Delphine and Guttman - intro photo


Delphine starts this video in a very sexy black ensemble–panties, bra, stockings, and some other things I don't even know the names for. They contrast her skin and blonde hair beautifully, She looks at us provocatively and dances enticingly, daring us to watch, demanding that we don't even blink... She's got a great ass, and she knows it, so when she gets on her hands and knees and peels off her mesh panties, we get a good look. It gets better when she spreads herself open for us, and we get a peek inside her smoothly shaved pussy. And I will say, she definitely knows how to relax her vagina so that her cunt gapes deep and wide when she pulls her lips apart... and she has very good muscle control, as she clenches and unclenches her sphincters to make her omanko open and close like a pouting mouth. Delphine also has a great smile, and her eyes sparkle as she looks at us looking at her winking open hole.

When the camera zooms in, Delphine shows she has another trick up her... sleeve? She gapes so wide that we can see all the way down to her cervix, but not only can she make her cunt open and close like a mouth, she can independently move her cervix up and down (she can control the outer and inner muscles separately). It is very how to watch a woman in such full control of her open display (and the sparkle in here eyes and her laugh says she enjoys showing us)! For you backdoor fans, her perfectly clean asshole also opens up, and we get a double-gape display and she's just about as open as she can be.

Well, not quite, because here is where our friend Dr Guttman enters the scene (or at least his invention). Delphine rolls on to her back, legs spread very wide, and she has just the trace of a natural gape. She pulls out the Guttman speculum, and flexes it outside of herself first (just looking at that, you say "oh, wow"). With a little lube, she slides it in, and opens it up. If you thought her cunt was pretty before, just wait uitl you see it opened as wide as it will go, from top to bottom, completely exposing her pink cervix. Every millimeter of her fotzenloch is open for your inspection, as Delphine does more of her vaginal gymnastics.

When Delphine finally finishes with the speculum, the "trace of a natural gape" is now much more noticeable, and her final reach-around spread helps widen that already relaxed vaginal aperture.

同じショットの画像ギャラリーはここにあります: DELPHINE AND GUTTMAN - 2016年12月3日.


長さ: 22:08



おっ広げ 子宮;ポルチオ ひっぱりマンコ パンスト クスコ 婦人科 剃り オマンコ ブロンド



MEMBER-2621 177日前

Love the speculum.

MEMBER-2623 177日前

yummy babe

MEMBER-2624 177日前

OMG, OMG, OMG, Delphine was the perfect girl to introduce the Guttman speculum! I hoped that one of the large holed hotties was chosen for the premiere but Delphine is the perfect match. I love how wide the Guttman is able to gape the Fotzenloch without too much metal blocking the view in the pink cunt.

ADMIN: This is a Guttman speculum, not the Sullivan. Bambi did use the Sullivan type to let us look into her cunt.

MEMBER-2625 177日前

Thank you, title changed :-)

MEMBER-2626 177日前

Nice video. Great model performance too.

One critical suggestion if I may. The Guttman speculum (without the upper blade) is good to reveal peephole if positioned the opposite way used in this video. Please try using it with handheld downwards and you will get a much better view of total visualization of the cervix, vagina, and peephole.

Keep up the good work!

MEMBER-2627 177日前

Totally agree with clitlicker. Stunning girl. So beautiful and attired in perfect black lingerie. Magnificent gaped pink vagina. First time I've encountered this model of speculum, hopefully not the last. What is she doing for the rest of her life?
10 out of ten PJ Girls!

MEMBER-2628 177日前

YENRRTEMP is right, the Guttman is used the other way round. When the handle points downwards we get an even better view at the omanko. But then it is hard to handle in a solo set. Use the Guttman in girl-girl sets.

MEMBER-2632 177日前

Beautiful new tool and i like this video. Thank you !

MEMBER-2636 176日前

Beautiful cervix, very nice vaginal walls. She moves it nicely together with the asshole muscles.

MEMBER-2643 175日前

Delphine. Thank you! Best choice ever.

MEMBER-2654 174日前

Best gaping ever!

MEMBER-2691 170日前

I think finger fuck cervix is better

MEMBER-2834 149日前

Delphine divine beauty !

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