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If lap dance bars existed under bridges - this video would present the ideal model.

Antonia strolls on stage seductively, and then raises her skirt to show us her perfect arse. Not content with this she waggles her cheeks in our face and then proceeds to hold her lips open, just inches from our nose. You can smell the pussy juice.

Now turning around, Antonia peels down her tight white top to display her full breasts with delicious large, dark nipples. you'll want to play Antonia's nipple play section over and over (3.30+) as those perfect orbs are squeezed and pinched.

We are however primarily a pussy site so... down we go. Antonia pulls back her lips to expose her erect clit - first at a distance and then at licking distance. It is as perfect a pink pearl as you will see and certainly deserves the close study that we are given.

Now we move closer and wider as Antonia begins to stretch her lips further and further apart, flexing her walls and her arse to wink at us delightfully.

After 15 mins, Antonia inserts her fingers to allow us to check that the view inside is as good as outside. It certainly is as our clear focus falls on her inner walls and urethra.

Antonia parts company with us, dressing demurely as if nothing has happened. Don't worry me dear - we won't tell.

同じショットの画像ギャラリーはここにあります: GREEN GRAPHITI - 2017年6月27日.


長さ: 19:10



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MEMBER-5523 478日前

Antonia is so cute and has a great attitude. Great boobs. Love the outdoor setting.

MEMBER-6770 478日前

Antonia and this video leave me absolutely speechless. WOW!!!

MEMBER-10180 136日前

Beautiful vagina. Nice close-up views of vagina at 02:00, 08:15, 11:04, 16:00, and clitoris at 04:45. And the best part is an extreme close-up at 17:08.

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