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ヴィデオ: X-HOLE

Foxies is for the viewer who loves a woman's wide-open cunt-hole from close-up, and Foxies has got a beautiful hole that stretches wide. She starts this video in a slinky black dress, but it comes off quickly enough so as not to obstruct the view of her beautiful body, firm tits, and huge open hole. You get to see lots of ripples and folks from up front and behind, as Foxies masturbates and stretches herself open with four and six fingers. She finger-fucks herself to a sticky wet orgasm, and then shows us the shiny inside of her vagina...


長さ: 15:47



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MEMBER-149 835日前

I loves a woman's wide-open cunt-hole from taken from the front close-up. The vulva has to be wide pulled-open with very clear sight of the vaginal opening. BUT it has to be pulled apart just by the fingers put on the inner or outer lips, NOT to be stretched by fingers or items going inside the vagina. Therefore is Foxies one of the best models for me.

MEMBER-1896 627日前

I second Mösenfan! Fotzen need to be captured from the front. Foxies does an amazing job here exposing the pink cunt to the most.

MEMBER-4642 220日前

More of her please!

MEMBER-5826 42日前

Fantastic cunt indeed.

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