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Pussy, cunt, omanko, vagina, yoni, zush, fuckhole, snatch, love tunnel—no matter what you call it, its what we love to look at (and as long as you respect the model and she is okay with the word, call it what you like!) But here's what I know: Lovely Lexi Dona, a new model to PJGirls, has what I like in a model. Slim, pretty little tits, shaved, and she opens up her (whatever you may call it!) wide for us.

Lexy is a tease. She starts in pink panties and a white top, and teases us for a couple of minutes, fondling her breasts under her short before finally revealing them to us. But the tease made the wait worthwhile, as she massages them roughly, playing with her nipples, bouncing and grabbing her breasts hard (just like I want to) before pulling off her top. Then she raises up into a squat and plays with her pussy and labia, with her panties still on. It is almost as if she is daring us to rip her panties off (because we certainly want to), before pulling them aside and giving us a delightful preview of the gaping hole she is capable of producing. Her pussy lips are shaved or waxed so silky smoothness, and her vagina opens up to a perfect round "O", and the way she smiles and laughs when she opens her shiny pink omanko is just delightful! She inserts a finger and plays, knowing that we love watching her play.

Then her panties are removed, and she's just the way we want her: full naked, squatting and stretched open for us to look inside her. Up until now, all of her gapes have been with her fingers on top, and the reason she can do that is our photographer turned his video monitor for her to see, so she can see exactly what the camera sees (and that's why she's laughing, because most women never get to see themselves that way), and that's why her gapes are so perfect. But now that she's completely exposed, she reaches around to gape, and we see that even perfection can be improved upon.

Previously she was open, but now (as she contracts and relaxes her vaginal and anal muscles) she yawns open. And Lexi does something really cool, where she has one hand below and one above, and she just plays with herself in an interesting way that is hard to describe, but delightful to watch. She is clearly enjoying herself, and that makes it even more fun for us. We love looking, she loves showing—that's a perfect combination! And when the camera comes in close... wow, that's a beautiful... pick a word, cunt, omanko, vagina, whatever... it's beautiful and wide open!

We get two-finger stretches, four-finger stretches, reach-around gapes, squatting gapes, rear butt-up cervix-deep gapes, full-body shots and detailed in-your-face close-ups, but mostly we get a happy young woman who is completely comfortable with her body, and completely comfortable and happy opening it up wide for us. Bravo, Lexi!

同じショットの画像ギャラリーはここにあります: JUICY OMANKO - 2016年5月14日.


長さ: 12:59



おっ広げ ひっぱりマンコ パイパン オマンコ スター ブルーネット クネクネ



MEMBER-1197 773日前

Her omanko is tiny but beautiful girl's omanko is anyway OK and it's beautiful. And she has lots of ripples and the tongue in omanko. OK! Wanna see detail pics. Promise, over 100 pics!!!綺麗な女のオマンコはなんでも綺麗だ。この子のオマンコの画像は100枚以上欲しいな!!!

MEMBER-1198 773日前

Wonderful, brilliant film. I agree with EAGER BEAVER, please be as photos with details ... the finest detail!

MEMBER-1199 773日前

Great find, PJGirls! Lexi is charming in every way. She is pretty, funny, daring and tempting and gives us a great show. Her teasing and breathing and laughing is just so sexy. More!

MEMBER-1200 772日前

sublime girl, again, again, again..!

MEMBER-1201 772日前

If you wanted to bring Lexi back for 40 or 50 more shoots, that would be fine by me! She just might need a little help to reach her full gaping potential ;)

MEMBER-1205 771日前

I urge pjgirls to concentrate on wonderful solo-girl pussy videos like this one. The closeups revealing much of the detail of Lexi's vulva, most notably her lovely peehole and its underlying, flawlessly pink fleshy structure, were absolutely fascinating. I am hoping that subsequent videos will give me opportunities to familiarize myself with the interior of Lexi's vagina. May I suggest the full use of some of your tongs, inflatable toys, etc. to open up Lexi as much as possible for inspection. What a delightful young lady. What a splendid tour of the external aspects of Lexi's pussy in this first video!

MEMBER-1215 767日前

Excellent video! Solo-girl without distracting toys and insertions that block the view, and NO high-heel shoes either. Videos like this one is why I have been a continuous member for so long. Thanks! Wonderful site!

MEMBER-2355 602日前

Beautiful Girl! Beautiful pussy! Perfect!

MEMBER-5306 143日前

Lexi has such a pretty face and Every thing else she has is so sweet

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