Close-up - intro photo

ヴィデオ: CLOSE-UP

Our stunning Kathy lies back naked, with a pink dildo resting on her tummy and her beautiful full breasts clearly in view. This can only be the precursor to another superb video.

Kathy begins by inserting her fingers deep inside her lovely milf pussy to stretch it wide. Forget Caribbean sunsets, this is as beautiful a picture as you will get. Kathy's gaping skills are excellent, and yet her lovely pussy always flexes quickly to restore its original unblemished outward appearance.

After 2 mins, Kathy applies some lube to ease the entry of a paddled spreader. Gripping this tightly, she opens her walls even wider for us. The view from 3.04 is perfection itself, as we wallow in the moist ripples of Kathy's cavern. The lighting is simply superb leaving no detail unclear, including one of the closest, clearest shots of a urethra at 4.47 that I have ever seen. As Kathy flexes her walls for us we can see every angle and every inch of her delicious tunnel in the same glorious detail.

5 mins in, Kathy picks up the dildo and begins pressing it between her walls - the paddles still providing a totally unfettered view. This, with her beautiful face and boobs as a backdrop, is heaven indeed.

Moving once more to a close up, we are able to see Kathy's inner walls give way as the dildo passes them.

Kathy finishes the video as she started it, full body, holding herself open for us. Magnifico!!!

同じショットの画像ギャラリーはここにあります: CLOSE-UP - 2017年6月17日.


長さ: 9:32



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MEMBER-3817 400日前

Wow! Omanko dream comes true. The close ups. What's the next? Cervix? Labia? Clit? Or other girl? Bianca? Bambi? Lexi? Ani? Anyway, I can't wait for it. やったー!オマンコ大接写!次は何だ。子宮?陰唇?クリ?別の女?ビンカ、バンビ、レキシー、アニー?とにかく頼むよ。

MEMBER-4311 324日前

I can't get enough of this gorgeous woman and her magnificent cunt. What a beauty it is. For lovers of gaped cunts her's is magnificent.

MEMBER-5372 156日前

Admin I was wondering if there might be a 4k version of this? All of Kathy's other videos are UHD yet no download link for this one.

MEMBER-5381 154日前

EMBALMER - good point. We must have overlooked it. It's online now.

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