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Emylia Argan is the kind of model that leaves one speechless, but I will try and say something. From head to toe, this model is a work of art. Now we get to explore every nook and cranny of it.

Emylia loves to tease our cocks. Not only that, but she is very confident while she does it. She really takes her time to let us imagine what is between those immaculate legs. Lying on the couch in her black dress, she lets us know early on how much she loves having a pussy. She sticks her fingers down there and lets out moan after moan, wishing someone would help her at it. The more of her legs she reveals, the more you will admire the smooth and thin nature of them.

She is a thin model, but she also comes with substance. As she flips over on to her front, and her ass comes out, you will be surprised at how much ass she has. Not long after we seen her ass, she pulls her panties aside, and we are treated to her puffy peach of a pussy. Her pussy lips are so small that they are not visible outside of her puffy taco.

After a while of teasing her pussy, she gets her panties off and her lovely boobs out. We continue to wonder about her pussy as she continues to tease it, rubbing a few fingers over her clit, and letting out some more moans. Finally, turning over and going ass up, she spreads her pussy open. She never really does get it wide, and mostly uses her vagina muscles to get pussy open at all. Nonetheless, her hands open her outer pussy lips, and we are greeted by a very lovely, very tight hole. As Emylia squeezes, there are many lovely pussy noises to be heard along side her own moans. She really moans a lot, and adds a lot of sexy breathing to the mix.

Eventually, she rolls over to her side, and spreads her pussy some more. This time, it opens up a little bit better. She never really tries to fully gape her pussy, but the action is very sexy the whole way through. Emylia is truly a very hot and very confident model, who knows what men like to see.

At last, she gets seated back on her ass, and takes her shoes off. I do not know about you, but the next bit of content is some of my favorite: full frontal nudity. Feet up on the couch, Emylia gets her hands around her thighs, and opens up her hole. The spreads are not that wide again, but it is still very hot. Sometimes, she moves her hands in front of her legs, and some times behind. There are some great closeups views, and a mixture of full body views as well. Her entire body is smooth and flawless, and her passion for putting on a show is always evident. I honestly can't wait to see more of this goddess on PJG.

相应的美图资源如下: TIGHT BUT SEXY - 2017年10月26日.


时长: 20:32



扩张 阴道扩张 美足 紧致的 美穴 无毛的 美穴 深色皮肤



MEMBER-886 536天前

One of my favourite models finally makes it to PJGirls! I cant wait to see what you do with her! I am of course looking forward to her speculum scene!

MEMBER-5958 536天前

That big snatch looks good when closed, let alone when gaped wide.

MEMBER-8549 536天前

@admin,can we have a 69 video of some girls in the coming days?

MEMBER-4899 535天前

Very beautiful woman with great breasts and horny cunt.
Too bad that the 2 extreme frontal close-ups only last 2 x 20 seconds (17:43 - 18:03 and 19:36 - 19:56) ...

MEMBER-7112 535天前

Well, I don't think the length of the shoots were not so bad, PUSSYLOVER. Instead, I want to see on all four, from behind shoot to show good cavity of omanko hole with enough lighting. But I'm afraid her omanko hole is a bit small to look inside.

ADMIN 535天前

@GDPR.GBD - I'm just an admin in the office, I have absolutely no idea about the photoshoots. I'm here to listen to suggestions and to forward them to my colleague. But I can't answer questions regarding content because I really don't know my colleague's plans or how his photoshoot went.

MEMBER-8443 535天前

Really good looking woman. great legs and a beautiful smile. I really like the poses and the lighting. The plain black dress looks kind of classy and fits her well. Could be me, but I always feel with PJGirls, the Women don´t try really hard to gape or spread . If she would push her lovely pussy more just a bit, it would open up more. Vaginas are so flexible ... show us! ;)

MEMBER-6128 535天前

Guys, you made my day! Emylia has instantly become one of my fav models. This is one of the best actresses you have shot in a long time. I would not mind seeing much more of her!

