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Lovita begins this video as pretty as a picture and as innocent looking as the vicar's daughter. As she peels away first her blue floral dress and then her lavendar bra to reveal her gorgeous firm breasts and puffy nipples, we see that innocence is perhaps less appropriate as a label for the lovely Lovita.

Lovita continues to tantalise us as she moves to pull her lace panties aside and to stroke her neat quim beneath. This shows her clit hood piercing - again demonstrating that someone at least has had time to focus on Lovita's adorable anatomy. Once her underwear is completely removed, we are provided with a superb expose of Lovita's beautiful bum - firm and round with a perfect pink pucker in the centre.

Now naked, and with just a brief focus on her pretty toes, we move in to examine Lovita's love hole more closely - very closely indeed beyond 11 mins. Lovita gently pulls her delicate lips apart to provide a hint of the glistening glories within. So tight is her tunnel however, that we can only see her moist inner lips and the upper part of her walls. This is however as unblemished and adorable as the rest of her.

With a young lady as lovely as Lovita, it may seem almost inappropriate to move to a more in depth examination. Note I only said "almost". Wait for the next exciting instalment......


長さ: 22:17



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MEMBER-7839 581日前

I like her lovely vagina, but next time I want to be very deep inside and see her cervix very cloceup!

MEMBER-8055 581日前

This girl would be quite nice in doggy position, with the plastic speculum exposing clearly her lovely cervix, contracting her vaginal muscles, making the bucket. PJ's awosome specilaity.

MEMBER-6568 580日前

I agree. A speculum scene with Lovita would be amazing

MEMBER-8290 579日前

She really has a perfect pussy and ass. I love when there is such a nice,clean and shaved cunt. And in addition somehow innocent girl look. To be honest,she's very sexually stimulating! I really like this girl.

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