Inside Charlotte - intro photo


Charlotte has such a hot young body.

Charlotte has got a bit of a different look to her this time around. Her hair is a lighter hue of brown, and her skin got a little bit of sun this summer. What we get here is something quite special as Charlotte has such a beautiful pussy on show. She gets naked and starts bending over to gape herself. Eventually she turns over and stays facing frontally for the rest of the video. Her finger gaping is amazing with that tight pussy spread to the max. When she puts that speculum in her pussy, we get a fantastic show of beauty in motion. With her entire pussy exposed, Charlotte gyrates her hips to hypnotize you with her cervix. Her cervix ends up being down in the bottom right corner. You can see fluids dripping out of her hole if you watch closely enough. She is a very juicy young gal. Before the end of the show, we can see her pulling on the speculum, which lets you see her tight honey pot close up .

同じショットの画像ギャラリーはここにあります: INSIDE CHARLOTTE - 2018年9月11日.


長さ: 17:40



子宮;ポルチオ 陰唇開き おっ広げおまんこ 婦人科 クスコ パイパン オマンコ ピッチリ オマンコ ティーン ブルーネット ヤセ



MEMBER-7839 280日前

A very cute and tight vagina. The most exciting are the droops that probably come from the cervix blood-filled little "stopper". I love speculum, but wishing a little more "action" to see different angles of close-ups inside!

MEMBER-9201 280日前

DRIPPING WET! The speculum really turns her on.
It is mesmerizing to watch the speculum work its way up and down sweet Charlotte's vagina. Pulling and stretching it.
I agree with LOVEPUSSY that the speculum part could have lasted longer but I am sure the non-gyno crowd will love all the pure finger gaping in this clip with plenty of extreme closeups. Bravo!

MEMBER-7112 280日前

Very small but pretty pink meat flower at the beginning. And the love juice droppings are so sexy. Also I've found a new omanko construction. Stop the video at 9:59 and watch her labia minora inside edge close to the center of omanko hole. You can find very small meat line up like saw teeth. Wow! What are they?? And the last close up shot of very thick love juice condenced beside dislocated cervix, I like it.


MEMBER-10914 280日前

For myself I can dispense of the speculum - wide open spreads that's what I prefer. To save this movie into my PJG-collection I have to cut off the speculum-scene - after that the movie is perfect to my taste - wonderful girlie.

MEMBER-10920 280日前

i completely agree with cuntspecht. Medical devices or anything similar is a turn-off. Wide open spreads with fingers are most outstanding. Please - much less of the cold, sterile, unsexy device stuff.

MEMBER-9201 280日前

Let me just point out that two-thirds of the video is pure finger gaping...

MEMBER-7839 280日前

It's a good combination to use both the fingers and even with a speculum to open the vagina in a big opening of the same video. To me it is very important to see her cervix at different angles. To consider the whole of a real pussy is for me the big and small lips, clitoris, vagina walls and the most sacred cervix!

MEMBER-7112 280日前

Omanko itself is my favorit, not fingers. The devices which spread omanko are most important items to inspect the sexiest part of girls.

MEMBER-5958 279日前

That discussion never gets old.
To me it's very simple: I love to look right into the gaping Fotzenloch, up to the cervix. If the the women is loose enough to gape with her hands only, that is great. If she needs a device to open her cunt that wide, it is also great. The main reason that I am a member of this site is because of the lovely girls that are kind enough to have a camera film right into their vaginas.

MEMBER-7839 279日前

I'm totally in agreement with you EAGERBEAVER and especially the sexy details!

MEMBER-7112 279日前

I like CLITLICKER's opinion. But evenif the omanko is loose, the device gaping for this omanko is still exciting. The key word is "Unusual". The expanded and distorted omanko inside view is very unusual and sexy. Anyway the omanko show is unusual and we like it.

MEMBER-9201 279日前

The great thing with this video is that Charlotte gets off masturbating with the speculum as a SEX TOY. A sex toy that enhances the view - not blocking it. Judging by her dripping wet pussy, the speculum truly makes her horny.


MEMBER-7839 279日前

Now I have watched the video over and over again ... and it is one of the very best. The reason is that both myself and Charlotte's satisfaction only increase when she shows up her wonderful cervix and vagina with the vagina secretion that is first easy to flow and then comes as a wonderful thick-floating cream from the uterus. It is thanks to her sexy work with her speculum as all this is possible to see. I hope Jiri understands what happiness you have given me and my fans to see the deepest of the vagina, continue the concept !!!

MEMBER-10752 279日前

Nice vid, good speculum views and the cervical fluid dripping from the speculum at the beginning of the session was a nice touch. Loved how her pussy became so creamy and finally a bit more open, seeing her enjoying the speculum and fucking it as an added bonus was a big turn on.

MEMBER-7839 279日前

We need to get another video with Charlotte, with even more experiences with her innermost ...