Thanks to Jiri and Emylia, what a fantastic job!

MEMBER-8290 535天前

I fully agree with Pussylover. Gorgeous woman,delicious body. But once again,why so little,so short extreme close ups? Big disappointment!

MEMBER-4886 535天前

Geez, stick around guys! This is just the first video I would bet my left testicle that there are more cumming!

MEMBER-4899 534天前

Yes Deepliner: You're right. It is the first video of EMYLIA ARGAN. But it has been criticized for a long time, that the extreme frontal close-ups are too short. Usually only about a minute. Since often expressed the desire to let the extreme frontal close-ups take several minutes and this is the possibility for members to express their opinion and I was told that Juri read all this I do not understand why it is not implemented. On the contrary, if you look at this movie here with the 2 short settings of 20 seconds each ...

MEMBER-8443 534天前

As far as I know from another member , who talked to the PJGirls Staff, they seem to shy away from more "extremer" (means longer, more wide open Gapes) content, because they don´t want to dispel other customers, so they stick to the "almost" same formula that can be seen on other sites. Shure here is more spreading and gaping to be seen, but I also think, there can be a step towards more longer, wider gapes, more open spreading. Mostly its finger supported spreading, so we can see mostly fingers, or speculum supported gapes. If they would tell their models they should push their pelvic muscles, as if they want to pee ... pussies will open up from a normal to very exiting diameters. All without sticking fingers inside, just let them spread their labia apart. ;) The Models featured here are great and the production Quality has increased very much since the start, but it seems it´s like they are afraid of becoming too extreme. Again, very good looking Model, another gem. Hopefully we can get Arwen Gold someday, she has an amazing flexible pussy and looks just sweet. ;) Go on PJGirls, we like what you do, thanks for everything so far!

MEMBER-7112 534天前

I think PJGoirls is already one of the high ranked omanko gaping sites in the world.Comparing to other site the percentage of individual omanko view is probably the highest. And the model quality is also very high(my favorite?) They mean ideal for omanko viewing pleasure. I want PJGirls stuff that let the omanko gaping more extreme. Omanko can be expand to diameter of more than 10cm=4inch at baby birth(triple fisting size?) Every woman's omanko has that capability. It might be painful but someone can do it and I can wait. I think member of PJGirls is increasing. But there might be a problem. As the member size increases, the taste of the member scatters wider. Then, someone wants open omanko with fingers but the other wants with speculum or only longer movie shoot, etc. We have to wait the decision of PJG which way to go. Extreme for mania members ( the number might be less but firm member)or wide scattered contents (this might be very dull) Go extreme!!

MEMBER-8443 534天前

RED_ROCK01 I´m not exactly sure if you are correct, but yes... it seems like they became more tame and FTV, ITC, ALS like when it comes to open wide gapes, long lingering shots of close ups and really wide open spreads. Kind of strange, when it comes to such a rare and unique fetish, that is favored by only a minority (when it comes to actual trends in Porn, and the general taste of men in this millenium and their anal fixation) to go a more watered down route and become more similar to other sites, when it comes to the core presentation of their Site-feature. Shouldn´t be their unique slogan "kings of gaping" (or Masters, I guess they don´t know for sure...;) ) always be a reminder of what they want to feature here? The focus is there, the models are there, the brand is established... why just dont take it a step into the more "slightly extremer" direction? I see the demands for a long time now, and as an on and off member (under different Names) I follow PJGirls quite a while and Foxies is still my favourite Girl here on PJGirls, because her shoot "Yummy Pussy" is what defines the slogan "Masters of gaping". At least for me. They have so good production Values and compared to other sites a capable Cameraman (compared to amateurish Trash like ATK for example), who found his way finally. So I´m exited for what comes in the near future. ;)

ADMIN 534天前

I'm not aware of any change of direction this site is heading... we may be careful with trying something DIFFERENT but I don't think we have changed anything in the recent months, the formula has been successful and the site keeps slightly growing. The people who complain are always the same 3-4 members - and bear in mind that we get even more requests for keeping the model's face in the frame.

