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Back in the old days, when you called someone "a loose woman", you meant that they had low moral standards. That they might do things that didn't fit in with societal norms. Being called "a loose woman" could ruin a girl's reputation. Thank god we're not that stupid any more!

Ally Style is a loose woman, and you know what it means when PJGirls says it! Just look at that big fleshy pussy. Just look at how it gapes open, how it swallows that big black dildo, and when Ally reaches inside with six fingers and pulls her cunt open... Well, we are very grateful for loose women! When she takes off her black panties and sits on the couch with her legs spread, she has a beautiful natural gape. Her smoothly shaved lips spread apart all by themselves and her vagina opens up a little, then a lot when she rubs her clit, and then a lot more when she spreads her lips apart. And when she lies back and spreads her legs and lips wider, she's got a fleshy pink hole that looks hungry for something big... A six-finger stretching gape shows you just how big she wants it.

So when the big fat purple dildo, and then her fist slide in to her wide wet cunt, it is not a surprise... it is what we've been waiting for! And when she alternately fucks herself with a big black dildo and stretches her cunt-hole wide, that's even better. And the rear gapes show a yawning cave, with her peehole aimed right at us, and her cervix at the bottom of a flexible and fleshy pink tunnel, with vaginal contractions and relaxations to liven up the show.

Loose women. We love 'em!


时长: 19:45



子宫 巨大玩具 极限 扩张 阴道扩张 高跟鞋 连裤袜 拳交 无毛的 美穴 巨大的 美穴 熟女 深色皮肤



MEMBER-2314 1670天前

Wow, Ally is truly a loose woman! She does great 6 finger gapes and the black dildo slides into her without any resistance. She's also a good actor and even talks to us a little. There's interesting action at the end, when she opens and closes her vaginal muscles while gaping wide, making wet and squishy pussy sounds - unfortunately she stops doing that too soon! To me she looks absolutely hot in doggy postion and I already love Ally and her super smooth, loose and wet cunt - Thanks for another great production, Ally and PJGirls!

MEMBER-4625 1670天前

Fantastic! Girls like Ally are, what makes pjgirls outstanding. Love her loose, big, open pussy. You guys really have to feature more girls like her. :)

Good job pjgirls!

MEMBER-1544 1670天前

You are good to find girls who have a beautiful pussy with a generous hole ! Ally is charming and is not shy to open with two hands, and I love when she talks with us, is 19 minutes of fun, beautiful !!! thanks !!

MEMBER-4724 1670天前

We love PJGirls for two things--girls who have a cunt to show, and girls who love to show their cunt. Ally wins on both counts. Her meaty pussy is somewhere you could get lost for hours; her delight in exhibiting her pussy to amazed men is awesome. 10/10 for this cunt-spreading babe!

MEMBER-4485 1670天前

でっかいガバガバのオマンコは観賞用としては最高。指6本はよく広がるけど指が邪魔しないようにしてくれ。指じゃなくてオマンコ見るんだからな。Huge and loose Omannko, I like it to see. The 6-finger is good for spreading wider, but please don't block the view. I don't want to see fingers but stretched Omannko only.

MEMBER-4063 1669天前

I am impressed!

MEMBER-4352 1669天前

Holy moly :D She's just fantastic.

MEMBER-3271 1668天前

6 fingers gape!!! this is awesome! More please ;)

MEMBER-4849 1658天前

Ally is exactly the right girl for this site with her wonderful large wide cunt, I could watching her exciting spreads much longer as the movie running-time, but my cock can not stand it any longer.

MEMBER-5004 1638天前

good. exactly.

MEMBER-5430 1484天前


MEMBER-5958 1437天前

Loose women like Ally are the best! The six finger gape is awesome!
Keep on featuring the loose women!

MEMBER-6666 1363天前

wow what a lovely cunt got me wanking like mad

MEMBER-7839 607天前

Very moist and beautiful vagina, but the best thing is her sweet cervix!




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