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Take one stunningly beautiful girl, add a clit focussed vibrator and a clear speculum - and what have you got?..... a recipe so delicious it can only be PJG.

The lovely Naomi begins a slow and sensual strip out of her smart black dress, pulling down her shoulder straps to reveal two very firm and deliciously rounded breasts. We may be primarily a pussy site, but it doesn't mean we don't REALLY appreciate a wonderful pair of boobs! After a brief foot massage (who knows, you may be into that) Naomi returns to her full breasts before turning on her side to show us her superb peach of an ass.

Rolling onto her back, Naomi draws us into the main event, first rubbing her clit and then squeezing it between her fingers so that it rises up to meet us (hello, nice Clitty!). It is so pretty and pink you just can't help wanting to dance the tip of your tongue over it. As no tongue was on offer however, Naomi has to rely on some (very classy) battery power. Watching her tanned cheeks rise up to meet the pulsing vibrations effecting her pussy is wonderful indeed.... but not quite as wonderful as seeing her perfect vadge spread wide to reveal a crystal clear, and clean cervix whilst the stimulus continues.

We all have our "fave raves", but the idea of watching clear cuntractions whilst a truly beautiful girl reaches a genuine orgasm is what brought Sir Vic here. I challenge any of you not to be mesmerised as Naomi's walls flex and squeeze around the speculum as her pleasure increases. Finally at 16.30 the wave crashes and we see Naomi's beautiful face relishing the pleasure that is coursing through her body, her gorgeous breasts rising and falling in unison as each convulsion of the climax passes through her.

Thankyou PJG - this is one format that I will never get bored of.


时长: 18:07



子宫 妇科检查 自慰 跳蛋 玩具 阴道收缩 真实高潮 无毛的 美穴 紧致的 美穴 深色皮肤



MEMBER-6977 747天前

Beautiful Naomi + Speculum + 4K + Cervix Close Ups : thank you PJ, i'm so happy :)

MEMBER-5958 747天前

It is always a pleasure to watch beauties like Naomi spreading legs and gaping the Fotzenloch wide. Regarding the speculum: The bigger the better. Can we get a set with one of the metal ones soon? Naomi's cunt is not a loose hole, but maybe a little bit of excercising will help to make it a wide open bucket.
Her mons pubis is so nice!

ADMIN 747天前

I have no idea as I'm in the office and it's my colleague who buys all these tools :-) Which speculum do you mean by "medium", one of the new metal ones?

MEMBER-6977 747天前

Please please tell the cameraman that you need to clean the camera because I see a lot of black spots on the screen

MEMBER-886 747天前

Gorgeous girl, cervix, vibrator.

This.... THIS is why I subscribe to PJGirls

ADMIN 747天前

Cureattack - you wouldn't see dust on the lens. This might be a result of high aperture setting + dust on the sensor (which I'm not sure if can be cleaned easily in this particular camera model). Anyway, I believe he used a totally different camera this time to try the 4K solution.

MEMBER-5523 746天前

Naomi is a beautiful addition to the PJGirls family of models. Any plans to add more American models? I HIGHLY SUGGEST adding Ivy Aura and Alice Chambers. They both would be amazing additions!

ADMIN 746天前

Red_Rock01 - OK, I'll ask my colleague next time I see him (which isn't often, he's always "out" filming).

Star0003 - I'm afraid we can't afford to pay models from abroad to fly to CZ. (And there's no reason to, in fact many US productions fly here to film in CZ, most famous porn producers from all over the world also live here in Prague. I don't know if it's good or sad but most people working in the porn industry live in this country :-))) Beautiful girls, relatively cheap prices, very peaceful country - what more can you ask for?

MEMBER-5523 745天前

Admin - understood, you make a good point. I just got excited when I saw PJGirls buy footage of American model Pepper Kester. Thought there might be more opportunities to get American models on the site.

ADMIN 745天前

We bought Pepper Kester from one of our American "fans" who also used to be a professional photographer. Right now we're also negotiating to buy exclusive footage of an English model (to be shot in late March). It's more expensive than when we film it ourselves but variety is always good. But we cannot afford to hire any model who doesn't come to Prague...

ADMIN 745天前

Also I had to delete one comment which was offensive because it questioned this orgasm (or at least that's how I understood it) and it made my colleague really angry. This was a REAL ORGAMS for a fact, Jiri was so excited to witness it - Naomi had to have a break after this video :-) Some girls can achieve orgasms easily, some/most can't (no matter what toys we offer to them). Naomi is in the first group :-)

MEMBER-684 745天前

Fantastic, these sort of videos are the reason I'm here, an absolute classic, nice looking girl, having what looks like to me a very REAL orgasm, no criticism a few more like these would be nice.

ADMIN 744天前

RED_ROCK01 - I managed to ask my colleage today. He says that this is M, medium (best suitable size for this model). He thinks that you probably mean medium size of another brand that we used to use in the past - but those speculums often broke (especially during orgasms) and were dangerous for the girl because they could have injured her. So we switched to another (safer) brand but the size is the same.

MEMBER-8055 597天前

This beauty deserves more speculum fun with different positions. Thanks for bringing Naomi to the PJ style !

MEMBER-9276 438天前

I think Naomi is a very prety and atractive girl.




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