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ヴィデオ: FILL-UP

Tiny Tina is still not so Tiny inside. She has always had a huge hole and has not been afraid to show it off to us. She is really great at gaping her pussy while tensing up on those muscles to reveal the inner depths of her hole. She uses a pump here to gape it even more, though it hardly seems all that necessary with her skill set. Tina is still a little hairy around her nether regions and seems to like keeping a little dust where most girls go totally bald. Also noticable is a bit of a summer tan which is never a bad thing. Tiny Tina does much of what you have come to love here. She gets her legs stretch out of the way and gets that omanko stretched wide open. She doesn't forget to bend over either, and we get great views of her from both sides.

同じショットの画像ギャラリーはここにあります: FILL-UP - 2020年7月28日.


長さ: 20:21



子宮;ポルチオ 陰唇開き おっ広げおまんこ 特製オマンコ拡張器 パイパン オマンコ デカ オマンコ ブルーネット



MEMBER-15443 6日前

Yes! Fantastic!


Jiri sends his regards and wants to apologize for the sound. The weather was extremely hot yesterday (30 degrees) and the air condition had to be on to keep the temperature down in the apartment... so that's the sound you can hear in the background...

MEMBER-15815 5日前

Tiny Tina is a great Model ! Her pussy is fantastic - thanks Tiny and PJ for this superb Video !!

MEMBER-13574 5日前

wow pussy

MEMBER-12338 4日前

My eyes were too busy to hear anything :-) And those from-behind down-into-Tiny's-cunt shots... wow.

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