Inside Janie Sky - intro photo


For those of you who complained in the Shy Blonde video that you didn't get to see all the way down to Janie's cervix... well, you will not be disappointed with her speculum show.

This video opens (i.e., starts with) a closeup view of Janie's vagina stretched open (i.e., deep, wet pink and gorgeous) by a clear plastic speculum. Her prominent parous pink cervix glistening with slippery mucous, as if asking for a cock to bang up against it. While you stare into that pink abyss (whose cyclopean cervix-eye stares back at you), Janie plays with her lips to expose and diddle her erect clitoris. She roughly but briefly plays with her breasts, then starts massaging her moistened nipples, and we can see them get hard...

While she does this, her cunt is still wide open, pointing at us. She does a reacharound spread to grab her ass... Janie does not smile much, but she makes up for it by staring unabashedly at the camera, brazenly challenging/begging us to look inside her. You know guys, I always preach respect for the women who pose for us, but it almost looks like Janie enjoys being viewed as an object. Pixie haircut, blue eyes, naked with her firm tits skyward and her cunt open wide with a buzzing vibrator to make her vagina twitch, and some beautiful pre-orgasmic tenting.

Go ahead, enjoy. You'll love watching her get herself off while holding her cunt wide open (which is getting us off).

相应的美图资源如下: INSIDE JANIE SKY - 2017年1月5日.


时长: 10:36



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MEMBER-2888 501天前

A perfect movie with wonderful close-ups. I really like it. Thank you PJ :))

MEMBER-2891 501天前

Lose that plastic object, please.

MEMBER-2892 501天前

Janie's got a wonderful cunt and cervix. I love how she lets us have a good look into her Fotzenloch.

MEMBER-2900 500天前

WIDER, WIDER, WIDER, Janie - you are fabulous!

MEMBER-2906 498天前

It’s sulty to see both left and right inside omanko meats bulging and filling up the speculum stretched love tunnel. At Janie’s first shot(5th Jan.), I thought her omanko was small but on this video, the size and the shape are good enough to enjoy. And the interesting view is that we can observe the mucus from Skene’s gland at right side meat bulge(see around 6:00 for start, around 7:00, a clear whitish drop) Also her climax must be more interesting with metal gizmo. クスコ突っ込んだオマンコの穴が周りの肉が膨らんでいっぱいになるのいい眺めだ。ジニーちゃんのオマンコ、はじめ小っちゃいと思ったけどこの画像で見ると結構いいじゃん。6分あたりから右側の肉塊のスキーン腺から女汁が出始めて7分あたりで白濁してくるのが面白い。鳥かごおもちゃでやるともっと面白いんじゃないか?

MEMBER-2907 498天前

Fantasic video, can't get better than having a great view of a girl having a real orgasm, wish PJ would do more of these.

MEMBER-2986 483天前





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