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You know, we see a lot of pussy in this business. We really enjoy shooting video, but you can imagine that sometimes (not often) it gets a little mundane. But then something like this video happens, and we just sit there like you, and say "holy shit!" Watching one girl stick her whole hand inside another girl's cunt never gets old, especially with two hot blondes like Nathaly and Delphine, and especially when Delphine's cunt is big enough to swallow Nathaly past her wrist. But near the start of this video, when Delphine straddles Nathaly's legs and squats with her cunt facing the camera, you think "this might get interesting". And when Nathaly sticks four fingers into Delphine and stretches wide, and you see that beautiful pink cave... wow. But when Delphine is really gaped wide and she starts pulsing her vaginal muscles, and her huge, wide open cunt starts moving... and then both of them look at you with that devilish smile on their faces... well, that's one of those "holy shit!" moments, because that is hot.

Delphine is stretched about as wide as she can go, her cunt is pulsing and Nathaly's fingers are wriggling and digging deeper. If you like looking a wide-open cunt, look no further, because this is one fantastic anatomy lesson, and it is not a quick one!

And now that she's nice and loose, Delphine gets on all fours and Nathaly's full fist just slides right in and stretches her some more from the inside. When Nathaly gapes Delphine from behind, there's a big open black hole you could drop things into, and they wouldn't even hit the sides :-) You can see clear down to her cervix, and Delphine's ass also gapes open. All the while she's working her muscles, making her vagina pulse between fisting insertions. And it ends with smiles all around.

相应的美图资源如下: INNER MASSAGE - 2016年2月16日.


时长: 11:06



扩张 女-女 阴道扩张 拳交 极限 修剪的 美穴 金发尤物 明星 深色皮肤 苗条



MEMBER-179 832天前

How sexy Delphine is, always amazed by her, bravo to PJ and Delphine. Love from France.

MEMBER-181 832天前

Awesome cervix shots, thank you.

MEMBER-182 832天前

このコのオマンコ結構いい。広げた膣のクネクネ最高!Amazing OMANNKO. Her wiggling vagina wall is so hot!

MEMBER-183 832天前

Amazing backview of cervix!

MEMBER-185 831天前

Here's from a lover of the full-body-plus-gaping-pussy shots: Deplphine looks fucking hot with her glasses (maybe that's just me) and Nataly is just as hot just because she's Nataly. Delphine's pose with Nataly spreading her hole is magnificent. Great setting, two really sexy, hot and truly beautiful models getting the spreading action on - this is why I love PJGirls. I just love Deplphine's facial expressions - and the acting in general. The only drawback is that this perfect model-setting-action combination only lasts like 11 mins.

MEMBER-193 830天前

I have the same opinion with SILENTMODE !!

MEMBER-205 829天前

fuck what a hot girl and gaping pussy. please do more fisting vid with her but longer video too short 11 minutes? why?

MEMBER-208 829天前

You've gotta be kidding... PJGirls pushing the limits again! Two such beautiful women, great action, no camera shyness but great acting instead, nice smiles and smoking hot. Great perspectives and shots. This is just perfect. The only drawback, as already said - it is too short :)

MEMBER-613 795天前

Fantastic fisting action, but as some members have said before: MUCH TOO SHORT - A good intense fisting should last much longer - please note this for next time.

MEMBER-1949 625天前

Silentmode is perfectly right! Full-body-fully-clothed-plus-gaping-cunt shots are more than hot! Delphine just looks breathtaking in that black dress and these glasses. I dream about her being my sexy secretary. Her fuck tunnel is full of white cream, as well as her cervix. The whole action could go on for ever, unfortunately the little coffee break for these office sluts is over too soon

Danke das wir bei Delphine so unverschämt in ihre verschleimte Riesenmöse schauen dürfen!

MEMBER-2697 530天前

delphine may be my favorite here, her pussy is so incredibly loose it's amazing

MEMBER-2736 527天前

Great video. As I love to cum to open pussy, I recommand to ejaculate between 2:39 and 3:20, unless you find stretching or fisting more stimulating.




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