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Some of our favourite PJG videos are artistically beautifully, some deliciously sexy and then there are those that are..... well down right dirty. Our magnificent MILF Betty provides that here with spades!

We open (well she does actually) with her cunt spread wide apart with a metal speculum. Demonstrating that her few extra years have done nothing to reduce her internal muscles, she squeezes hard on the paddles to alternately close and reopen her tunnel. We are even treated to a superb macro view of this only 1 1/2 mins in to the video, giving almost a full minute of pulsating pinkness.

Moving to a sitting position, Betty reveals her (augmented) boobs and uses the speculum briefly as a dildo before returning it to its more traditional gyno function.

However pleasant this intro may be, the bit that makes this video stand out for me commences at 6 mins. Betty begins to masturbate with our pulse vibrator, pressing it hard against her clit. Leaning back, she thrusts her urethra towards us for a perfect view. Perfect positioning for what follows - some of the best squirting action you will see anywhere, anytime.

With her pussy held wide open, we are given a fantastic squirting show at 6.36, 10.46 and then a veritable fountain at 16.06. If this isn't your bag (strange!) there are copious thigh trembling orgasms from the beautiful Betty in between. For Sir Vic however, the combination of a yummy mummy orgasming loudly with her pussy spread wide whilst squirting like an Icelandic geyser is like Christmas and birthday all rolled into one.

Full marks once more PJG - now get out the mop!

同じショットの画像ギャラリーはここにあります: UNSTOPPABLE - 2017年9月5日.


長さ: 18:51



婦人科 クスコ オルガスムス ヴァギナのうねり 潮吹き おもちゃ バイブ 剃り オマンコ そそる女 デカパイ



MEMBER-8057 419日前

Pee movie without speculum is better !!!!

ADMIN 419日前

This is squirting, not peeing.

MEMBER-8057 419日前

Yes but some people like squirting movie but not pee movie its very strange .

MEMBER-8314 419日前

Squirting comes from inside pussy not out peehole ! Admin, do you see a woman squirting in real, i dont think so!

MEMBER-7112 419日前

My understanding for female squirting is the fluid comes from two Skene glands. The urine is the fluid comes out from pee hole. In other word, it's peeing and that's it. I believe these are medically true.

I don't like tatoo. It ruins beautiful girl's skin. But Betty Foxx has nice omanko for viewing pleasure. Also speculum is good too. More close up please.


ADMIN 419日前

You're wrong. Female ejaculation comes from the Skene glands. Squirting comes from the pee hole. Also the fluids are different. Please use google ;-)

"Squirting is actually a gush of fluid coming out of the eurethra and is, in fact, urine. Meanwhile, female ejaculation is the release of a thicker, milky-er, white substance that is actually super similar to semen, just without the sperm. In fact, this substance is even made of prostatic acid, glucose, and fructose, just like semen."

BASIC599 - you're right that squirting and peeing are basically (almost) the same thing except that squirting is the result of sexual arousal while peeing is just our need. But both are indeed very similar. So I also wouldn't understand why somebody could like squirting and hate peeing or vice versa.

MEMBER-8314 419日前

Hey Admin from which site is this bullshit ? My ExGf is squirting and it comes not from peehole ! On all "Squirting sites" its peeing and you are a joker ! Semen is not glucose and fructose ! LOL

MEMBER-7112 419日前

There are arguments about female ejaculation or squirting. Wikipedia also shows several theories about it. Our site is not medical but for omanko viewing pleasure. Then I think this kind of arguments are very interesting and fun. Let's do that!! I like any fluids come out from any holes inside of omanko. To see the phenomenon, gaping is mandatory and it is PJGirls.


ADMIN 418日前

"Female ejaculate is technically the small amount of milky white fluid. Squirting, on the other hand, results in a much larger gush of a clear fluid, which comes from the urethra, the duct where urine is conveyed from the bladder."

MATTI381AB - please stop insulting us and use google. It's true that scientists seem to be confused about this issue too but so far there seems to be a consensus that if the liquid comes from the glands and is milky, then it's called ejaculation. If the liquid comes from the urethra (and is a result of sexual arousement!), it's squirting, although technically it's indeed almost the same as peeing. In some porn movies squirting can be faked by peeing but we're sure it's not this case because I spoke with the cameraman yesterday and he said Betty was really shaking and had to take a break after this video.

Squirting is simply a huge stream of clear liquid, female ejaculation is in much smaller amounts and it looks white, not clear.

MEMBER-8200 418日前

Not to my taste. Don't like the horrid tattoo also when the cunt is spread open I like to see it not have objects in the way. We did not see her cunt until last 10 secs.

MEMBER-8137 418日前


MEMBER-6770 414日前

Whatever it is - pee, squirt or whatever, I like it. Amazing and Fantastic site! Thanks!!!

MEMBER-8015 406日前

I do much prefer the plastic speculum to the metal ones but at least we got something. However I am curious to know why this particular speculum wasn't suffecient to expose her cervix. Or maybe she has a longer than normal vaginal canal?

MEMBER-9417 266日前

I think it`s pee, but I`m no expert. A pity that she don`t look smiling into the camerea while she`s doing it.
And why she has ruined "central" parts of her body with tottoos is beyond me.
Regardless is she one of the most beautiful women I`ve ever seen.

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