Angel & Lexi - intro photo

ヴィデオ: ANGEL & LEXI

Get yourself strapped in for this one. We are about to kick it up a notch.

Our pale goddess makes an intense return as we put every inch of her pussy on display. It is not new news that Lexi Dona is a spirited porn star. We have seen her go nuts on several occasions, but usually on her own pussy. Here, she gets out a bottle of lube. She doesn't want to cause serious harm to Angel and her honey pot, because she is about to fist the hell out of her. Besides the intense pummeling, Lexi gapes that pussy hole like a boss. Her pussy comes right open too, on a few occasions. You get a full of the eye of the storm, with the cervix full exposed, as well as the rest of her pussy. The view is maximized when Angel lies back and puts her bottom half right up in the air. Lexi, looming over her naked body, puts her magic fingers to work and gives us that classic PJGirls spread. The lighting is fully optimized.

The is a great video for those extreme pussy view fans. The people have spoken on this one; it is an instant classic.

同じショットの画像ギャラリーはここにあります: ANGEL & LEXI - 2018年10月6日.


長さ: 19:13



子宮;ポルチオ フィスティング 陰唇開き 女オンナ おっ広げおまんこ パイパン オマンコ デカ オマンコ ティーン ブルーネット デカパイ スター クネクネ



MEMBER-10012 141日前

Now that's how you do fist to gaping! Angel's cervix views are spectacular.

MEMBER-6098 141日前

I hope Angel will do a bonus video, with super close-up, like the one made from Ally or pussy cam. Either one will be GOOD

MEMBER-2125 141日前

This is my kind of video! And the shot down the rabbit hole is spectacular!

MEMBER-7112 141日前

What a hole she has! I love her rough surface omanko wall and soomth and shiny skin of cervix ball behinde. This contrast is excellent.

MEMBER-7839 140日前

This video is one of the best fisting work I've seen, I love that kind of natural opening with just your fingers. So amazing to see the huge vagina hole with its wonderful walls and her cute cervix. It's so nice to see ANGEL really enjoy. I would like to see another double hand fisting and even more close-ups of her amazing cervix. Something new to PJGirls! Very well done Jiri, ANGEL and LEXI, a dream team for next video!

MEMBER-10180 140日前

Perfect view of cervix!

MEMBER-9201 140日前


The fisting EXPANDS the pussy producing almost unbelievable gapes!
The cave views in the PILEDRIVER position are simply phenomenal!
It's so much hotter to watch SEXUAL PLAY rather than a dispassionate "gaping assistant"!


MEMBER-7482 140日前

Awesome Cervix Views !

MEMBER-9201 140日前

For me the best gape is screenshot # 6 (around 17:35 in the video). Incredible view down the flesh funnel all the way to crown cervix. Would love to see more deep gaping in PILEDRIVER!

MEMBER-3146 140日前

A great video, amazing girls, Angel is so beautiful and her body is incredible, combined with that amazing pussy. Wow

MEMBER-5958 140日前

Straight to the favs!
I always had the hope that our little princess would starr in one of the more extreme clips. And here she is. Or her cunt is. Fantastic views down her Fotzenloch, right to the cervix.

MEMBER-719 140日前

Only 42 thumbs up so far? :) You have a winner here, but you already know that! Angel is really beautiful. Best model for my taste in a while. The camera work and lighting are PERFECTION. I'm humbled, having tried this line of work! Even the extreme closeups were often just back enough to see her clit hood in the same shot - which is kind of a big deal to me. This works for so many people, I think, because Lexi Dona isn't just gaping Angel's pussy - she's PLAYING with it and having fun. Her sexy "what do you guys think of THIS" looks at the camera are hot. And finally, she KNOWS how to display what we all want to see! I've seen it here and elsewhere. My suggestion is to hire Lexi Dona full time to do nothing but play with and open up vaginas for Jiri's camera! Bravo!

MEMBER-7839 139日前

Yes, really agree with you BELLEBOY that Lexi makes Angle Princess invite herself to 120%. I have seen it over and over again and now I realize that this is the absolute best fisting-cervix video on PJGirls. I want to see more with the same layout, you are amazing at PJGirls, great to be a member!

MEMBER-9201 139日前

BELLEBOY is absolutely right. PLAYFUL and SKILLED Lexi makes all the difference. Please book Lexi Dona on a regularly for more fisting, gaping and general vagina play!

MEMBER-7839 138日前

If we can not help, there are only 59 "Likes" on this amazing video, we have to reach the target, more than 100!

MEMBER-11173 137日前

I joined to get this video, wanted to see this cute little 18 year old get fisted

MEMBER-5958 137日前

Jeffbeats, a very good decision! Angel is hot but don't forget to check out all the other women gaping their hole wide and deep. There are some fantastic cunts on display at PJGirls!

MEMBER-5023 136日前

Please lets us see Princess have an orgasm!

MEMBER-7839 131日前

Now we have got 15 likes in 6 days ie 74 so it only remains 30 to 104! Well, Angel, Lexi and Jiri are worth it. More than 104 that's the best of PJGirl and the world !!!

MEMBER-7839 128日前

Lovely today only 28 votes left to become a record!

MEMBER-8947 124日前

I'd love to see a little licking to go with the fisting and gaping - there's real chemistry with these two!

MEMBER-11293 123日前

I'm in love with this girl! Not the best tits I've ever seen but this cunt is just GORGEOUS!!!

MEMBER-7839 123日前

Lovely today 21 october, it’s only 24 votes left to become a PJGirls record!

MEMBER-9201 122日前

I totally agree with KINKSHRINK. Some licking would be super hot!

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