing pleasure. Gentle stroking of her lips precedes the inclusion of a red dildo which Lovita first teases along her lips and then begins to press inside. We have already seen just how tight it is in there, especially with Lovita laying on her side, so the dildo was never going to have an easy passage. Nevertheless, Lovita manages a good 3 or 4 inches penetration, before deciding that a little more stretching is in order.

To achieve this effectively, Lovita moves to her knees to first pull her ass cheeks apart for us, revealing her deliciously neat quim and perfect rose bud, and then moving in to separate her lips as well. Despite the tightness of her tunnel, Lovita begins to provide us with some excellent views of her inner walls which are as pretty as the rest of her. The macro views showing her glistening ripples are superb.

Towards the end of the video, and not without we feel some considerable effort (thank you), Lovita manages to stretch herself wide enough to provide just a glimpse of her cervix. At last, there is indeed light at the end of the tunnel. Step by step we are managing to penetrate deeper into the luscious Lovita. Let's hope that this video doesn't represent our journeys end - methinks there is still plenty worth seeing that remains unexpolored.

相应的美图资源如下: LOVELY BUM - 2017年10月14日.


时长: 19:14



扩张 阴道扩张 假阳具 紧致的 美穴 无毛的 美穴



MEMBER-719 515天前

LOVE the vivid, sharp, moist macro shots!

MEMBER-6128 511天前

Guys, this is one of your best doggy gaping shootings ever.
Lovita is a perfect beauty, I love her outfit, the fact that she keeps on her heels and dress. The leather couch has style, I'd love to have one like this.
Lovita's breathing and soft moaning is truly nice ... such a talented seductress! And her posing abilities are breathtaking! Seldom have I seen such an arousing, believable show.
Jiri does another perfect job - the camera position down betwwen her legs, shoes and feet visible, while Lovita struggles to hold her hole open .. just superb.

Way to go, PJGirls never disappoints!




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