Inside Antonia Sainz - intro photo


As Antonia greets us with her beautiful innocent smile we know that this lovely girl next door is going to be a delight. As she lays back, she reveals her full breasts with large puffy areolae before easing a clear speculum between her tight lips. I love speculum movies (which is why Sir Vic is here) but there's no doubt, if the model is as gorgeous as Antonia, it takes things to a whole other level.

Eventually, despite the obvious tension in her inner folds, the speculum opens up to give us the clear view of Antonia's love tunnel and urethra that we love so much (esp at 4.30). With her inner walls now fully exposed, Antonia begins her journey towards the big "O". First she alternates between caressing her pretty clit and her luscious boobs, before applying our trusty pulse vibrator to the same areas. Although we are mainly a pussy site, you can't but appreciate the superb views of Antonia's full breasts and erect nipples at 6.08.

As the vibrations continue, and the pleasure mounts, Antonia begins to lift her hips to meet the caresses from above. We see her walls clenching inwards and her pussy juice well up within as she reaches her orgasm just after 8 minutes.

We are then allowed to wind down with Antonia for the next 3 minutes, continuing to appreciate her delightful smile and curves - and of course her lovely pussy! I just wish Antonia was the girl next door to me!

同じショットの画像ギャラリーはここにあります: INSIDE ANTONIA SAINZ - 2017年5月2日.


長さ: 12:21



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MEMBER-7403 760日前

So annoying when they put the speculum in sideways, you can't see the cervix very well or at all. :(

MEMBER-7350 760日前

Well that sucked..

MEMBER-886 760日前

Yeah I agree, Im disappointed with this. I knew Antonia Sainz would eventually be filmed by this site and I was looking forward to it as she is definitely one of my favourites. This video is very disappointing though. I am glad Ive seen her cervix at another site already.

MEMBER-7112 759日前

I thought she was a new comer and so innocent girl. That's why her action was so shy and moderate. I didn't know but I found that she appears lots of porn scenes and does lots of hard core. Now, this is an order; open your omanko to max width, reveal cervix and pee! But I like your side way speculum and peehole. なんだ、この子新人じゃなくて他のサイトにジャンジャン出て激しいの結構やってんだ。なら命令だ。オマンコをビンビン最高におっ広げて子宮見せてシッコしろ!でもこの子の横クスコと尿道好きだな。

ADMIN 758日前

Guys! Whenever we used the speculum in the "standard" way we got tons of complaints saying that:
- sideways it's much better
- who cares about cervix, it looks exactly the same in all vaginas
- pee hole is much better visible when the speculum is used sideways

When we use the speculum sideways suddenly everybody complains that it should be used the other way. We can't really please everybody... (and I wonder why people who had complained about the standard position before don't praise us for the sideway position this time).

(And regarding the model - Delphine is much better than Antonia, of course... but Delphine is better than 95% models).

MEMBER-886 758日前

Well to be fair, Ive never changed my tune on this subject. Im here for the views of cervixes. They are not all the same and for reasons I couldnt possibly begin to explain, I love seeing them. When I see a speculum scene where I cant see a cervix, I just see it as a wasted scene.

If you want to do a "sideways" shoot, why not just use spreaders? Thats nowhere near as disappointing. PJGirls does the speculum shoots with vibrator better than anyone else. There are other sites that do it now, but nobody is up to your standard. So when I see you guys dropping to those other sites levels, its really disappointing to me.

You cant please everyone with every shoot, so please dont try. I come here for these types of scenes and these only. I dont complain about other types of shoot because theyre not what Im here for. If people want spread vaginas, give them that, but cater to other peoples desires as well. You cannot please all of the people all of the time!

MEMBER-719 758日前

My advice to Jiri is always to shoot what he wants, the best way he knows how... read the comments for inspiration from time to time..(more Paula Shy, please), but don't get upset when you don't hit it out of the park! You guys are the best, and you work hard (doing this once is hard work, but really exciting and fun. Doing it every day is HARD WORK!) Nothing but respect from me!

ADMIN 758日前

Yes, sometimes it's probably better to stick to our own style instead of trying to reach a broader audience by doing something which may cause controversy. I will definitely advise my colleague to shoot what HE wants.

(But there will be another survey in the forthcoming weeks anyway :-)

MEMBER-7112 757日前

Well, I think it's EPID or every one's taste is different (EOTID). But guys, this is omanko gaping site. So we have to concentrate on how to gape for pleasure viewing. I believe the survey will tell us the solution. そんなの十人十色だな。でもね、ここはオマンコおっ広げのサイトだからどうやればオマンコ見物をもっとしたくなるか、やり方考えなくっちゃ。アンケートやるの楽しみだな。

MEMBER-7229 757日前

When girls body is shaking in orgasm,your video-camera are shaking too..and it is very bad-it is very difficult to enjoy the looking inside because camera is very shaking too..

i have 2 ideas:

1. you (MUST)can attach (cling,stick)-get IN speculum mini-camera.without big camera..and when the body is orgasmic shaking-mini-camera will be in speculum-and not shaking(and there view is very well without shaking) because speculum is IN THE BODY and mini camera is IN THE BODY-IS IN SPECULUM(but your big camera IS NOT IN THE BODY)..

2. if you cant attach-get-a mini camera IN SPECULUM-or quality will be very bad-your BIG CAMERA must be not a 5 santimetres from speculum-but your camera must be IN THE FIRST PARTY IN SPECULUM,and when the body is shaking-big camera IS IN THE FIRST PART IN SPECULUM-and is shaking with speculum and NOT WITH A BODY..

MEMBER-7112 757日前

Mr. ST_11111, if I correctly understand what you mean, it is that when mini-cam installed on the speculum, speculum and cam will shake in same vibration. Then the each vibrations of omanko, speculum and cam synchronize. The image of video at her shaking orgasms would be still. It might be worth to try. Because the set up seems not so hard and complicated. But I think the synchronization of every vib might be difficult. If were you, I would try high speed shutter.  ST_11111さんよ。あんたの言っている意味は、ミニカメラをクスコに付ければ一緒に動くからオマンコのブルブルと同期して、それで撮影すればブレがなくなるだろ、って言ってんのかな。難しそうではないからやってみればいいけどうまく同期しないと思うな。それより高速撮影の方がいいんじゃないか?

ADMIN 756日前

Guys, are we really speaking about our 640x480 endocam (which is quite big)? I feel we'd need a completely different camera for such purposes and as I said before, we can't find any that would meet the requirements (mainly the minimum focus distance).

MEMBER-5571 755日前

For your information, ITC have made several videos in this style, both with cam mounted on a clear tube, and on a speculum. The girls move them like dildos (slowly), and the view is spectacular! - The love-cave from a cock's eye! Please check it up. ^_^

MEMBER-7112 754日前

MASTERBAT, when did ITC show that Love-cave from a cock's eye? Tell us the # of that scene. MASTERBATさんヨ、いつITCに乗ってたの?番号教えてよ。

MEMBER-7506 742日前

Agree with ANYON099 100%.

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