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同じショットのヴィデオはここにあります: DOMINICA PHOENIX - 2019年3月8日.




陰唇開き ハイヒール おっ広げおまんこ パイパン オマンコ ブルーネット

プレビュー(会員になると画像ギャラリーで64 枚の最高画像のぱっくりオマンコが見られます)


MEMBER-11387 450日前

I never understand it - a great porn site PJGirls which makes great close ups of pussy vaginas in movies while making photos afraid to get closer to girl maximum up to one meter.
I do not understand if someone will explain to me why this is so ????

ADMIN 449日前

I believe it's a technical thing... the lens have a certain minimum focus distance (usually around 30 cm - photos 55-57), you cannot get closer. Or you can, using macro lens - but then you have an extremely small DOF (just milimeters).

MEMBER-10249 449日前

Very hot milf--nice big cunt, artfully spread, especially from behind but also in the squat: definitely worth a wank!

MEMBER-11825 449日前

not sure why giving them a thumbs down over 1 m is needed think though he's talking in meter's which is further away than macro but on a Range finder is a pain to focus on... Although he's less clear than I am. a max up to one meter o_O oh they've gotten in close. sure I would love some macro's. if someone wants to send them a lens that'd be cool. Say all women have hair but it tends to be rather short I call it fur, and depending on where it is, tends to be a turn on. like belly button in a line up .... or right above the ass. or as us guys call them side burns but closer to the back of the jaw line not around :) macro can fine these and it's really hard to print that off... I don't expect PJ to be shooting girls like Petter (another way of saying something without the site) with a 150 (151 on my program and it varies) mp camera. Costs more than most expensive cars ($50k !!) and finally get a lady on my watch :)

MEMBER-7839 448日前

I love Dominica's vagina and get lost much more close-ups, something I think Jiri is doing in a great way with sharpness, at different angles and everything. Proceed as it is, however, I would like a larger proportion of close-ups in a video !!!

MEMBER-12812 375日前

Can see the skene ducts. Most are hard to see.

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