Pepper and Ivy II - intro photo


Special thanks to Belleboy for this exclusive video!

The two beauties switch roles from the previous video. Now we have Pepper Kester doing all the work, and Ivy Aura doing the displaying.

Ivy's pussy gets remarkably open in this video. she starts the pussy fest lying on her front. Pepper goes to work spreading and ass licking, much like the last video these two girls had. Much less attention is given to Ivy's ass however, and she gets turned over relatively soon. There is a lot of spitting going on here as well, though Ivy looks quite wet to begin with. There is nowhere for her vagina to hide here, as the camera and the pussy are closely acquainted.

Lying on her back now, the main attraction begins. The video gets to this point, and really absorbs the scenery. Ivy's pussy does a lot of work here too, firstly by naturally staying agape, and secondly, by pushing itself in and out. A glass dildo is briefly introduce in this up close view. It helps to get Ivy really open. After a while of this gorgeous scenery, Pepper uses two fingers to get Ivy gaping sideways a little bit more.

After a while, Pepper goes to work on Ivy's clit. Sometimes sucking on it, sometimes licking, she maintains her pussy gaping the whole while. After a while though, she closes up Ivy's pussy, and makes her cum. The orgasm seems very genuine, with both the moaning and body language indicating this. The video ends with some fingering, and a final zoomed out pussy gape.


長さ: 14:12



子宮;ポルチオ おっ広げ ひっぱりマンコ 女オンナ レスビアン デカ オマンコ 剃り オマンコ スター 赤毛 ヤセ



MEMBER-4787 36日前

I'm speechless.

MEMBER-4788 36日前

WOW!!! What a great surprise. I'm so happy to see Ivy Aura on this site. I really hope she does some solo videos. This petite girl has one of the greatest pussies in the world. She really knows how to gape her hole really wide open without any assistance. Please try and get more of her doing a solo performance, Please, Please, Please! And some two handed spreading from behind, ass up and back arched would be the ultimate view. Looking straight down her tunnel with her cervix looking back at the camera. WOW!!!

MEMBER-4789 36日前

Ivy is one of my all-time favorite models. So happy to see her here. Please let there be more content with Ivy on PjGirls!

MEMBER-4790 36日前

Another model that would be a great addition to PJGirls is Anya Olsen. She does a lot of gaping poses in her work, and she is petite and gorgeous, too.

MEMBER-4792 36日前

Thank you Belleboy!!!! (Basemann see the comments on the other Pepper and Ivy video - Ivy may be a one time deal).

My vote for most desired model for PJGirls would be Milla Azul. Absolutely incredible body. That said, if she were to grace PJGirls with her presence, I'd never need to see new porn again. Hmm, wait, who am I kidding, I'll never stop looking for a new favorite model :)

MEMBER-4793 36日前

would have been so cool if they had used some speculums like in the "GYNO SQUARED" Video with Nathaly and Violeta.
That Video was so awesome !

MEMBER-4794 35日前

Great video. I need solo videos with IVY AURA. PLEASE...

MEMBER-4799 35日前

I would love to see what Ivy could have done if her pussy was not sore from another shoot, please bring her back when she is able to stretch it to her limits but definitely no spitting in her hole, not a fan of that at all!!

MEMBER-4800 34日前

Hey, Bellboy, who are you? And I envy you. Ivy has excellent omanko for gaping I'm surprised! NIce to inspect pee hole and Skene's glands. Can we expect next Ivy shots?

MEMBER-4805 33日前

@Eagerbeaver - I created Bellezza Video (and it's Cum Closer series) years ago, and have been dabbling in it from time to time. I'd like to get back more into shooting, but NOT into running a site at the same time. Jiri and Martin are good people running a fantastic site for this genre (you could almost say the ONLY site for this genre.) So occasionally, they accept a scene or two from me to add some international variety to PJGirls. The economics are dicey at best for both of us, so it is difficult to make it a regular thing. And while being in a room with wonderful women like Pepper and Ivy while sharing themselves so completely with us sounds like a dream cum true, I can't stress how difficult it is, and how focused on technical things you are in the thick of the action. You actually see everything better watching the result than I do in creating it! I just adds to my respect for Jiri who spends enough time doing it that he probably has had his fill of pussy and is contemplating becoming gay, just for the change of pace! God, I hope not, for ALL our sake :)

MEMBER-4807 33日前

Hard to spot orgasm contractions

MEMBER-4810 33日前

Ho! you are one of the industry persons, BELLBOY! It's amazing and I envy you so so so much. Americans like every thing big. So Ivy has huge omanko hole (righ?? but the tits are small though) and her face is my favorite. Yes I like big omanko with enough shrink. I think she has it.

MEMBER-4812 33日前

Belleboy - LOL, we're both heterosexuals but mainly Jiri has seen so many pussies in his life that he could give lectures on them at the university... :-D

MEMBER-4813 33日前

Damn Belleboy, you are the man, Respect!!

