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Well, well, well... Janie is blonde, but I don't think she is very shy. However, as she is happy to show us, her cunt is as deep as a well, and we get to look down that pretty pink shaft all the way to the bottom!

She starts the scene in pile-driver position, with black nylons, legs spread, with her labia naturally opened with hint of the gape-to-come in her relaxed vagina. A pretty nice start, but it gets better... She is also wearing a loose black top which is opened to show her smallish tits, and she is moistening a blue inflatable pussy stretcher with her spit (and then her natural pussy juices and a bit of lube). And she pushes it into her waiting cunt and pumps it up to a fist-sized ball, and pulls it out. And now that hint of a gape is more of a reality.

In it goes again, then she slowly pulls it out and pushes it back in, and we are treated to the sight of her stretched labia and vaginal opening as she births that big blue baby a few times. And when it comes out and she pulls herself open for us, we see that she is a big girl, in the way that we like best. Slim body, little tits, and a big cunt that looks hungry when it yawns open. My favorite combination in a woman :-)

Janie is indeed not shy, but she certainly knows how to relax that big cunt of hers so that we can watch it open wider, until we see deep inside her. Our lucky cameraman gets very close, so that it is wall-to-wall pink!

Then Janie switches to doggy, and we are tantalized by her dangling lips, before the inflatable toy slides back in. And out. And in and out :-) She sheds her top so we get a better view of her yummy little titties, and we are treated to some more stretching with the toy. And then the toy comes out and she spreads her lips, and then inserts fingers and stretches her vagina open.

And our photographer has been reading your comments... she just holds it open for you, letting you drink in that pretty pink hole. And the whole time, she is looking at us. Watching us watch her.

Shy? Maybe in real life... but here on PJGirls, Janie Sky is brazen and wide open for your unhurried enjoyment.

相应的美图资源如下: SHY BLONDE - 2017年1月10日.


时长: 15:44



扩张 特殊玩具 阴道扩张 连裤袜 无毛的 美穴 金发尤物



MEMBER-2879 504天前

Cute girl. I like her. But her omanko is so small that the gaped hole is hard to see her inside. But I expect her max stretch with new speculum or metal gizmo will show her inside wall and cervix. Must be exciting! Hurry!!かわいい子だけどオマンコちっちゃくて中が見えない。新クスコかなんか使って中の方見せろよ。

MEMBER-2881 504天前

Hope we get a video using just her hands.

MEMBER-2882 504天前

I want to see a film with Janie Sky like for example the Film "THOUSANDS OF SMILES" with Janka. In this Film from the 5th minute to final perfect Cunt closeups FROM FRONT. That is why I am with PJ Girls. And that is what i want to see with Janie Sky too; and other models with great huge cunts.

MEMBER-2889 503天前

Pity this video is ruined somewhat by the blue object!

MEMBER-2890 503天前

C'mon Paul... I know from your past comments that you don't like dildos, don't like speculums, don't like special toys. That doesn't mean such a video is ruined. It's just filmed the way we wanted it to be, not the way you wanted it to be.

MEMBER-2893 503天前

And then there a plenty of views at her huge pink cunt without any toys. I like Janie and her amazing twat.

MEMBER-2899 502天前

Janie is the real deal. Her sultry looks are a turn on and her pink vagina, mind-blowing. Wide open is what us guys want and Janie obliges beautifully. The close-ups with her face in the background make you want to eat that stunning cunt for hours. Thanks Jan xx




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