But I will try to ask my colleague to hear some "official" statement from him.

MEMBER-7112 534天前

I think "Go extreme" is the best choice for PJG because the site has established its own style and been noticed its uniqueness. Then I believe go forward more is no objection. The title, kings of gaping (I always think queens might be good, I don't know) is true and members know that the site should show max gaped omanko.

MEMBER-8443 533天前

I always wondered why they didnt choose "Queens of gaping" that would be a obvious choice. :)

MEMBER-8443 533天前

@ Admin: I guess the formula is good, well established and in itself totally okay. Jiri does a good Job now. His skills are getting better and better, his camerawork is stable and he chooses interesting angles and poses and he cares to choose interesting models. Lighting is great and the Set choices are mostly very good. Also the ratio between Face close ups, full body shots, wide angles and the overall editing is stable and well done. I think thats not "exactly" the point here, what members talking about (maybe I m wrong, who knows). I have the feeling the gape in itself, the way they spread technically, the way the models open up and how the "Gape" itself is presented and the wideness of the Gape isnt any different than in other Videos of other producers (compared to GMP, NHN, WAP or others, with the exception of the endoscope cam). There PJGirls can set up Marks and show some standalone Qualities and be different than others. The "slightly more extreme" would accomplish the uniqueness of this site. You guys dont have to do things DIFFERENT! Jiri dont have to work DIFFERENT! The Girls should gape DIFFERENT compared to other, already established companies. I guess thats what the main Problem with some of the more vocal members here is. The majority of the members wont leave comments here anyway,so I guess they are fine with what they got and Jiri wont change a thing. :)

ADMIN 533天前

It's always questionable whether the silent minority is or isn't happy with the current content :) Usually it is like this that the unhappy members speak while the happy members stay silent. That's how the comments section usually works at every website :) Also it's the overall number of customers that's the key to how good and successful a website is and in that aspect we are growing (slowly).

I'll talk to my colleague later today so I'll ask him about his opinion. I'm not quite sure what's requested here - filming from an even closer distance? Or longer closeups? Or both - with the risk of having lack of footage where face is in the frame (which has been requested by many members - to see how the girl feels during gaping)? Do you really feel the recent videos have been different to how we filmed videos for example a year ago? I don't think there have been any changes, that's why the discussion surprises me.

MEMBER-6128 533天前

My god, guys! Admin - please give them a 30 minutes frontal pushed-out pussy closeup with no face, body, moaning or whatsoever. Maybe the naggers will be happy then. Us others will just skip it. I am not against closeups, but personally I like to appreciate the Lady as a whole while she gapes her holes, whatever way. I think the ratio of closeups/fullbody is just right.

MEMBER-4899 533天前

The way is filmed is nevertheless ok. Also the whole body recordings, the spreads where one can recognize the face of the women and their bodies: All hot! Only a few things come too short what several would like to have but here everything, for example longer frontal close-ups of SEVERAL minutes without cuts (not only 20 seconds as in this movie here). And the request to the women, while they present their pussies to push these outwards, as if they wanted to piss to reach a maximum opening. At the same time pull the outer labia wide apart. Result: An open cunt without disturbing fingers or objects. And THIS frontal settings filming several minutes without cuts :-)

ADMIN 533天前

OK guys, I had a long phone call with Jiri today. He apologizes for this particular video with Emylia Argan, saying that this one indeed has shorter gaping scenes than other videos. There were some technical issues and also Emylia has a very tight pussy, not really suitable for our purposes. (Which is a pity because apart from that she's absolutely gorgeous!).

But in general he is not aware of any changes and he certainly doesn't want to "go mainstream" as some of you seem to think. While the mainstream websites are far more commercially successful than our small "family site" it's impossible to compete with them and we have to stay in our niche, we have to focus on these little fetishes that only very few people share (and almost no other websites cover). So don't worry about that.