MEMBER-10886 279日前

Would just like to add my 2 cents ... I'm here to see the fingers spread open past the vaginal entrance, to see the walls come together in a "grip", that's what's hot to me! So open black holes don't do anything, nor does the cervix (looks like a man's tip of penis heh). It's all about the walls! :)

MEMBER-10394 279日前

With this kind of videos I will get a friend of speculum. Pull out and push in. Please always again.

MEMBER-9201 279日前

EDUWEISSS - I too don't care for speculum on other sites. It's mostly very boring and too medical.
But I do LOVE this kind of speculum ACTION on PJGirls. Keep the speculum in motion and show us THE WALLS. I love to see ENTIRE PUSSY exposed including the cervix

MEMBER-7839 278日前

EDUWEISSS - how happy I get for your post, it's just this technique with speculum that makes us really different and we get a different experience and consideration of the vagina walls and cervix. We also saw it in the video of Vanda on 29/8, where gyno tools processed the vagina walls in a whole new way. Keep the speculum in motion and show us THE WALLS AND CERVIX!

MEMBER-684 278日前

I might as well add my 2 cents as well in the never ending debate. I love the speculum, I think it's great to see really deep inside the vagina, like other people have commented other sites that use the speculum are just too medical, and even though I like to see a woman spreading her pussy this can be found in abundance on other sites as well (I'll grant you not as good as PJ Girls) I would add that Charlotte is a great looking girl but too little time with the speculum and no orgasm again :-(

MEMBER-8517 277日前

I just like to see as much of the pussy as possible including the labia. I think devices sometimes block parts of the pussy, especially the metal ones. A clear speculum is ok, but the less things blocking the pussy, the better.

MEMBER-10394 276日前

LOVEPUSSY - First I thought, that we have seen very much videos of Vanda. But PJ created a really special vid (29/8) of her vagina. I was surprised. More like them or the vid with Charlotte and I will be happy about every speculum in the future.

MEMBER-10394 276日前

Sorry, I forgot the speculum play from Vanessa (9/3). It's really exciting.

MEMBER-7839 276日前

How happy I am that you also like this new "speculum concept" that Jiri has created with the following models; Vanessa 3/9//2018, Vanda 28/8/2018 and this Charlotte 10/9/2018 . Can we get this confirmed by Admin and Jiri - that it will be a continuation, now that we are many who want it?

ADMIN 275日前

Guys, I would prefer if you didn't use the comments section for questions because (1.) I don't know anything about the content and (2.) Jiri does read comments but doesn't reply.

Suggestions are welcome, of course! Jiri does read your opinions. It's just that I don't know his thoughts, ideas or plans so I really cannot answer on his behalf :-) My job is to solve technical and payment issues.

Btw. what do you mean by the "new speculum concept"?

MEMBER-7839 275日前

Explanation of you working by ”New Speculum concept” very intensely with the speculum sliding in and out, we see how the vagina wall is affected and finally reaches the deepest part of the vagina namely cervix, viewed from different angles. Women work a lot with their speculum, as in the above suggested videos as Vanessa 3/9//2018, Vanda 28/8/2018 and this Charlotte 10/9/2018.

ADMIN 274日前

OK, if you mean the speculum sliding in and out - Jiri says he is trying that with girls often but it's always more or less painful for the girls. So with most of the models it's impossible, with some of the models it's somehow possible but not enjoyable.

MEMBER-9201 274日前

The New Speculum Concept is the best that that ever happened to PJGirls. Perhaps Jiri could try out different types of specula and gyno toys? The use muliple gyno toys in one scene just makes it better!

MEMBER-9201 273日前

ADMIN, you mentioned earlier this year that Jiri considers making a new toy.

I think he should invent a toy for The New Speculum Concept
- Look and feel l like a toy
- Behave like a toy
- Comfortable to use
- Easy to use
- One size fits all
- Give good views of walls and cervix

The challenge here is to make it look and feel like a fun sex toy. Easy to insert, even in thight pussies, and easily slide up and down. At the same time it should expose the whole vagina all the way down to the cervix with minimal blocking of the view

MEMBER-7839 272日前

GAPELOVER How glad I am that You are in the same opinion as me, to see in detail the vagina and cervix of the model, in close-up and preferably at different angles. The top of Jiri he invented a tool, or if there are gyno tools they already exist but used in a whole new way! Hope to hear our fantastic suggestions and make it enjoyable for our beautiful and wonderful women's pussy. We want to see them many times and want to be models at PJgirls so that they can also enjoy lovely orgasms, good for all of us!

MEMBER-9201 272日前

Idea for new toy: rubber coated Gape Cage (preferably pink or purple)

It is shaped like a dildo
It performs much like a dildo
It gives excellent views of vagina walls and pretty good cervix views
Must have several different sizes for comfortable use

Vagina Folds showcases the Gape Cage as a dildo:

(An open-ended Gape Cage gives better cervix views but at the expense of comfort and ease of use)

MEMBER-11246 245日前

Oh my god, those driping drops og love juice are amazing

MEMBER-12037 126日前

This is a perfect model. Her vagina is really beautiful. It makes me fascinated and intoxicated. I hope to see more videos of her.

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