Ally & Asdis - intro photo

ヴィデオ: ALLY & ASDIS

Ah, Ally Style. The huge pussy that is ingrained in to our memories is back to give us more to soak our brains in. We have seen her cunt hole multiple times by now, and the thing never gets boring. Now, we get to dive right in there with the pussy cam. Ally gapes her pussy a lot in this video. Asdis makes a return to assist, but this show is all about Ally Style and her famous omanko.

Asdis holds on to the camera, as Ally Style gapes herself. Ally never needed much help doing that; I like that about her. Asdis takes the pussy camera, and moves it in and out, showing the closeup view, as the main camera can sit back and see all of Ally's body. As the pussy cam goes in, we see the pussy from a dick's view, as it works its way through those heavenly vagina walls. In and out the camera goes, all the way to the cervix, and all the way out in the open. Ally does some pussy tricks throughout this clip, squeezing her cunt open and closed. We get some doggy style views with the pussy cam inside Ally as well.

同じショットの画像ギャラリーはここにあります: ALLY & ASDIS - 2018年2月17日.


長さ: 21:09



過激 陰唇開き 女オンナ おっ広げおまんこ パンスト 子宮;ポルチオ オマンコカメラ パイパン オマンコ デカ オマンコ そそる女 ブルーネット



MEMBER-9417 418日前

Nice, but I don`t see the point with the pussycam. I have two eyes but cannot look at two diffferent places simultaniously.

MEMBER-9201 418日前

I believe that the problems with pussy cam are two fold: poor picture quality and only a few positions work well. How to improve pussy cam.

For me, pussy cam works best when it gives a "tunnel view" or a "cave view". This can be seen in today's video from about 11.00. Other examples:
Cave view @ 8.55:
Tunnel view @ 10.20:
Check also out this video:

The best views are created when filmed in doggy and upside-down (pile driver position as can be seen in the otherwise poor PornHub video). Cave view would also benefit greatly with a more wide angle view. This brings be to how to improve the picture quality.

The present pussy cam suffers from low resolution, poor colors and blue lighting.

I believe pussy cam can work pretty well when filmed in the best positions (doggy & pile driver) with a good quality camera!

MEMBER-8517 418日前

I still think the best gaping shots are the ones without all the distractions and gizmos. Just the girls stretching extremely wide open on their own is the over all best. It looks more natural and inviting for "real" penetration. But that's just my opinion and preference.

MEMBER-9203 417日前

I fully agree with the comment of BASEMANN -
pussycam-vids like this one are nothing for my taste, sorry.

MEMBER-7390 417日前

BASEMANN and CUNTSPECHT, I totally agree.

MEMBER-5523 417日前

I really like the pussy cam videos, especially when you see the model looking at the interior view of their own pussy. It's one of the things that distinguishes PJGirls from other sites. Keep it coming.

ADMIN 417日前

Jiri sends his regards and wrote a long comment that I have translated for you :-)

Gapelover - I will check that camera. It states to have a low minimum focus distance (we need max. 5 cm, preferably less) but you can see in the promo videos that it has troubles focusing on close objects. We did test several HD endocameras (Voltcraft and others) but they were useless for our purposes.

Red Rock - a lot of them? This is the first one since mid October (not counting that one Sunday bonus). I'm sure you will be able to ignore one video that you don't like but others have been waiting for. Guys, be tolerant. None of you can judge what is or isn't cool. Each of us have different preferences and taste.

BASEMANN ,CUNTSPECHT, GLURKSTER - There have also been many suggestions regarding using speculum as a toy or "playing" with it. The huge problem with speculum is that it's painful for some girls and they can hardly move with it inside. Playing, pulling out or twisting is absolutely unnatural and virtually impossible. We expected Asdis and Sisi to have suitable pussies for speculum play but we were so wrong! Asdis couldn't do almost anything and Sisi ended up in tears and we couldn't film any gyno video at all.

So guys, please be tolerant. You don't like endocameras or gizmos but in the same time you may think that using speculums as toys is a good idea. And then other guys think that the only true PJGirls video is a single girl without any toys. So who's right?

I personally think we've had only a few gizmos and special toys recently and some of the latest videos are of one same kind. We hope to do some slight changes to make the videos more refreshing :) PJGirls has always been (and will always stay) a site focused on wide spread pussies (using fingers speculum or special toys) and that will never change :)

MEMBER-9201 417日前

If we agree that filming right in front of the "tube opening" is seldom that great, then perhaps it is not that important that the camera is able to film at ultra close range?

Upgrading to an HD camera with much better colors would be a huge upgrade as long as it could still capture "tunnel views" and "cave views"! Pussy cam is at its best when filmed from the enterance and we can look all the way down the tunnel to the cervix.

In split screen, it would be very nice to have some "ordinary" extreme closeups of the gapes, tunnels & caves without the pussy cam. The would certainly broaden the appeal of these videos and make them overall better.

MEMBER-10180 326日前

Lovely gaping. It's always nice to see a video with a pussycam, though in this one the pussycam was underutilized.
I agree with Gapelover that the "tunnel views" and "cave views" are the best uses of the camera.

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