Outdoor gyno - intro photo


Evelene Dellai is back, this time outdoors, starting with a lovely up-skirt rear spread and gape with her big open vagina and long labia. Of course she's got no undies on, and she gets comfortable on a blue bean-bag chair under the concrete bridge pier that our photographer has found. And by "comfortable", we mean leaning back and spreading her pussy wide open, and massaging her firm little breasts so that her already-perky nipples really standing up to get some attention.

But of course, the titty-squeeze and finger-spread isn't enough for her (or us!), so she takes out a clear plastic speculum, lubricates it very well with her saliva, and slides it in to her silky-smooth shaved pussy. Click, click, click and its open, and Evelene is lying back with her open cunt facing the camera. Our photographer didn't bring his ring light, so the inside of her vagina is not brightly lit, but sometimes a little mystery is fun (and you can still see her cervix at the bottom of that pretty pink tunnel).

Eveline spends a lot of time gently writhing, doing a reach-around spread to augment the speculums function, her perky little tits and pokey nipples pointing at the sky while her stretched open vagina points at us. Then it is on to her hands and knees for a rear gaping show. We can hear car engines revving as our hearts rev, too, with some lovely shots of her omanko opened up from behind.

The scene finishes with Eveline returning to lie on her back, and slowly pulling out the wide-open speculum. I have to wonder if our photographer timed that with the sound of the airplane landing—its a fun finish with a smiling girl.


时长: 12:19



妇科检查 阴道扩张 鸭嘴器 无毛的 美穴



MEMBER-886 1537天前

Cant see her cervix so this video unfortunately doesnt really work for me. Disappointed!

MEMBER-5326 1537天前

I'm not usually a speculum fan but seeing this beautiful girl impaled on the implement, completely exposed, and writhing outdoors is very hot--definitely worth a long, appreciative wank session.

MEMBER-4841 1534天前

Same here, I would love to have the cervix in full view. Is like having the supreme erotic goal in frame. Great video nevertheless, thanks.




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