Ashley Under The Bridge - intro photo


We know we're in for a treat even as the video starts. Ashley is under a noisy bridge, dressed in a miniskirt and down jacket, and she walks towards us. But she doesn't stroll, she sashays like a model, with her feet crossing over like she's on the runway. It is a calculated move, because when a woman walks like that, she knows that it makes her hips sway, and it is a pure "showoff" walk. It says "LOOK AT ME". So we do :-)

And she hikes up her skirt, drops her red panties and gives us some full body shots and spreads, and then lucky Jiri gets down on the ground while Ashley stretches her pussy lips to and fro for us to look up her snatch. While a bird sings in the background, she hooks her thumbs in and opens her pink cunthole.

We get some more full body shots, and then it is Jiri back on the ground as Ashley does a bent-over reacharound stretch, and her vagina stretches even wider. Ashley is singing to herself, so innocently and so slutty at the same time. Next we are treated to a bend-over from-the-rear stretch, and hey, gyno fans, her urethra is slightly offset to the right :-)

Jiri cheats a little bit by splicing in closeups from outside the underpass, but hey, the sunshine on her pink cave lights up her insides, so I won't complain! Then (my favorite pose) Ashley gets into a standing squat, legs spread wide, and gives us a beautiful thumb-pull gape. Lots more wide-angle, medium range, and closeup cunt shots from this girl, who seems to really enjoy holding her wide open for us for long, loving looks inside her.

Then Ashley smoothes down her skirt and coat and walks away. But she's pantiyess, and still doing that "LOOK AT ME" walk :-)

同じショットの画像ギャラリーはここにあります: ASHLEY UNDER THE BRIDGE - 2019年4月2日.


長さ: 13:32



陰唇開き おっ広げおまんこ パンスト パイパン オマンコ ブルーネット ヤセ



MEMBER-12365 424日前

Intimate video with a delightfully slutty quality. The texture and pigmentation of Ashley's skin around her vagina is beautifully presented. I love the stretching of the skin and hint of stubble. There is a great in-your-face realistic quality to this video.

MEMBER-10249 424日前

Nothing, but nothing, could improve on this cuntshow. This filthy slut spreads her hole wide and outside in every position, with squats and rear shots that are to die for. This shoot is masturbation heaven: Jiri, you've outdone yourself--please bring us more of this utterly shameless cuntspreader!!

MEMBER-5958 423日前

Outdoor Sets are just too hot. And Ashley is looking extra hot fully clothed but exposing the Fotzenloch to everyone.

Sets im Freien sind immer heiß. Und Ashley zeigt ihr Fotzenloch bereitwillig jedermann.

MEMBER-10012 423日前

Wow, one of the best scenes in a while! Love outdoor scenes and in public even better.

MEMBER-12338 422日前

Ashley's fingers don't slip. She grabs her lips and opens her cunt, and it stays open for us to look inside. It's great when a photoshoot makes a woman wet, but sometimes its nice to see a woman be able to hold a pose :-)

MEMBER-7839 422日前

I really like Ashly's nice pussy. Extra sexy to look up between her separate legs and to do it directly from below. Top that we have to look in as long as it goes up in her finely ribbed vagina. Very good scene!

MEMBER-7259 422日前

Really nasty, just inviting you to follow her in this somewhat casual but still sexy outfit and the next minute you get a pussy show like there's no tomorrow under this bridge! This is stuff for bold dreams. If there was a like-limit per month but you could spend all at once, there's a good chance my would already be depleted by now. For those two downvotes, well, I guess it can be difficult to perform precision clicks if you use the mouse left-handed as a righty because your right hand is occupied and you are... distracted. ;-)

MEMBER-10936 421日前

@ Testales

Nice, but wrong explanation. I am one of the downvoters and my right hand was busy to tap at my forehead, because I really dislike those "overdressed" videos. Let the girls be naked or in sexy lingerie!

MEMBER-12278 420日前

Exciting solo pussyspread poses : all these important aspects are seen : the eye contact / sexy smile
: the pussy spread /beautiful butt shape ,
without nasty attributes speculum scene and so on

but agree : let the girls be naked !

MEMBER-12278 411日前

Exciting solo pussyspread poses : all these important aspects are seen : the eye contact / sexy smile
: the pussy spreadbeautiful butt shape , perfect !!!
without nasty attributes speculum scene and so on,

but next time /bare feet /please

MEMBER-12554 401日前

Love these under the bridge videos - keep them coming

MEMBER-13258 295日前

Sorry but she's too painfully thin - she just makes me wince being that thin as she looks so unhealthy! More meat on the bones would be great (maybe bring her back after feeding her up for a couple of months).

MEMBER-15062 47日前

Ashley looks really horny. You really show what I want to see. With the glasses, ashley looks like a hot secretary. Please, please more solo videos of Ashley (without toys) !!!

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