Pure Gaping - intro photo


Our magnificent MILF Betty sensually disrobes herself from her little black number first revealing her full nipples and then her (alas empty) pink pussy.

Betty inserts her fingers deep within to prise her lips apart, whilst also stroking her pert clit. As the prise grows to a gape and then a full on parting of the ways, we are treated to a superb inside view showing every pink ripple of this Foxxy fuckhole. As Betty clenches her muscles her inner walls undulate. You can only imagine (that's fantasise to you chaps) what it must be like to be clenched by those lovely walls (I guess that's why we refer to MILF).

As we move towards the end of the video Betty works on her gape sufficiently to generate internal lubrication and blur the line between inner and outer biology. If only school biology lessons made things this clear.


長さ: 16:34



おっ広げ ひっぱりマンコ 剃り オマンコ ビッチョリ オマンコ そそる女 デカパイ



MEMBER-4339 107日前

Great spreading action!!!

MEMBER-4340 107日前

More from this lovely, dirty, hot MILF please!

MEMBER-4341 107日前

Pure Gaping, OK. It is. But I feel there is the limit for the gaping with hands(fingers) Fingers block the omanko inside wall view almost or more than half of it. Usage of speculum or metal wire gizmo provides better view. I don't insist only those toys but mixed use is much appreciated.

Also I said, I don't like tattoo. But her omanko is very good to enjoy. Then, this time, I neglect tattoo.


MEMBER-4342 106日前

EAGERBEAVER, I feel that multiple fingers are required for a really deep wide gape, but the model must be instructed on how to slide the fingers out of the hole and let the omanko close slowly, then reinsert and pull it open again. The single index fingers that are being used a lot are not sufficient for gaping. Tera Link was excellent at using multiple fingers while giving us an excellent deep rippled wall view all the way down to the cervix. The model can also use her thumbs to pull back the clit hood to make it stand erect.

MEMBER-4343 106日前

I agree EAGERBEAVER: Too many fingers in the pussy block the view.

I have written it many times: Why is no even more attention on it the womens taken there outer labia between showing fingers and thumb and then extremely forward and outward pull so you can in the very open cunthole see.

And all this please in extreme closeups, filmed frontal and uncut over many minutes (not only about one minute) to enjoy this occasion for several minutes without disturbing cuts.

MEMBER-4345 106日前

RED_ROCK01 - yes, very very few girls are able to spread their pussies wide using just two fingers. For real gaping you need either more fingers or (even better) another person. That's a FACT. There's no magic wand that allows a normal girl to use two fingers to show a deep wide gape. It may work like that in dreams of some of our members but certainly not in reality.

"Usage of speculum provides a better view" - sure but tell that to the speculum haters :-) I feel we're back in the neverending discussion where one group of members prefer pure gaping, the other group prefer speculum and in the end we're the "bad boys" who refuse to please both groups in the same time (like if that was possible?).

MEMBER-4346 106日前

I really don't get this discussion. There is a girl that is willing to let you guys look into her cunt, showing pink to the maximum and you still have something to complain about. I'm sure that one of the next girls gives exactly what some guys dig for. PJ Girls did never disappoint me in the past. And now I'm looking into Betty's hot hole.

Ich verstehe diese Diskussion nicht. Da lässt sich ein Mädel bereitwillig in die Möse blicken, zeigt Pink bis zum Maximum und immer noch sind hier Typen enttäuscht. Ich bin sicher dass eines der nächsten Mädchen genau das gewünschte zeigen wird. PJ Girls haben mich noch nie enttäuscht. Und jetzt schaue ich der Betty noch etwas in ihr heißes Loch.

MEMBER-4347 106日前

This is why I joined PJGirls and why I stay a member.

MEMBER-4348 106日前

Wow, hot discussions! This never ends and fun. Let's do it and it makes PJG better. Ho how I love cute girl omanko !!ヽ(´▽`)ノ うひゃー、みんな意見あるね。結論ないけど話は面白いのでじゃんじゃんやればPJガールズはもっと良くなる。オマンコ大好き!  ヽ(´▽`)ノ

MEMBER-4349 106日前

This is another amazing vid. Big thanks to beautiful women such as Betty putting on an amazing show with her lush stretchy pussy.

MEMBER-4352 106日前

CLITLICKER This type of discussion is what makes PJgirls unique and the absolute best site on the net. We are not talking bad about the ladies. We are only expressing our opinion on how we would like to see them gape their pussy. There is something for all gaping lovers on this site.

ADMIN, I totally agree, more fingers is much better for gaping but getting the fingers out of the way while keeping the omanko wide open and in view is the key.

Actually you guys don't need to change a thing, just keep on doing your thing and listen to us all bitch!!!.


MEMBER-4355 105日前

Red Rock is right. Don't change a thing. Have them gape with 2,4 or more fingers. Have them use specula. Have them spread their pussies by pulling the outer lips (of course full frontal view :) ). Have Vanda or Licky gape young and eager pussies.

Reducing this site to personal sub-fetishes of gaping would be wrong. THE MIX IS ALRIGHT. The mix is great. Something for everybody.

I prefer wide gapes with fingers, not so much because of the view but because of the act of stretching. I like to see the model's reactions when she tries to open up as far as she can. Preferably doggy. I like lots of sensual moaning and breathing. I like a show, an illusion. It should have a sexual note to it.

Besides, I also like all the things you people quarrel about. Front, back, fingers, labia, gaped, stretched, specula, toys... as long as it's about the pussy it is great.

And Jiri is still doing the best job on the net. There is no better site than PJGirls.

For personal specialities I recommend consulting a webcam girl, they cost MUCH more but if you tip enough they will do exactly what you wish for.

MEMBER-4358 105日前

great vid, I prefer fingers like this video seems more natural, she pulls open pussy nicely then pushes all of the pink bits out.


MEMBER-4363 105日前

I dunno. The sparkly fingernail polish is a real turn off. And why don't you guys EVER have your models hold their pussies open with the index and little fingers ONLY? And hold that shot for 2 minutes and 47 seconds. If I don't see this SOON, I'm just going to have to cancel my membership!!!

MEMBER-4367 104日前

Nice one, Belleboy :)

MEMBER-4369 104日前

Belleboy - carefully, some members might take you seriously :-)

MEMBER-4372 103日前

Of course I'm just kidding! When you're dying of thirst and someone comes up to you in the middle of the desert and gives you water, you don't complain that it's not always the perfect temperature :) Although... now that I think about it, that index/pinky finger thing might be interesting!

MEMBER-4413 95日前

she is really sexy. what a pussy. so good it distracted from her lush nipples.

MEMBER-4493 82日前

Personally I don't understand Clitlickers view. I'm really experienced user about the adult entertainment sites,but this opportunity to comment here is quite new to me. I see this as an very important and wonderful opportunity to share my views and preferences,as well as in addition to thank or criticize. And remember that without criticism developments stop. So,I share Red Rocks view.

MEMBER-4808 33日前

Love Betty Foxxx - please bring her back
Shes a great performer.

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