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We already know that Lucy has a big, rubbery cunt that loves to be stretched. So what happens when you put an inflatable toy inside that pretty pussy, and pump it up? We all have fun! Seated in a black bustier, Lucy wastes no time in leaning back and spreading her legs. Her meaty pussy with its full lips and natural gape are a joy to behold, but of course Lucy improves on nature by spreading her lips and gaping open wide for us. Then, with the help of a little lube, in goes the inflatable blue balloon.

When it is first inserted, the balloon has a girth the size of a large dildo. But when she pumps it up and births it out, you can see that it has the girth of at least the size of a baseball. Her lips stretch around it, and when it pops out, she has a wider natural gape. She teases us be reinserting it and sloooooooly working it out, and her meaty gape is even prettier now. Repeat a few more times, including on her knees from the rear, and we're ready to see the results of this repeated stretching.

The finale is Lucy on her knees, reaching around and cranking her vagina wide open for us. She alternately completely relaxes (so her cunt completely opens up like a moist pink cave, and we can see all the way down to her cervix) and pushing down with her vaginal muscles (so her cunt pops closed and pushes out a little). And we get to hear those wonderful sloppy pussy noises as she alternates! Nice shots featuring her whole body and the usual PJGirls closeups with nothing but cunt.

同じショットの画像ギャラリーはここにあります: GROWING THING - 2016年2月18日.


長さ: 17:55



陰唇開き おっ広げおまんこ デカおもちゃ 特製オマンコ拡張器 パイパン オマンコ デカ オマンコ ブロンド



MEMBER-4485 1064日前

オマンコの中の肉がペチョペチョ動くのいいねー。風船は透明のを使えば中がよく見えるのに。It's good to see OMANNKO meat splashes. If the balloon is made of clear plastics, we can look inflated inside view of OMANNKO. Why not!?

MEMBER-4487 1064日前

A balloon made of clear plastic.... Now there's an interesting idea ;)

MEMBER-1544 1064日前

I also thought about a transparent balloon ;)
The last three minutes are superb, but I like the smile of Lucy and her beautiful hole ! during the video, I hoped it introduces these fingers inside. and make gaping- and look me in the face with her pussy open like a train station, with a charming smile who said, look how beautiful I am with my wide open pussy
to the bottom ... Another time I hope

MEMBER-719 1062日前

The extreme closeup got there a little late, after her gape started to close up. For that reason, this video only gets a 99.7%

MEMBER-4305 1046日前

again why are these girls half dressed ?naked all the way !!!

ADMIN 1046日前

Always somebody complains. "A" wants to see sexy underwear, "B" wants to see nylons/pantyhose, "C" wants to see socks and "D" wants to see everything off. We can't please everybody.

MEMBER-4849 1041日前

@ administrator: I fully agree with LUCAS123 and I also think the models should be at least fully naked - an open cunt requires a naked body !!!!!

MEMBER-5015 1010日前

Absolutley perfect

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