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Morgan Blanchette starts this video in front of a poster that says "Do more of what makes you happy". OK, what makes us happy is watching this beautiful readhead strip out of her red panties to show us her wide-open pink pussy. The first thing you notice is that while she is tight, she's also really stretchy. When she pulls open her labia, her vagina opens into a deep and perfect "O", so you can immediately see down that pretty wet tube. Her cunt looks like the perfect size to grip your cock, and when she opens up and you look deep inside her... wow. She also lies on her back and gives us some pretty clit play before gaping open again. A hot redhead with a tight but gaping-hot hole and some nice wide 4-finger stretches after she loosens herself up.

同じショットの画像ギャラリーはここにあります: STRETCHING WIDE - 2016年1月21日.


長さ: 19:13



おっ広げ ハイヒール パンスト ひっぱりマンコ ビッチョリ オマンコ パイパン オマンコ 赤毛



MEMBER-73 811日前

Awesome Video ... She has a Beautiful Pussy and Stretches it to Perfection ....Absolutely Loved it!

MEMBER-75 811日前

The standard against all pussy stretching videos will forever be judged. This is the 'Citizen Kane' of pussy stretching videos. Perfection!

MEMBER-78 810日前

no dis to morgan,she's an ANGEL, but as far as procedure here on pjgirls,i'm a tad peaved. i joined for the gyno videos but apparently ALL THE GYNO VIDS ARE SLOPPY SECONDS TO "INTRO..."/GAPING VIDS. PLEEEEEASE make 'Stripping' a tag. i want to see stripping and gyno in the same vids . there's probably 10 vids on the whole site with both because you guys like to cut-scene and maximize content. simple solution:GET HER DRESSED BETWEEN CUT-SCENES AND EVERYBODY WINS!

MEMBER-130 803日前

Alluring Morgan shows us how deep the rabbit hole really is. Great setting, awesome outfit and model - thanks, PjGirls!

MEMBER-346 784日前

Morgan may be tight, but she has such nice skills to show lots of PINK!!! Great video, great girl!

MEMBER-536 765日前

Like the way her vagina opens to a view down the hole.

MEMBER-603 763日前

@ENDOLOGIST - your comment is a great fucking shit:
Pls notice this site is dedicated to all pussy-spread-fetish-lovers and gyno scenes should not be the content of this site -
if you like "stripping & gyno" you may find a lot in the web, but spare us of such stupid comments.
For myself there are at this video no complaints and no criticism, simply perfect and exactly at this place !

MEMBER-1300 686日前

I love this view of her stretched pink cunt.

MEMBER-1348 677日前

This is fantastic, a totally awesome cunt hole which has me twitching hands free! Beautiful

MEMBER-5241 85日前

morgan does such a good job opening that pretty pussy along with that beautiful face and that pretty smile

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