Cannot understand why other sites focus on women gaping their ass over gaping their pussy, I don't get it, but that's ok we have PJgirls!!

MEMBER-4814 32日前

Dear Belleboy, thank you for your contribution! It's an awesome video, I am already drooling for more of Ivy's perfect cunt.. and I also like the girls' dirty talk and the sexual atmosphere. Good visuals are nothing without a moaning model. Thanks again!

MEMBER-4815 32日前

Believe me or not, but the good old Bellezza Video Forum is
still online. Just read our previous posts and I'm glad to found you here at PJ's! All the best to You! *Loui*

MEMBER-4816 32日前

IVYさんは黒髪スレンダー美人だから。和装コスが似合うと思う(* ´ ▽ ` *)

...sorry...I can not write english...orz

MEMBER-4818 32日前

Ah, LouWonder! I remember you. I am glad to still occasionally be in the service of bringing the wonderous beauty of wide open pussy to the world :)

MEMBER-4822 31日前

Wow!! Bellboy and Louwoner, many professionals. And Takigawa27, first Japanese on the site! I wanna hear from them a lot about omanko. Takigawa27 said"As Ivy is slim black haired beauty, she might wear Japanese kimono. She should be fucking beautiful when she wears a Yukata(Japanese bathrobe) with her hair fixed in rear"

ワウ! Bellboy と Louwoneさんヨ、プロが集まったじゃん。そいでTakigawa27さん、日本人ジャン。話し聴きたいな。Takigawa27さんはひ日本語で書いてるけどジャンジャン書けばいいと思う。輪が広がるぜ。PJGirls は日本人好みの綺麗なオマンコおっぴろげがバッチリで俺にはぴったりだけどTakigawa27さんはどうかな?

MEMBER-4823 31日前

first Japanese!? Σ( ̄□ ̄;)!!

MEMBER-4824 31日前

Yes, Takigawa27. Japanese porn is almost censored and boring. It's noway to be seen. PJGIrls is much much better than Inthecrack and Alsscan. There are lots of gaped and close up of beautiful girl's omanko pics and movies. And they are crystal clear for detail inspection. Let's enjoy;)

Takigawa27さん、日本のは修正でつまらないので見る価値なし。PJGirlsはInthecrack や Alsscanなんかよりずっと良い。美人のオマンコおっ広げと接写画像と動画でバッチリ鮮明高画質だからこまかいとこがよーく見える。楽しいぜ!

MEMBER-4826 30日前

I’m happy you remember me and having you here on board
is a gift for all of us! I’m still a lesbian/closeup pussylicking and pussygaping fan, so PJ’s is the right site for me! Of course not for my lesbian, closeup pussylicking fetish, but if you will shoot a new lesbian scene in the future with pussylicking,
then remember my 'tongue in pussy fetish'… :-)
And of course I know PJ’s is a pussygaping site, it’s just a special wish!
@EAGERBEAVER: It was a compliment, but I'm not a professional, just a pussy lover who is a PJ's member just from their beginning and you are absolutely right that PJ's is the best pussy site in the whole porn industry! What I really love at them, that they always try to fullfill the wishes of their customers!
I have to mention that point, because at the start of PJ's they only shoot less cervix/omanko/speculum scenes, but look, what they are doing now! They try to please every member! For sure everbody has different tastes/wishes, but I love PJ's trying to make all of us happy!

So, everybody have a good time here at PJ’s! Cheers *Loui*

MEMBER-4827 30日前

OK, you are pussy lover, and I'm an omanko inspector. As you said PJG is the best site and I strongly agree. They try to entertain and satisfy customers. There are lots of advance and negative opinions from customers but they are working out one by one. I like the attitude and I wanna support. I like everything about omanko so this PJG is right place for me. I don't prefer dildo insertion and finger gaping because they block visibility and interrupt my inspection(negative one)

MEMBER-4832 29日前

I cannot guarantee that we fulfill wishes of all our customers (because things are becoming more and more hectic and also there are more and more comments and wishes heard from all sides) but it's true that our beginnings were a bit embarrassing but then after a year or two we finally learned where our position on the adult market was and I'm VERY proud of our content (and our website in general) in the past 2 years. The content will most likely stay in the format it is now because I think we have found the perfect balance. But it's possible we might launch another (similar or somehow related) smaller site in the future. It depends mainly on the free time we (currently don't) have so it will take some time but we do have some plans (that we don't want to reveal yet). But PJGirls as such will remain our main site and with the same content, that's for sure. No anal stuff, no sex. Just pussies, spreading, gaping, speculum and toys.

MEMBER-4861 25日前

Incredibly hot !!! We are really at sniffing distance :) Please give us more with Ivy solo video and a speculum inside her wet pink pussy. I'd like to see her cervix as close as possible. Thank you for this hot movie.

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