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Let's face it, everyone who frequents this site has a "thing" for the more intimate aspects of female anatomy. This video is a connoisseur's vagina fetish video. Jessica starts this movie in a semi-seated in-your-face squat, hovering over Cynthia. Both girls legs are spread wide, but Jessica is naked from the waist down, and is being spread open by Cynthia. At some point, Jessica's red bra disappears to expose her perfectly perky little titties, but "naked, exposed, open vagina" is pretty much all you need to know about the first half of this video.

Some sites show you glimpses, but PJGirls lets you wallow in your fantasy. Whether to you it is omanko, fotzenloch, cunt, pussy, vagina... it doesn't matter. Our photographer and these two lovely models take their time... time to hold it open, insert fingers or a dildo, spread it wide or gently stretch it, in close-up and full-body shots, but no matter what, that beautiiful rippled open pink tunnel is in the forefront. The girls aren't shy, this video is about what we want to see. Naked. Spread. Open. Cunt.

Then Jessica turns around, and after a glimpse of her perky pokies hanging down, Cynthia refocuses our attention by once more opening Jessica's vaginal passage for our inspection. And since we are connoisseurs of cunt, we know that when a woman is gaped from the rear, her anatomy opens up so that we can see more deeply inside her, and neither Jessica nor our photographer disappoint us, as we get clear, well-lit views all the way down to Jessica's shiny pink cervix in loving detail, and time to inspect at our leisure.

Then out comes the lube, which covers Cynthia's hand, and without much preamble, her whole hand slides easily into Jessica's lubricated twat, all the way to the wrist on the first thrust. Damn! Jessica is a fantastic new comer to the pussy biz! And her pussy is shaved completely smooth, no stubble at all, so as Cynthia's fist traverses in and out, we see the lovely shine of her labia majora as her labia minor fold and unfold with each thrust. And since PJGirls is not just another fisting site, not only do we see the hand in, we also get to witness the aftermath, and Jessica is gaped open with four and more fingers. No orgasms in this scene unless you count ours, because this is all about our viewing pleasure.

同じショットの画像ギャラリーはここにあります: FISTISSIMO - 2016年12月8日.


長さ: 17:52



陰唇開き おっ広げおまんこ 子宮;ポルチオ フィスティング 女オンナ パンスト パイパン オマンコ デカ オマンコ ヤセ ブルーネット



MEMBER-6286 825日前

Not sure what the little red dildo adds to the video. It does not stretch out the hole for it is too small. On the Hole, good viewing.

MEMBER-719 824日前

"On the hole, good viewing." I see what you did there :) and I couldn't agree more!

MEMBER-3146 824日前

fantastic video!!

MEMBER-4485 824日前

Any way, I am waiting for Cynthia showing inside of her. とにかく早くシンシアのオマンコ見せろよ。

MEMBER-6181 824日前

I'm so waiting for Cynthia. She's one of the hottest models whether in a fetish or erotic art

ADMIN 824日前

SKENEDUCK - the little dildo is there for those of you who want to see close-ups of the vagina folds and ripples - what it looks like when the dildo goes in and out.

MEMBER-5958 816日前

Jessica has an amazing Fotzenloch. I would love to put my fist into her cunt like Cynthia does. Gently but until the wrist.

MEMBER-6666 815日前

I cant see how these pictures inside her cunt can be any better and they seem really pleased to us pervies and she knows I'm wanking like mad over her

MEMBER-6705 810日前

Cynthia does an excellent job gently working on the most beautiful awesome heavenly Fotzenloch in pussyland.

MEMBER-7025 760日前

aaaand... NO orgasm.

MEMBER-7449 692日前

What a magnificent cunt spread at the beginning of the video. Just a pity that Cynthia doesn't feature here in her own right.

MEMBER-7902 625日前

Jessica is the most beautiful girl that i ever seen in xxx !!!! I hope to see her again and in scenes always more hard

MEMBER-7569 616日前

I'm so waiting for Cynthia too!!!

MEMBER-10814 219日前

Why have Cynthia as a Model if she gets no action herself?

ADMIN 219日前

Because she is a model and she is in the video...

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