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ヴィデオ: PJ QUEEN

Nathaly is our favorite model (you can tell because we have more videos of her than anyone else). She changes her hair style (above and below), her hair color, her film partners... but one thing does not change: she's got a big cunt, and she loves to stretch it open for us! We start shooting her from below (she's upstairs, bent over, giving us a unique view of her pussy), then on the stairs (where she inserts and pushes out a bottle of lube) and gives us some hard gapes (before and after stretching the inside of her cunt with our inflatable toy) and finish with some sweet squatting gapes. If we hadn't told you, you'd never have noticed that we don't ever see her tits in this video :-)

同じショットの画像ギャラリーはここにあります: PJ QUEEN - 2015年6月12日.


長さ: 18:09



おっ広げ オシッコ おもちゃ 特製オマンコ拡張器 ひっぱりマンコ パンスト デカ オマンコ パイパン オマンコ スター ブルーネット ヤセ



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There is a pissing in this scene, it would have been better if that was part of the tags which would help in finding all such scenes in one go.

MEMBER-309 823日前

Peeing is included among the tags, maybe you have overlooked it.

MEMBER-1113 757日前

Dear Nathaly,

Can I live in your pussy?

Yours truly,
Your biggest fan.

MEMBER-1943 628日前

Who is missing tits when you can gaze at a hot girls wide open cunt? I don't.
But I would dearly miss her Fotzenloch. Luckily Nathaly does not forget to hold it open for everyone's enjoyment.

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