We think the content is the same as it has always been (just shot with a better equipment and more experiences than before). Every video has at least one minute of close-up shots from the front and another full minute from the back. (Yes, we could deliver two minutes and then somebody will ask for three minutes, then four minutes etc.). I have no doubts that some of you guys wouldn't mind staring into a girl's pussy for half an hour but we have to have limits, especially with 4K recording (and rendering).

The only two minor changes have been the lack of pussycam videos (because it's by far not as popular as it used to be two years ago) and also partial abandoning various kitchen tools and gizmos (because those are very painful for the girls). Apart from that I believe we're still delivering a perfect mix of gaping, toys, speculum and girl-girl videos. No change there.

But Jiri DID promise to try to focus on the close-ups a bit more in the future. He really wants to please everybody - as long as it's possible. I just hope you guys will avoid comments such as "this gaping scene is only 46 seconds long, I think a proper gaping must have at least 58 seconds" because I think that's not fair ;-) There are no rules what a porn video should look like. We've chosen a path and it's up to you if you follow us or not. We are happy to accept suggestions or criticism but there will always be an unhappy vocal minority, no matter how hard we try.

P.S. I'm the webmaster of about 5 totally different adult sites. I can absolutely with certainity say that PJGirls is by far the best one of them. Everything - the content, the design & programming, the language versions, the community with this interactive comments section... I'm loving it. Seriously.

MEMBER-8290 533天前

I appreciate it very high that you'll answer and comment here on a regular basis. Because I'm quite new here,your comments and answers are like the lessons for me. I respect in particular that you don't try to suck up to anyone. I'm myself always ready to debate and question things.

It was important to point the fact that some of the tools produce pain and suffering for girls. So,they aren't in any way be used. Everything must be on a voluntary basis. Girls must be at the center of all,and they must always be treated in a civilized and respectful manner.

However ,I have my favorites and my views on how these videos should be done,and I've already made it clear here,to me it's absolutely clear that it's just one individual's view and opinion. You must have a much broader vision and you can never be pleasing to everyone here. I accept this completely,but I 'll continue to present even loud criticism of the video,I think is poorly shot. But I don't forget at the same time to thank and praise when there's the reason to do it. In my mind the criticism as well as praise are equally important.

As a whole,I sign mainly your comment. It's very difficult to overrule those basic facts which you remind us customers. We're all here voluntarily,you know. And having read that you are the webmaster so many different adult sites,it gives a lot of importance to your views and evaluations.

I'd like to emphasize yet that this interactive comments section is really a great thing! I'm very grateful.

ADMIN 533天前

Christian, I agree that criticism is very important just like positive comments. But in general there should be a rule that if somebody bought membership at this site he should already know what he's about to get and the amount of positive comments should be more frequent than his negative comments :) For example about once per month we have a member (who is usually not here among the commenting members) who always votes 'thumb down' for most of the videos. I wonder what's the point? Why do such people pay for content if they just want to downvote all of it? Mystery :-) I understand that two or three videos per month can be worse than others but I don't understand people who download 20 videos and give 18x thumbs down. Perhaps they've come to see girls in pyjamas (PJ = apparently pyjamas in American English?) :-))

MEMBER-8443 530天前

I appreciate the ability to comment here, too. People who care about this site, do comment. Sure, the Majority is silent and fine with the content. That´s all good and fine. And PJGirls should do what they think it´s right to do.

MEMBER-6528 492天前

And there are members like me who actually enjoy videos like this one with Emylia Argan, so no need to apologise as far as I am concerned, as a tight pussy is contributing to the variety :-)

And some of us find the more "exterme extremism" not so sexy as it has the feeling of a freak show instead of being arousing.

All in all PJGirls does a fantastic job, so just keep up the good work, giving us a variety of nice women spreading their pussies for us :-)

MEMBER-8959 477天前

I have been away for a while but I keep coming back to PJ Girls. Other sites show spread cunts but this site specialises in them. Long may it continue.




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