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"Meaty flaps" is not exactly a complimentary way to describe a woman... except on a website where the focus is on pussy. I guess I could say that Janie Sky is endowed with protruding fleshy inner labia, but hell... she's got meaty flaps, and she love to spread them for our enjoyment.

With her blonde pixie haircut and her pouty lips, Janie starts this scene in a red and black bustier with black panties, and teases us. She drops the straps from her bustier so that she can grab at her little tits, and then she hides them away again. She sits on the edge of the couch in a squat, pulls her panties aside, and then closes her legs again. She shows us her pretty ass, spreads the cheeks wide, and leaves her panties in the way. We don't see anything, and that's hard on us (in more ways than one).

Then after what feels like forever, she removes the bustier (oh yeah!), drops her panties so we can see her long lips dangle (oh yeah) and then while we stare up from below, grabs her firm little ass cheeks and spreads open her vagina for us to look into (oh yeah!). Then this pretty young thing sits on the corner of the couch, spreads her legs wide, and eliminates the tease by letting us gaze in delight at her long labia spread by her fingers, her erect pink nubbin of a clitoris stroked by her moistened finger, until...

...she gets into an in-your-face squat and does a reach-around spread that makes her glistening wet cunt open up wide, and we get to look at all the pink ripply details of her relaxed vagina. OH. YEAH! And since this is a cunt-lover's website, her open omanko fills the video frame, so that it is full-screen fotzenloch. Two, and then four fingers are inserted so that her motherly vagina is pulled wide and can see how stretchy it is (and it is delightfully wet in there, too).

For a finale, Janie turns around again, and with her lubricated fingers makes her nipples hard (while we get to watch her labia dangle below) until she bends over, reaches around, and spreads wide her pink paradise. Her long labia enhance the view, and she looks extra large as she relaxes her pelvic muscles and gapes wide. And that's how the scene ends, with her open, wet, pink hole pointed to the sky (and us :-). Thank you, Janie!

相应的美图资源如下: SKY VIEWS - 2017年1月7日.


时长: 19:44



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MEMBER-2908 503天前

Beautiful woman, who knows how a man wants to see a woman's cunt. She pulls apart and opens her Fotzenloch so wonderful.

MEMBER-2910 503天前

Think once they'd be called Hot Lips ;) Oh Frank My hot lips !! :P and she said that. Oh it's still a script but still she's the one that said it ;) I must say short hair doesn't work for alot of people but it does with her. Always wonder if she can take the kitty cam down her throat. Or at least long enough for some windpipe. I've seen only one model who was able to get up bright enough near the wind pipe and alas one male mondel who got well passed the vocal cords (have no idea how. ) not sure I'd recommend that one. Just to prove one could do that thru the mouth I guess Amazingly if you know how to hold your breath and not choke at the same time usually the lense doesn't fog over. Tried that myself on an el cheapo one. Alas can't get passed that gag reflex. Just ideas I've thrown but (not to have guys on the site but more there are holes to be explored on the ladies :)

MEMBER-2911 502天前

Love this site for the unrushed, uncomplicated close up views! I'd love if the videos could start with a little under sole foot view like on LOVELYSOLES - a site I also subscribe too but which I'd cancel if PJGIRLS added in a few minutes in videos focused on feet

MEMBER-2912 502天前

SWHITE86 - if you look into our history you will see we used to start the videos with some footage of feet or with the girl undressing etc. But most members thought it was boring and they wanted to see the girl naked ASAP. We wouldn't mind filming a bit more of feet from time to time but there don't seem to be too many foot fetishists here. Same with peeing, that's another example - it isn't very popular on this site either although it's one of the most common fetishes.

MEMBER-3014 484天前

Janie has a wonderfully deep pink vagina which is flexible enough to be held wide, affording deep views. This is what this site is all about - there are plenty of stunning girls on the internet who are happy to spread but don't have the physical ability to do so.

Janie also has the advantage of a really raunchy look - put all this together and the end result is happiness for a lot of fans.

Thanks Janie - we love ya! xx

MEMBER-3051 473天前

Janie is one of your best!

MEMBER-3260 432天前

Holy cow, that's a big handful of cunt meat!!




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